new Nexus 7

Amazon is letting the new Nexus 7 go a little early, too.

If you can't wait until July 30 for a new 2013 Nexus 7, and no retailers in your area are selling them early, Amazon has your back. Google's latest tablet, and what everyone is talking about, is available right now, and ships today.

It's the Wifi model, and the same one we saw Sundar and friends show off in San Francisco just a few short days ago. With the new 1920x1200 display, Android 4.3, and double the RAM of the previous incarnation, it looks to be the tablet everyone will want this year. There's even a Saturday delivery option for Amazon Prime customers for an extra $9.

Who's clicking? We clicked a couple times. Shout out in the comments if you did, too.

Source: Amazon Google Nexus 7 FHD Tablet (7-Inch, 32GB, Black)


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New Nexus 7 available for shipping right now at Amazon


As awesome as the New Nexus is, I'm still extremely happy with my current one. The LTE model will add something I want when it happens.

i saw the news early in the morning in my bed from my android. got up and rushed to my computer, went into amazon, ordered with saturday delivery =) and yet i get to save $17.66 compared to getting it from bestbuy store today. saved 18 bucks will be used for my screen protector hehe..

Nice, I will be out of town Tuesday, so I just ordered one and 2 chromecasts from Amazon. the N7 should be waiting for me when I get home on Wed night. I didnt even pay for any shipping since I wont be around. After the original N7 shipping issues, I feel better buying from Amazon anyway, not tax and no shipping makes it even better. Note:Chromecasts are backordered, but I ordered 2 anyway. I wanted 3, but there is a 2 per order max.

Ordered mine earlier today used standard 2 day shipping as I am out of town till Wed next week. So I will have a new toy when I get home. Gave my current nexus 7 to my daughter and her htc flyer when to my 5 yo son. Good times! lol Of course im stuck with the archos 70 internet till then but hey. lol

Important Message
Google Nexus 7 FHD Tablet (7-Inch, 16GB, Black) cannot be shipped to the selected address.(Canada)

Damn it!!

Just ordered mine. I got the 32 GB model, my first nexus device!

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Now I have a 16GB with the original box. Working well, how much could I get towards a knew one.... Hmm.

Very much looking forward to getting a new toy.

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Amazon gave me 140 for my 32gb OG 7 but that was last week, prior to Google's announcement. $71.25, just checked.

I just ordered the Nexus 7 32GB. I used my Prime account with the free two day shipping but it still says estimated shipping date for July 30th. :(

Just ordered it. I went with the 16gig version, because it's replacing an old iPad that had 16gigs and I never ran out of room on that.

Should be here by tomorrow!

Not only that, but it only cost me $85, evidently I had an Amazon card points already on my account that I had totally forgotten about. Things are looking up this week!

I have to wait broke right now but going on the road for two months ill buy one in late Aug after a few checks come in. Ill be in Cincinnati Ohio then bought the og Nexus 7 when i was in NJ last year or maybe ill get it in Florida the next stop on the trip

Picked mine up! Got the 16GB version for delivery tomorrow!

Super excited-never owned a Nexus device before!

Not yet... But I'll have two in the house this time next month :-D

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what does the new nexus 7 do that the old 1 doesn't what are the differences

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The only reason to really upgrade is if you aren't happy with the resolution. I doubt you would notice any performance differences. I'd say it is a great tablet if you don't have one but if you have the "old" Nexus 7 I would wait for the next model.

And unless I am blind, I think the first gen resolution is just great. It doesn't look pixelated at all. I am sure the new one has a killer resolution and screen, but there are other things that may make the upgrade worthwhile, such as the better specs, the camera etc.

That said, my Nexus is fine and I won't be upgrading. I will wait for the third gen.

You should definitely notice performance difference due to the better processor and 2GB of RAM.


The New model is like 4x faster in gpu based worklad, almost 2x faster in cpu based workload, and like 3x faster regarding storage/memory performance (which is most important)

I did! Had ordered from Best Buy but cancelled it right after because I forgot Amazon doesn't charge sales tax and I have Prime too so it should get here by the original release date!

Now, I'm just waiting for some awesome accessories since I bought some cool cases for my old one. Hopefully Cruzerlite will make them for this new Nexus.

Got mine at staples and used coupon for 30 off all tablets. 199.99 no tax NH ;)

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You really lucked out. I checked with several Staples in the Chicago area, and none would honor the coupon for the new Nexus 7, only the older models. Also, none had the 32gb models, so I bought mine yesterday from Best Buy. Gave my old Nexus 7 to my sister. Sweet!

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Just picked mine up from bestbuy. All i can say is wow. visually alone, such an improvement. It's so small and light in the hand. The 1st gen was so thick. The black all round finish make it look so sweet. I was afraid that i may not like the aesthetic because all renders of it make the bezel look so large. Not in person though.

Had placed the order with Amazon Prime but decided to go to Wal-Mart and it was available so how could I not get it? Ended up being $25 more after tax.

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Do you think a UK release will be a bit earlier then? Anyone?

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OMG I love you guys! I'd been trying to find the new N7 on Amazon instead of going to BB to get one.

Already clicked it and picked overnight shipping :D

Now, for a case...

Looks like a great device and if I didn't have a 5" phone while considering a Note 2 size phone next, I'd be all over it. Really hoping Samsung pulls off a better Nexus 10 this time around.

Ordered 32 GB model online from Best Buy...but was available for in store pickup.... TODAY! :-) Hoping they have a Chromecast available to sweeten my good fortune.

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Walked into Best Buy at lunch and picked up the 32GB. Now if only the rest of the workday was over so I can get to playing with the new toy!

Got Mine!!!
Walmart.......I am stunned at the size difference compared to my iPad Mini..
It's charging now.. I will upload some comparison shot with the Mini and The Galaxy Note in a bit on the forums...

Picked up mine at Best Buy at 6pm tonight with 32gb. It is sweet! Bought 2 sets of screen covers from Amazon since nobody has any accessories yet.

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