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It didn't sell out quite as quickly as Nexus 4 and 10, but the 3G/HSPA version of the Nexus 7 was nevertheless unavailable from the UK Google Play Store shortly after it went on sale. Now the tablet's back on sale, and the Play Store listing indicates a standard 3-5 day shipping window for the device.

The 3G Nexus 7 sells for £239 in the UK, and comes with 32GB of storage. The two Wifi-only Nexus 7's are still available to buy from the British Google Play Store too, priced at £159 and £199 for 16 and 32GB storage options respectively. The Nexus 4 remains sold out in the UK Play Store for the time being, though it is available elsewhere. Meanwhile the Nexus 10 is listed with a 2-3 week shipping timeframe.

If anyone's already picked up a 3G Nexus 7 over the past couple of weeks, let us know how you're getting on down in the comments.

Source: Google Play Store; Thanks @MasterPFA!


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Nexus 7 3G back in stock on UK Google Play Store


How can I get one??
Google Play Devices Store is not accessible from Saudi Arabia. Could anyone order it for me? from the US and send it to my international US-SA shipping account at NY 11413?

If not, how can I access the play store from Saudi Arabia?

I think its being sold in stores in Dubai... If you can somehow get someone over there to buy one for you.

Everything is in stock now except.... THE NEXUS 4. I have been badly waiting after missing out on the 13th!

I am in a pickle. I have of these 3g n7s and I really like the lightness, portability and performance, and I love the speed of hspa+ vs the slow 3g sprint speeds on my phone. The problem is that I also have the transformer prime w/keyboard dock, a great (nearly) laptop replacement device. They both have strengths that make it a very hard decision to choose which to keep because it makes no sense to keep both. If there was a way to play movies from my tablet on my hdmi tv, then I would totally keep the n7. Anyone know of a solution for this?

Got mine on Friday... I'm in Canada, so it didn't come with a sim, but I picked one up and shared my phone data plan and works great (for browsing) because it is only 3G it's kind of slow (around 2Mbps down)but that's ok.. the thing I needed it most for was email and around 4MB PDF files so its perrfect and I don't have to drain my GS3's battery to Teather!

over all the tablet is incredible. No complaints thus far.

I have an HP touchpad with CM9 and Acer A500 but going from 10' to 7' at first I had mixed feelings... but after using the N7 for the weekend and held my HP TP again today it was like HOLY CRAP THIS THING IS HEAVY... and now am a fan of the 7" screens :)

Just in that 'Google Play Confirmation' limbo game that we play. Just awaiting confirmation of shipping, I'm also waiting on a data only SIM from 3, ordered with 3gb pre-installed for £10 lasts 90 days. Lets see how good this HSPA+ from 3 that Alex and others have been touting :-)

Hopefully now I will no longer have to play the storage musical chairs I am currently playing of having to un-install certain games just so that new ones can be installed instead.

32Gb Nexus 7 come on home to daddy.