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First it was O2 UK, then Three, and now two months after the original Nexus 4 launch date, the phone's headed to Virgin Mobile UK. The provider, which offers service through EE's 3G/HSPA network, is giving away the Nexus 4 for free on 24-month contracts starting at £31 p.m. -- that'll get you 200 minutes, 500 texts and 500MB. For data-heavy users, there are other options available, such as a £34 p.m. deal that provides 2500 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data -- although you'll pay £99 up-front for the handset if you choose this package.

Virgin Broadband + TV customers get handset insurance included for free, as well as free calls and texts to Virgin Mobile numbers.

With the Nexus 4 still sold out in the UK Google Play devices store, mobile operators' stores are the only sure-fire way to get hold of the coveted handset. Nevertheless, at this stage we'd advise you to think long and hard about whether a 24-month contract with no prospect of 4G LTE service is really worth your cash.

Source: Virgin Mobile UK


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Nexus 4 launches on Virgin Mobile UK


This makes it even more difficult to purchase from the play store but at least persons in the UK will be able to get it secure source.

Not sure about LTE comment unless its going to get much faster. My N4 on 3 is matching the internet speeds of my mates EE LTE enabled I phone 5. Both getting about20 down. Makes EE capped data plans look pretty rubbish

Ahh yes, yet another awesome phone on Anywhere-But-The-US-Virgin Mobile, hey guess what, I just snagged the Galaxy SII for the US Virgin!! =D


LTE or not, until LTE coverage is the same as HSPA it's just a nice to have not a deal breaker.
Love LTE, use a lot of battery so you should use HSPA or the million year system CDMA to save battery is usually the next few words that comes after LTE.

I saw one at a Tmobile store right after they first went out of stock. Then I went to my Sprint store and bought a LTE GSIII and threw Apex Launcher on it.

LTE versus HSPA41(which the nexus supports and the operator 3 in the UK uses) seems to be a close match in the UK. As I previously stated both get about 20 Meg down. so why would I want another inferior phone on EE with a capped deal when I bought an unlocked Nexus4 from the play store and have an unlimited SIM only plan!Still waiting Alex 0)