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After a couple of weeks of being on sale with lengthy waits for delivery, the LG Nexus 4 is officially sold out on the Google Play devices store in the UK and Germany. While the 8GB model sold out within hours of the second batch of stock going on sale, it had been possible to order the 16GB model, albeit with a 6-7 week shipping estimate. Today both flavors of Nexus 4 are marked as "sold out," in Britain and "ausverkauft" in Germany.

The news follows difficulties in getting some orders out to customers. Some who'd received 3-5 day shipping estimates had not received their orders as of Sunday, leading to Google UK & Ireland boss Dan Cobley getting involved. In a Google+ post made over the weekend, Cobley apologized for the delayed orders, and said stock from LG had been "scarce and erratic." Orders with pre-Christmas shipping estimates, he said, should be processed this week.

Did you manage to bag a Nexus 4 while it was available to order? Has yours arrived yet? Let us know about your Nexus 4 ordering experiences in the comments.

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Nexus 4 once again sold out in UK, Germany


Even the 16GB Nexus 7 is now sold out in Germany. So the only devce on sale is the Wifi 32GB Nexus 7.. Why do people only complain about Nexus 4? ^^

Because there are plenty of stores selling the 7 at (or even below) its Play Store price. Not so with the Nexus 4.

Ordered my 16GB on the 4th, was told 1-2 weeks. TBH, I can't see it coming till Jan.
One big monumental cock up on Googles part

I ordered the 16GB Nexus 4 at 17:07 on 4th December. Been emailing Support back and forth and they've now apologised for the wait and said it will be dispatched in the next few days and that they will be refunding the shipping charge, as a 'courtesy'. I was initially quoted a 1-2 week delivery time, then the confirmation email told me 3-5 business days, with two day shipping. Either way they're about to exceed those times. It's not been the best experience and I think they might have been better served to delay the announcement and launch by a month and build up stock levels, before launch. They had to know that it would be popular at that price, especially when other stockists are charging over £100 more for the phone (closer to its true value). I'm upgrading from my Galaxy Nexus, so the wait isn't too inconvenient, but I would've liked to have sold my GNex before Christmas, to get a better price, so it's probably costing me a bit of money. This is definitely something that the GOOG has to get better at, but I'm sure they'll get there in the end. Their customer support is friendly and reasonably quick, considering the numbers they must be dealing with, but it often doesn't really address the question asked/issue raised. As much as I don't like Apple, they have this end of things pretty tightly run, so for the average person, they'd probably be an easier company to deal with.

Ordered at 17:05 on December 4th. Told 1-2 weeks. Heard nothing. Finally decided to email google today and got told it will be fulfilled within the original estimate which their records put at the end of the 19th. That makes it 15 days instead of 2 weeks, but never mind. I am skeptical if they hit that date

Same to me.

... but I got a shipping notice on Thursday, 13th....
... an finally got the phone on Friday, 14th :-)

ordered at 17:07, Germany

I am livid right now!

With the 'appology' going out I was thinking 'good on them' and I was expecting that we'd get our shipping notifications today.

Have they been forthcoming? No. What does this mean in my own situation? Well, it means that I won't be at my delivery location again until January 10th at least so should a courier attempt to deliver there will be no one there.

This will end up getting attempted a few times and the package will no doubt be shipped back to Google and by the time I get back to my delivery location and get Google to resend the order it's likely to be mid January.

How could all this be resolved? If Google allowed me to change the delivery address to my home address! Will they allow me to change it even though the item has not yet been processed?!!! NO!!!!!!

It's a f*cking joke!

I'm this close to cancelling the damn thing and going to get another phone.

Glad to hear they're ahearing tightly to their 'Nexus 4 backorders are being delivered based on the order in which they were received' policy :/

I have had a bad experience with aquiring both the Nexus 7, which was way ovedue and now the Nexus 4. I ordered mine on the 4th, estimated shipping 1-2 weeks, still heard nothing .We are way too tolerant.
Imagine how we would can Apple for treating its customers like this. Long story short, Google seems to be selling products it does not actually have, and making promises it cant keep. I have purchased my LAST product from Google. No more . . . . .

In Spain we're still wating for a second round of nexus 4... Really dissapointed with Google behavior... Forums on fire in Spain (Sure in France and Australia are in the same way....)

Lots of users are changing to Samsung devices because we are unable to order...

I order on Dec 4th at 17.07 and I received a shipping email late last night and should be delivered today yay:-)

I am in UK

Ordered mine on December 5th - at first it said 1 to 2 weeks delivery - then it said 6 to 7 weeks delivery - now it says "Pre-ordered"??

Ordered on 4th Dec was told 1-2 weeks. Called yesterday as haven't heard anything. They said that they have had problems and they are working through all the orders in the order they were made. Then got email today saying it has been dispatched :) I hope everyone else's orders turn up soon

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