Droid X2 materials

Hey, look at that. As soon as the Droid X2 is officially announced by Verizon, we start getting pics of some of the in-store materials, plus a live demo phone. Just a little bit to whet your appetite, you know? Now, to count the hours until we can preorder this puppy.

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Newly official Droid X2 just begging to be sold



What about the Dream and the Magic... and the Nexus One...

oh you mean bastardized the "droid" name... okay yea i agree they did do that first.

I honestly think the Motorola Droid is FAR more iconic for serveral reason's personally. You gotta give credit where credit is due.

-At least in my personal experience it was the first time your average consumer actually knew about Android and what it was. Before that I had heard NOBODY IRL talk about Android. The only time I heard anyone talk about Android was on tech sites or forums.

-It was the first real Android phone to come out to wide acclaim. The Magic/Dream came out to terribad reviews if im not mistaken, mostly due to the flaws of Android at the time.

-Also the Nexus One is mostly only popular for techies and even Goldman Sachs scaled back their estimate of sales by 70% because it wasn't even advertised that much.

FYI this is also coming from a Sprint user /EVO (soon to be EVO 3D) owner. But I cant lie the Droid was a game changer for the Android platform imo.

This is going to be a pretty sweet phone. I don't know why so many people are hating on it.

1. If you have the OGDX (like I do), then you aren't eligible to upgrade yet anyway. This is just newer technology, for those that wanted it.
2. 4G isn't widepsread enough to matter at this point and won't be until a year from now....wait....that is when us DXers can upgrade...
3. FFC is useless on 3G, so why even ask for it....who cares about WIFI, just skype on your PC at that point anyway.

This phone is dual core and qHD.....that is enough to be called an upgrade by any sense of the imagination.

If you don't like it, then don't buy it. I am sure there will be thousands that do.

Are vzw and Motorola nuts? How can any phone be released today that doesn't run on 4g?
I have 4g in two cities I frequent the most. 3g is.....so yesterday.


They removed it because it was becoming discolored on the original Droid X. It seems like they wanted to make the simplest production changes to this phone without having to re-design it completely. I just hope they didn't overlook anything as far as the qHD screen and the Tegra 2 Dual core causing additional heat. I am not sure of the efficiency difference between the Tegra 2 and the TI chip in the OG Droid X and Droid 2.

Not having a FFC is my only complaint with the DX2.Video chat can run on 3G. The DINC2 and Xperia Play both have FFC. The X2 is not meant to compete with the Thunderbolt and Charge,that's what the Bionic is meant to do. The Droid X series will slide over to become Moto's mid-tier Android device,to compete with the DINC2 and Xperia Play.

Video chat is a total fail on Verizons 3G network. I've tried it and it is god awful. Yeah it can run, but at like 1frmae/sec is useless.

I am most likely going to be ordering this phone tonight. I got the Incredible when it was first launched and it was a great phone. Just like many Android phones it had an overheating issue (especially when your using it in your car in South Florida). Problem got so bad on 3G that the phone couldn't be used for data unless on wifi.

This phone looks good to me as an Incredible user but to me an Incredible 2 looks like a joke. So I think it depends which phone you are coming from. Obviously we would all like these "upgrades" and new features to be combined into one super phone aka The Droid Bionic. There is no way Verizon or Moto would have released the Bionic anytime soon even if it was production ready. Verizon wants to get the most out of these 1st gen LTE phones (Droid Charge, LG Revolution, Thunderbolt) at the higher price point while selling the 3G "enhanced" models at the 199.99 price point (Droid X2, Droid 3, Incredible 2).

Hopefully when the Bionic is finally released it will have a 2nd generation LTE chip in it to combat the battery strain LTE puts on these phones, otherwise I will be fine with a 3G Droid X2.

I think you're absolutely right.I think that it's too soon for LTE. I'm a Thunderbolt owner and I love the phone but the truth is that I can HARDLY EVER use LTE unless I'm near an outlet because I know that I'll need to charge it soon after. If I had known it would be this bad, I would have just skipped LTE for now and grabbed something like this DX2. It looks to be a solid phone with the qHD screen and dual-core processor.

Thanks. Overall, I think the Thunderbolt is a good solid phone for the first true 4G device. It has a solid developer/mod community compared to other new phones and it's not as locked down as the newer HTC devices, so hopefully some hackers and modders can find a way to improve the battery life. I was so close to buying it on a 1yr contract, but they disabled online 1yr contracts early and I didn't want to pay more buying it in-store or over the phone.

No FFC on any Verizon 3G android phones is there? Maybe I'm not aware of one. Anyways, no FFC because the frame rate on Verizon's 3G network is very very slow. Proof is on the iphone 4......sooooooo sloooowwwwwwwww. It's not really useful IMO.

I am glad to see this phone. I currently have the original Incredible and love it. The new Incredible2 is a joke to me outside of it being a global device. The build quality is nothing compared to the original in my opinion as well as it only being 1gig of internal storage compared to the original Incredible 8gig internal.

But this new Droid X2 does grab my attention and I will certainly investigate it. I like the fact Verizon is still pushing good 3G devices. I do live in the 4G area but until all the quirks are fixed, no way am I getting a 4G capable phone. I am not seeing anyone particularly thrilled. I need reliability. 3G does it fine with me and my battery is decent. I have the 1800 mAh battery and lasts me up to 15 hours depending on my usage. I don't lose signal.
4G has a lot of issues and until it is perfected I am ok to stay with the 3G. My internet is good. I don't need blazing speeds. Mine is quick for me and reliable and that is what is important to me.

you echoed my thoughts. i am feeling good about my upcoming X2 purchase, would like to see some demo videos come out today before I commit to it.

Another outdated underspecd phone to add to the collection of Verizons junky smart phones... I guess as long as there are people buying these they will keep offering them

Uh, how is this outdated or "underspecd"? You do realize that not ever phone needs to be the best possible specs out there, right? You do realize it's BETTER to have choices, right?

Why does the box show Gingerbread? It oughta show what it will be shipped with. And to whoever said it (I don't remember), the physical buttons are the best part of the phone. When I'm in recovery I can use them because software isn't required to make them work. The buttons are one of the big things keeping me away from so many other devices. Kudos to the Droid Charge.

Just another comment about the box- It's strange since the OG Droid and Droid X both had pretty small boxes and now this thing has a huge box, what's the deal with that?