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Read enough about the Google Nexus 7 yet? Just in case you haven't, and you need some light reading while waiting for your shiny new Nexus 7 to arrive, Google's got you covered. Downloadable for free, as we speak, is the official Nexus 7 Guidebook from Google. 

OK, so it's basically an instruction manual. But, there's a couple of really nice sections in there. There's a chunk on the new Google Now service -- and how to disable it -- and another section centered on the new notifications area in Jelly Bean. It's free, and worth a read just for  these two sections alone. To grab yourself a copy, fire up Google Play Books and go get it. 

Download: Google Nexus 7 Guidebook

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steve0617 says:

I grabbed this earlier today looking for an answer to this question but it doesn't list the exact spec.

What kind of audio and video file formats will this Nexus 7 natively support? e.g. can I play FLAC audio or MKV videos on it?

joshua.worth says:

Got it

JillB says:

It's not available in France. :(

Zammo76 says:

Steve yeah the Nexus should handle 720p mkv files my Xoom which uses the same OS does, you just need either the Dice player or MX player apps.

I've never used flac but found this link that says Google music now supports it:

steve0617 says:

Excellent. Thanks for the info. How does the 720p look on the 1280/800 resolution? Black bars? Expands to fill the entire screen?

mgurmgur says:

Thanks so much for the info - this is very helpful.

extraclass says:

You have to have a Google Wallet account even though the download is "free".