Droid Ultra

Today's the official street date for two of Motorola and Verizon's new Droid phones, the Droid Ultra and Droid MAXX — and posters on the Android Central forums are already picking up their handsets. The devices are going on sale in brick-and-mortar VZW stores today, and you can also buy them online with an Aug. 27 shipping date.

The Droid Ultra and Droid MAXX are Moto's flagship devices for Verizon, with 5-inch displays and similar internals to the Moto X. They also boast all the software features from Motorola's customizable handset, including active notifications, voice controls and Motorola Assist.

The smaller Droid Mini is listed as shipping by Aug. 29, though some readers are reporting it's already available to buy in certain stores.

We're currently putting the new Droids through their paces, but you can find more on the Droid Ultra in our hands-on feature and initial review.

Source: Verizon, Android Central forums


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New Motorola Droids available from Verizon today


Alex -- You must be the man today. All of the Android Central posts today have only been from you today.

I'm waiting on some real world user reviews before I jump. If I do it will be the Maxx for me.

I honestly forgot Verizon had new Droid phones coming out....that's how little I regard the Droid line of phones currently....and I'm a Verizon customer.

Going to the store today to check 'em out....

I gotta see the screen in person ... I've been reading blogs too much, time for some hands-on time

Got the Maxx, but it wasn't easy. First store told me I couldn't migrate my upgrade. Went home, could only pre-order online. No store pickup available, and the online rep was no help. Went to a second store, and they took care of it.

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I love the varying opinons in this forum/webste.

Most based on rationale too. Others not so much.

Some focus on Specs (cutting edge), others price, others looks or available accessories.

The Galaxy SIII is till a very capable phone, but the S4 and HTC 1 is making a dent in marketshare.

My plan is to go to a store and take the droids through a fe tests (call data,etc.) and make a choice

I went to the local VZW store here in SF. All sold out of all of them. The brick and mortar stores received scant quantities in the area here. Good luck to everyone else!

Yeah, I was the 1st person in the store on Pine today and got the only MAXX they had. Had to do some complaining to get it since they didn't want to sell it to me since I was buying it outright.

I don't see the appeal of getting those devices. And why is the droid maxx 300 dollars?

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Well for some of us who travel for business and often don't have an outlet available for 12-14 hours on a plane the extra single battery is good.

My lg optimus g pro last days and had a bigger hd screen, and and 32 gb removable.

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Hey guys! The new Verizon phones are out, so let's head on over to AC and leave shitty comments about them!

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Once you have used the display on the ONE nothing else will do. Couldn't imagine paying 300 with a 2 year contract for a 2012 display.

Much better whites. Pictures look more crisp. Much brighter too. You must either not looked for long or have bad eyes.

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Maxx: Blazing fast and even though the bloat is on the phone, it's not running or in the way. Motorola Migrate was flawless and I love the feel of the phone. The hand off from wifi to 4G and back is amazing. Perhaps it's just how slow and plodding my GNex became, but I love this phone. Don't throw stones at me; it's my happy, not yours.

i'm in the same boat... my GNex apparently KNOWS its time is up. my upgrade date was 8/15, but before i jump on the gs4, i want to see the real world reviews of the maxx. i'm still scared of a phone without a removable battery, but that's because the GNex had a battery life of about 2 hrs :P

I've had the Maxx, the Maxx HD now this Maxx. I've never had an issue with not being able to remove the battery. You wont even realize you cant really.

Just checked out a MAXX. Very impressed. Makes my Note 2 seem small. The camera (during limited in store testing) seemed okay. The phone felt great in the hand, especially for 5" (that's what she said).

I asked the manager when they're getting the MotoX and after a WTF is that look, he said that he wasn't familiar with the phone. I'm not surprised.

So it comes down to either the HTC One or The Maxx.

I care about battery life, and coming from the Razr Maxx i don't care about the screen.

But Camera Matters to me, and if you go what i have read about droid x camera, HTC One win's that battle.

Active display is a feature i really want, so is the always on voice feature, but i lock my phone so that defeats the purpose.

Choice is good right lol?

Another consideration is Sense 5 versus a mostly stock Google experience. The MAXX has a larger screen as well.


Htc one. Just flash the Google edition 4.3 Rom and you will easily get 3-4 days of heavy use on it.

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Sorry but I'm not lying. I wish I had the phone still so I had the screen shot. Even my friend with a s4 gets days now with his charges with his roms he uses to.

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BS. 3 to 4 days of no use maybe, but definitely not heavy use. At least make your outlandish claims halfway believable.

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You don't have to believe a random person over the internet. But it's very true. I suppose you know it all though.

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Oh and the pixel count Or screen quality for these moto devices is no comparison to the htc one.

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I was just going to say that you are losing quite a bit on the camera if you go to the GPe edition of the One.

I have had the Maxx for 16 hrs. Not impressed. Battery life is not that great because I need to have the display at 100% most of the time. Speaker is no louder than the S4. Terrible camera and less than average call quality. The display is slightly brighter than the S4 but has a yellowish hue but not as crisp with text. Better than the Note 2 display though. Wireless charging is finicky. Can't use hands free feature when the screen is on. Only if off. Not worth the $299 in my opinion. Mine is going back tomorrow. I had the Maxx HD and loved it more than this new one.

I would only ever consider this phone for the battery life.... But that display and that design kill it for me. Also.... Stock Android is so damn dark and mechanical looking. Hoping KLP brings some life to it.

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Because you got up early this morning to run to the Verizon store to touch, see and play with the MAXX to compare it to your One, in person, right?

Patiently waiting on the Note 3, these droids are good phones but not great... Smart phone technology seems to have plateaued for the moment, quite a bit of window dressing going on. This years perennial flagships HTC One and S4 are still leading the pack, the choices are definitely good, hard to go wrong with any if these phones.

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I love the back on the Maxx. I like the way it looks, and I know it will hold up. My RAZR's kevlar back has held up very well. The plastic bezel has been beaten to hell. I love that there is no bezel on the edges.

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Has anybody figured out how to get the voice activations to come on with your name appearing on the screen? I saw it in a video that was giving a feature run down. When he said "ok google now" it popped up with his name then asked how it could help.

It just works for me. I didn't have yo program my name or anything. I'm guess whatever your Google or Google+ account name is, is what it'll show.

IDK, I got the Maxx today and I'm loving it. Its so nice and fast and I'm coming from a GS4. I think the camera could be slightly better but everything else is spot on.

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Yeah, its kinda strange sometimes it says my name and other times not. But I agree the phone is fast. Noticeable, not hugely but noticeably faster than my maxx HD was, and is very noticeably faster than my friends GS4. And I'm not sure what the other poster was saying, my voice recognition works when the screen is on.

Got my Maxx, most of the bloat was easy to disable through the apps menu. Abington store DID have Mini available today. Activated the Maxx on my spare line, brought it home, switched it to the main line through the VZ website, and voila - unlimited data and a Maxx subsidized. Not a bad day's work.

You should realize by now that what Motorola and Google showed off was just concept. To actually use carbon fiber or Kevlar could have shot the price through the roof. Maybe first $1000 smartphone. I like the styling. Unique because many are plain. Like the notification setup up front. Not looking for another device at the moment. Happy with my s3. But for sure, will be paying full retail or hitting up cl or eBay for slightly used ones.

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Kevlar is not on the whole phone, just the back cover. I also doubt Motorola would be willing to get accused for false advertising by stating it has it when it doesn't. Also if you shop around you can see that neither Kevlar nor Carbon Fiber is expensive especially if you can buy it in bulk like Motorola does.