Android CentralRight on schedule for a possible unveiling at Google's NYC event on Oct. 29, the Nexus 7 3G has passed through the FCC, with support for T-Mobile and AT&T HSPA+ bands. We also imagine Euro-friendly frequencies will be included, though manufacturers aren't required to reveal these in FCC docs.

The 3G version of Google and ASUS' tablet has been rumored since early September, when the news was broken by MoDaCo's Paul O'Brien.

Today's FCC listing doesn't bring any further information regarding the storage configuration of the new, cellular-capable Nexus 7. However, as it's a premium model, we wouldn't be too shocked to see this arrive with 32GB of internal flash.

A 32GB Wifi-only version of the Nexus 7 has already been extensively leaked. Both new N7 variants are expected to be unveiled at Google's "Playground" event next Monday, along with the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10.

Source: FCC; via: TNW

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dwd3885 says:

ugh. What about LTE? Find it funny how that was Google/Android's BIG push against Apple (LTE) and now it's looking like their premier tablet and premier phone won't have it.

juhmayfay says:

don't assume that yet. these are likely play store models (just like the galaxy nexus is 3g/hspa+). i'm sure the carriers will have LTE versions eventually

dwd3885 says:

maybe. I don't want 'eventually' though. I want it at the same time!

jonathan3579 says:

I don't get why everyone flips shit for tablets not having LTE.

rkirmeier says:

Because it's a difference of about 20 times the bandwidth and DOES make a significant difference... I don't understand how one can be so clueless and still make such silly comments!

I'll be picking up a 32GB Nexus 7 w/ cellular, exactly what I want right now.

Ziptied says:

Doubtful to see anymore LTE be us devices in the US, the carriers have took much control defeating the point of a nexus.

piizzadude says:

and cut out a potential 100 million buyers? I don't think so. CDMA has not changed at all in the last year, they knew the beast they were hanging with when they launched the gnex, it is still the same beast.

moosc says:

if apple can hold carriers at bay. then Google needs to grow a set.

Loony2nz#AC says:

Monday can't come soon enough!!

drewsammie says:

FYI all non north easterners...
Monday is suppose to be Snowmagedden..A SnowCane... a "perfect storm"..

just dont want people to get their hopes up when the event is canceled

biggbrother2 says:

Why is Apple able to have the FCC hold these until the day of the event, yet the same isn't done for Google?

I have my Nexus 7 16GB but if a Nexus 10 is going to be announced, then I'll grab that over a 32GB Nexus 7.

pls pls pls!

tx_tuff says:

I don't see paying extra money for 3G or even LTE in a tablet, I will just use the wifi and my hotspot on my smartphone.

i1der says:

no need of smartphone when the Nexus 7 3G comes out. thats my plan!

bassdelux15 says:

Am I the only one hating that all these leaks are coming out? I miss those days when I could be surprised and wowed at an event.

asics10 says:

So I'm assuming you'll be able to use the 3g model for phone and texts? Is that a good assumption?