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Nielsen, a market research firm, has just released its numbers for the month of October in the U.S., and Android continues to show strong growth. Overall, smartphones make up nearly 30 percent of the U.S. mobile phone market, a number which will surely see a large jump once the December numbers come out next year. Overall, the incredible growth Android has been seeing this year has translated into a nearly 23 percent overall marketshare, which is nipping on the heels of the BlackBerry OS and Apple's iOS, which are neck-and-neck at about 27 percent each. 

Current users of feature phones are more likely to want an Android phone, while current smartphone users prefer the iPhone. Overall, the numbers balance out to make Android and iOS nearly equal at 28 and 30 percent. By age, the two are also neck-and-neck all the way to 55+, where iOS enjoys a healthy margin. By gender, women prefer iOS while men are looking at Android, but nearly one quarter of women said they were "not sure" about what they wanted. For all these comparisons, BlackBerry phones were consistently in a distant third place, so RIM clearly has to work on recapturing the interest of the consumer market. Check out all the pretty graphs (hint: Android is green) past the break. [Nielsen]

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New Nielsen data shows Android making gains in mindshare, marketshare


it's good to see android doing good. but lets keep it real one os doesnt have to rule the world and you dont have to be #1 to be the best. and i will say this android mostly give away phones for free so thats a easy way to gain marketshare. blackberry is doing that bad neither. iphone isnt doing bad being one device and on one carrier in the u.s. the smartphone market is HUGE (THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID) so there all doing great.

That didn't seem to be the case just a year ago. Back then you had to be #1 or ruling the world to be the best. My how things have changed now that the iPhone can't have dominance.

Second I don't think there have been just that many giveaways on Android devices. Its not like they are constantly on BOGO offers. And when a new one drops its hardly ever a part of one of these offers but they have good sales numbers regardless.

Third I wouldn't say BlackBerry is doing well. This is a snapshot in time. The trend shows that BlackBerry is hurting bad. They are equal now to the other two down from having the market just about completely dominated at least in the U.S.

i dont speak for everyone else, but i dont think you have to be dominant to be doing awesome. betweek feature phones and smartphones, smartphones are 28%. so its huge, it really it is. i dont use android but i know people that do. some are happy with it and some are not, same thing with iphone. but i dont think that android is outselling because it just an os. it only a mobile os just like iOS is a mobile os. so if this was just about mobile os's i dont think android come close to iOS becaues it's on iPad and ipod touch.

You don't need to speak for everyone else. Enough of the iFool crowd has been speaking since Android launched about the dominance of the iPhone. I'm simply pointing out that now all of a sudden since the iPhone obviously will not dominate theres been this change of heart from the iFool crowd.

And as far as Android outselling iOS and counting iPads and iPods...are you going to count Google TVs and set top boxes, Barnes and Noble Nooks, Galaxy Tabs, Archos Tablets and other non-phone Android based devices? Like every other Apple argument the "only counting iPhones" gig is just about up. Time for a new one.

Ok, then that's fine. But how are they selling. I've played with google tv at Sony store and even the sales rep couldn't figure it out because its to complicated and people can barely figure out switching inputs on there tv, arches tablets are terrible plain & simple, galaxy tab is…ok, nook is cool for those who just want a e-reader.

"so there all doing great"

there != they're

The only segment not doing great are the feature phones. That segment is getting cannibalized. You hardly see anyone with cheap "burner" phones anymore, unless its a second phone for work (or nefarious purposes).

Current users of feature phones are more likely to want an Android phone, while current smartphone users prefer the iPhone

Current iPhone users may prefer iPhone, but I doubt it really extends to all smartphone users.

I know dozens of people who have moved from iPhone to Android, but only ONE who as moved to iPhone from any modern android phone.

Its also interesting that the gender breakdown indicates iPhone is becoming the girl phone. Also explains why Android Central's reader base is something like 96% male.

I was just stating what the data showed. No doubt iPhone users would want the next iPhone, Android users would want a new Android phone, etc. The line was a general reference to all smartphone users.

I wasn't arguing with what you stated, I was arguing with the way they chose to present the data. For all we know most of the respondents are Blackberry owners. Without FROM-TO stats we are all left guessing.

But how can this be? The iFools keep saying that ALLLLL these people really want iPhones but can't get them. So you're telling me people want both just about equally? Who would have thought?

actually people do want iphones alot actually. i used to work at verizon, and if i had at nickle of how many times people asked about iphone verizon i could buy a car. not android android is gonna die, im not saying that at all. but alot of people that on verizon are curious about that

I guess you left Verizon before the beginning of this year. I have a friend that works their customer service. He pretty much says most people he talks to are like him. Once he got a hold of Android he isn't worried about an iPhone. The iPhone coming to Verizon is only an event for AT&T users.

Iphone on verizon is when a lot of iPhone users either put up or shut up about AT&T service.

A lot will move, only to find that not being able to talk AND surf is i bigger deal than they thought (if they gave it any thought at all).

I suspect Verizon gets iPhone when Verizon gets LTE, because doing so any sooner would just piss every buyer off.

If Verizon gets the iPhone when it becomes LTE, then that'll be a while. At the earliest, that'll be when Apple releases the iPhone 5 next summer.

But then again, all the rumors point to a Q1 Verizon iPhone, so who knows.

actually i dont think verizon isnt that much better then at&t. verizon isnt the savior it just another carrier choice. to me all cellular comanys are the same they all suck, they try to nickle and dime you for everything. so honestly verizon isnt no better then at&t

Now on that I can agree with you. In a metro area it makes almost no difference which carrier you are on. Once you get out of the city like traveling on the roads Verizon has some advantages. But I'm starting to realize with more travel that you still find places with no 3G or poor reception. Personally I'll switch to whoever has the best combo of phone and plan that I like at the time. My wife however insists that we need to stick with Verizon.

Anyone else besides me surprised to see Windows Mobile at 14%? That's way higher than I would have guessed..... Oh well, Android FTW!

The iphone is not just one phone, on one carrier. In the US, it is 4 phones, mostly on one carrier. iphone market share counts iphone, iphone 3G, iphone 3GS, and iphone 4. Also, there are a decent number of iphones unlocked for tmobile. Those same 4 iphones are on many carriers around the world.