New teaser shows the power of five

Mobile World Congress

Continuing its focus on the "power of five," Samsung's teaser for its Unpacked 5 event next Monday in Barcelona leaves little doubt that we'll see the Galaxy S5 on the first day of MWC. Intercut with buzzwords, artsy photos and gratiutous use of the number five, it's not immediately clear what many of these slogans have to do with "The Next Galaxy," but you can bet we'll be on the ground to find out on Feb. 24.

Check the teaser out after the break, and don't forget to share your thoughts and theories down in the comments!


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'The Next Galaxy' is coming at Samsung Unpacked 5


That's the one word that's the one work that stuck in my mind, along with outdoors.... I seriously hope the S5 will be waterproof and dust proof on all carriers. If u just get me that along with the average rumors of spec bumps I'll still be pretty happy to get it; filming underwater is something else.

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I would stick with the idea of water resistant, until you hear from enough people crazy enough to try taking it underwater.

The difference between water proof and water resistant is mostly semantics, but I get what you mean. For instance, my watch is water resistant to 100 m according to the text on the backside. Not that I'm ever going to test anything deeper than 4 metres...

I bet most people have not thought about wireless charging something that Congress stock this time and really makes the device waterproof maybe bluetooth headset removing jack?

It's strange that there's actually no leak till this time. And it's starting in just 3 days. How's this possible? We virtually know everything about HTC or Nokia phones. And Nexus phones are literally out even before they think of making one.

Samsung is really good at not getting it leaked out. Also they don't leave the test units at the bar.

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There are differences between a company that makes its own devices and those who contract the manufacturing to China(well known for people having a lack of ethics when it comes to secrecy).

True, but Samsung don't build every part in any of their devices. I'm pretty sure the chassis is usually made in China, as well as the glass, and the batteries. Probably even the PCB they solder everything onto.

Im pretty sure you should look into apple body made by a company called liquid design screen made by a company out of china chips made by multiple companies only designed out of cali nothing is made by apple either just put it together in china and ship

there were some words like "wet" "outdoor" "activity" etc... i bet this will be waterproof and dustproof and there wont be S5 Active in the future ;)

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Five different versions of Galaxy? S5, Note, mini, Active, and... Gear?

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Now that's an interesting concept. I don't think they'll announce another Note until later in the year. But maybe it'll be an ongoing unpacked event throughout the year. Good thought man!

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Yet another carrier exclusive on the active? Hope not....they could have sold a ton if they were available on all carriers. My employees would have them if available besides at&t.....

I noticed the "selfie" device as well. There are also devices being used in "outdoor" and "concert." I usually hate Mondays, but next week can't come soon enough!

To me it looks like that Samsung compact camera with a screen on the front for selfies

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Now that would be impressive if they show this at the Unpacked event and say, "And it was all shot and edited on the new Galaxy S5".

What I'm looking forward to is the full retail price for those of us who don't subsidize. I would love to replace my Note 2 but note 3 is not on my books yet till I can see the lg g pro 2. Can't wait for the next couple months.

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Rumor has it that there will be at least two versions of the S5, the regular(priced lower than the S4 at launch), and then the "prime" version that will have a higher resolution and the "premium" build quality. The "prime" is rumored to come out several months after the regular version.

This is going to be a great start to my vacation! Doubt it'll get me away from my Apple fanboyism with my 5s, but since my work phones are always Android then I'd love to see what the build quality on this is.

I'm betting some features will be good but overall I'm thinking this phone is going to be underwhelming.

Posted via Android Central App probably think it'll be underwhelming cause of how it's being hyped up somuch. Even though the S4 didn't reach it's hype, I was excited about the 1080p screen, it's spectacular!

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hey, they're just trying to save money on advertising...

this "5" teaser video can be used again next year when Samsung releases the Galaxy Note 5!!! :)

Talent... Gonna be able to play music under water... Maybe u can make phonecalls to an orca...

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After the rubbish if the S4 I don't trust Sammy any longer. I moved to the Lgg2. I hoped this one wins back my trust.

What rubbish of the S4? I'm not a huge fan of the Galaxy S line, but calling it rubbish seems like a pretty colossal stretch.

I take it the GS5 will have that camera software where you can slow down/speed up parts of a video? Seems that way. Looking forward to what GS5 brings to the table.

Slow motion :-) Yes it will have it 1000%.. Apple has it, so now samsung will have it :-))) Copy/Paste... :-)))) But I am excited about S5.. I told my self I will never buy another Samsung, but who knows.. If it's good, why not.. Will use it for a while, until iPhone 6 :-))))

Apple are the one who did the copy and paste . Apple didn’t invent many things people tend to believe. Even Note 2 did slow motion and fast motion video a full year before 5s was launched.
Step away from the computer you're drunk.

I'm still recovering from my apple hang over. On a note 3 cleanse atm. The s5 would have to offer some insane features to actually top this phone. I know not everyone likes the s-pen and bigger screen but scrapbook is amazing

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If they revamp tw and our notes get it, it will be stunning.

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

It didn't mention business in the video.

Hope they won't release another galaxy device called samsung galaxy next

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It sounds like they will use some of their design cues from the S4 Active.

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I'm really looking forward to hearing about the S5. I remember last year I wasn't impressed when they announced the S4.

I know that Sony made the waterproof android phone first, but if the S5 has it MAYBE that will push other phone makers (Apple) to make their phones waterproof. Those two phones would then changed the entire industry and then in a couple years all new phones will become waterproof.

The problem with the S4 was more because the Note 2 was out, and people were comparing the S4 to the Note 2. We have the Note 3 out now, so everyone is going to compare the S5 to the Note 3, then complain that it isn't some huge jump forward in only six months.

The S4 is what you would expect as the next step up from the S3, better and larger screen, updated OS and software, and faster(remember the S3 in the USA was a dual core CPU). The S5 at least will come with KitKat, along with other software updates. From the S3, the S5 will be a very nice improvement.

Ok...i have a galaxy S4. LOVE IT....however it does need a few things, and most of them are on the software side. 1)kill the bloat...i mean common, you have so many apps you will NEVER EVER USE and yet cant get rid of that take up space. 2)The Camera App isnt bad, but the video part of the app....SUCKS. 3)The Video player...also sucks. And finaly...4)there is touchwiz. Either do something inventive or just realize that most everyone is going to use a launcher to replace all your hard work. Savvy?

They would be a dumb bet

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

I would say I am so delighted no more having to read all the latest news posts headlines about what is going to be in the next Samsung Galaxy S5 and find out all the sites news posts are all but rumors!!!!

Is it safe to say wireless charging and full bluetooth integration will rid of S5 of all non water tight problems something most forget is that the S4 should have came stock with the wireless charging unit I don't think samsung forgot or a magnetic charging port is also in the cards seen trials from samsung on that front imagine both would be a first for a stock device

I hope they'll make the next TouchWiz more refined and less gimmicky and I also hope for a better build quality.

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Peaking my Interest. Hmm maybe sticking with the s4 and waiting for s6 might be harder than expected lol

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