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We heard straight from ASUS itself that shipments of the Nexus 7 were approaching 1 million for the month of October, and now we're hearing more information about shipments for the whole of 2012. According to DigiTimes, suppliers report that ASUS will be shipping upwards of 5 million units total for 2012. That's quite a feat for a device that launched in just July of this year.

The report explains that many manufacturers peak their manufacturing in October and November for the big holiday sales, but that ASUS intends to keep shipments strong all the way through the end of the year. The new, lower price levels for the Wifi models and inclusion of a new HSPA+ model are surely helping out sales this quarter, and we'll be interested to see what the final numbers are at the end of the year.

Source: Digitimes


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Nexus 7 shipments for 2012 expected to top 5 million


I think that once they can keep it in stock and get it sold in more countries, they could easily top 10 mil. That said, given the track record of Android tablets, this is a great feat by any means and a win for Android IMO.

So many people cannot be wrong.

Congrats Asus and Google for bringing this to us, a pity it wasn't released with the current storage options from the strt, but I have no regrets.

Soon to come to my collection Nexus 7 HSPA+

Bought the 32GB version for my wife. It's a great tablet & my wife, who is not that techy, loves it & finds it very simple to use. JB is definitely ready for prime time!

Now, can we just get some 3rd party accessory support?
If it doesn't have a fruit logo on it, 3rd party manufacturers won't develop for it.
With potentially 5 million units out there next year, you'd think they'd get on the ball. Maybe they don't do market research.

Just bought one. Very happy with it. I do wonder if Google has plans to update their 7-inch form factor. I wouldn't mind if they kept working with Asus. It seems that compared to other OEMS Asus has been a great partner.

A little more ram, more vibrant colors, and a slightly lighter form factor and I would upgrade in a heartbeat.

Those are pretty good sales, so where are our docks that use the pogo pins?! Been waiting for a desktop dock since the thing came out in July!

Yup, Google and Asus really hit a homerun with the Nexus 7. I still can't believe how great this tablet is. For $250.00 you get 32gigs,1 gig of RAM, quad-core processor, great screen and stock Jellybean.

I'm hoping this tablet will be a big seller for the holidays. If it does sell well I'm hoping this will entice more develpers to write more quality tablet apps for Android.

...And yes I agree, more accessories please.