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Read enough about the Google Nexus 7 yet? Just in case you haven't, and you need some light reading while waiting for your shiny new Nexus 7 to arrive, Google's got you covered. Downloadable for free, as we speak, is the official Nexus 7 Guidebook from Google. 

OK, so it's basically an instruction manual. But, there's a couple of really nice sections in there. There's a chunk on the new Google Now service -- and how to disable it -- and another section centered on the new notifications area in Jelly Bean. It's free, and worth a read just for  these two sections alone. To grab yourself a copy, fire up Google Play Books and go get it. 

Download: Google Nexus 7 Guidebook


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Nexus 7 Guidebook available for free in Google Play Books


I grabbed this earlier today looking for an answer to this question but it doesn't list the exact spec.

What kind of audio and video file formats will this Nexus 7 natively support? e.g. can I play FLAC audio or MKV videos on it?

Excellent. Thanks for the info. How does the 720p look on the 1280/800 resolution? Black bars? Expands to fill the entire screen?