LG-D820 FCC document

FCC documentation screen size, processor, firmware version and radio bands

Update: Further investigation of the FCC documents by the folks over at Engadget and Anandtech have revealed even more information on the device. Multiple references have been found to "MSM8974", which is the Snapdragon 800 processor. The firmware build indicates that the device is named "aosp_hammerhead" (keeping with the fish codename Nexus history) and is running Android 4.4.

Other new information includes a screen size of 126mm or 4.96-inches diagonal, and a full case size of 131.9mm high and 68.2mm wide (for reference, the Nexus 4 is 133.9mm x 68.7mm). We also see reference to a 2300mAh non-removable battery in the device.

Original story: Right on the heels of the announcement that Android 4.4 will officially be called "KitKat", we saw a very interesting "leak" from a Google promotional video that showed off what seemed to be an unreleased Nexus phone with a very similar design to the New Nexus 7. A new LG device, model number LG-D820, has just passed through the FCC bearing a striking resemblance to the device shown off in that video.

Unlike most FCC filings we actually have pictures of the back plate of the phone, showing off the NFC antenna and Qi wireless charging contacts underneath the shell. The outline and materials certainly look very similar to what we saw in the video, and the one tell-tale sign is a distinctly large camera lens hole in the back plate.

This LG-D820 device, whatever it may be, supports a serious number of radio bands as well. We're looking at pentaband HSPA+ 42mbps on 850, 900, 1700, 1900 and 2100MHz, 7-band LTE on Band 2, 4, 5, 17, 25, 26 and 41 and most interestingly EVDO revA (CDMA) on 800 and 1900MHz.

Those HSPA+ bands fit in line with the ones found on the Nexus 4 and will support basically any GSM network around the world. The LTE bands fall in line with those used by AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint here in the US as well as a few others globally. The EVDO revA frequencies also hit what's in use by Sprint today. Notably missing from these supported frequencies is Verizon here in the states.

The rest of the FCC documentation shows us other radios available, such as Bluetooth 4.0 and dual-band 802.11b/g/n/ac Wifi. The evidence is surely mounting that we're looking at a Nexus phone here, made by LG, which has at least the possibility of being used on AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint in the US and countless carriers around the world. Let's hope that we hear something closer to official confirmation of the device soon.

LG-D820 FCC document

LG-D820 FCC document

Source: FCC; Via: Engadget; AnandTech


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New LG-D820 device passes through FCC, could this be the next Nexus device? [update]



I was going to get the LG G2, but If I can wait a month and get the new Nexus on Sprint, I might just wait.

I may do the same thing. Would be great to be able to order new Nexus from Google Play for cheap and receive updates straight from Google like the GSM versions do lol.

It would make mine. Right now, I am debating whether I should trade my note 2 for that phone when it comes out. I'm on sprint and I was really mad when the nexus 4 wasn't compatible. I really like the note 2 screen size, but I just like stock android! Someone help me!

Posted by someone who thinks Apple sucks

throw stock android on your note and enjoy. you probably aren't going to notice a difference in performance between the Note 2 and Nexus 4.

My grandmother told me about SD cards. Can you still find those in antique shops?

Posted via Android Central App

Jerry always makes my day.
Can't wait to hear about how this phone doesn't stack up against its competitors when it will cost about half as much.


Hey Jerry, you should write a followup to your MicroSD article from the N4. This time you can pontificate about how 2300mAh is all the battery anyone should ever need. Let me guess: if my built-in battery can't last a day of use, I should just buy two Nexus devices because they're so cheap?

In before....wait. Lol! Is your white Nexus 4 up for sale then?

Posted via Android Central App

Will buy it, Jerry if they come with a 32gb version, at least!

Posted via the awesomest of awesome Android Central App

Hey Jerry,you do not like Samsung. Why will you go with Note3?

I'm still waiting for the day when Jerry Hildenbrand adds "no expandable sdcard" within their BAD section for any Motorola mid range shit product like Moto X. ha ha

Seriously? Trolling your own comments section?
Oh, wait, you're just pre-emptively trolling cause you know the dummies are gonna do it anyway. Nice move!

Keep up the good work.

Troll.... You know you want it. Particularly if those are magnets for proper placement on the next Nexus Qi charger. >:)

No S**t. Don't people get it. The reason why "Google" phones don't have SD card support and only 16gb is because they are pushing cloud services they also sell like crazy. Plus it's beneficial to their business partners (wireless providers) because you need a very high data plan which is obviously big bucks.

People like you are just stubborn. I barely use my SD card. When I take pics it uploads to Google+ and then I delete my pics and videos off my phone. Then if I need that I download it. With movies, you can watch it in the cloud.

Posted via Android Central App

People like you are just stubborn. I barely use my SD card. When I take pics it uploads to Google+ and then I delete my pics and videos off my phone. Then if I need that I download it. With movies, you can watch it in the cloud.

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Sweet. Is it really possible to have an unlocked device that can support every carrier and every band in the free world?

Someone, please find the factory that's building this and push the bucket full of Verizon compatible bands next to the rest of the other bands!

Posted via Android Central App

I'm not completely sure when or where I read this, but isn't Verizon going to support LTE Band 4?

Posted via Android Central App

There was an article, i forget who but maybe engadget, that said the bands could be used for verizon in the 700 mhz field but it depends on wether its the upper 700 or bottom 700 because VZW uses upper and ATT uses lower

When I first read your comment I thought I read this...
"Someone, please find the factory that's building this and push the bucket full of Verizon home buttons!"

Wouldn't surprise me.

Sprint??? Thats a typo right? Really interested now......

Posted via Android Central App on New Nexus 7

Damn, no Verizon nexus. Well looks like my next phone will be made by Motorola.

Posted via Android Central App

It Verizon ever makes it easy to get a Moto X. Very easy to get one on AT&T but no not Verizon. Now it looks like next Nexus not ion. Verizon again? I love that coverage but have about had it with Verizon.

Same size and same huge camera hole from the leak. This is definitely it!

Posted from the old Google Nexus 7 via Android Central App

Yeah, I noticed the large camera hole and was thinking the same thing. This has to be it, considering the screenshot from the video had what pretty clearly appeared to be an LG logo on it, in the same spot as the N4.

Nice. I'd pay $350 for 64GB version! Though to be honest, I plan to keep my GS3 for a while longer and just enjoy upgrading my phone by flashing latest stable CM updates. The hardware just got to the point last gen where you're really seeing diminishing returns on functionality.

A 64GB version would go against what Google is trying to do with the Cloud. I give it a 50% chance we see anything over 16GB, at least in the beginning.

i think its higher than 50%...I'm going 90%.

when the N4 and N7 were first released, it was 8 and 16GB only,
the new N7 is 16 and 32GB only
so it wouldn't surprise me to see 16 and 32GB at launch.
I'm just a little worried about price. if they can keep it under $400 for 32GB, i am all over it. if it goes for more than that, i might just grab the Nexus 4 now.

I'm "expecting" 16gb $350 and 32gb $400...but it never ceases to amaze me what sort of expectations on hardware and price point people throw around. The N4 already was a steal at 300/350...cutting edge and unlocked...it must be the best deal in the history of electronics at 200/250. Even at $450 the N5 will be nearly half the price of anything that can touch it regarding hardware. My theory is because WAY too many people don't know the true cost of their subsidized device...just how the greedy carriers like it.

Naw, its not a matter of not understanding, well at least in my case, it is just a matter of it not being worth the upgrade considering what I still have. The GS3 is still a solid good phone. To upgrade, I'd have to get a very nice deal. Otherwise I'm probably waiting around for whatever the next nexus is... N5-2?

The 4.3 builds are still in the nightly phase, but the 4.1/4.2 based build are pretty solid now.

Not really, they occur regularly enough to keep my appetite whet. Plus stock 4.1 to 4.4 look to all be fairly iterative updates, which seems to be translating to CM update times also. I'm on 10.1 right now, and its really quite good. I flashed 10.2 nightly just to see what's there, but its clearly not ready for day-to-day use, so I'm back on 10.1.

I'm using it for day to day use on my Nexus 7 (2012), and I find it to be quite good actually. It has it's glitches, but its usable. (:

Man, being with Verizon is such a catch 22. Great coverage and service, but we have basically no freedom to really use the phone we want. Even if the thing supported the right frequencies, Verizon would still have to allow the phone to be activated on their network, something they aren't likely to do.

T-Mobile may not have the best coverage, but damn if you aren't a lot more free on their network.

The only problem with Aio is that LTE is throttled to 8mb/s. Of you want large data allotments, though, Aio is the way to go.
Go phone doesn't throttle, even if the days is slower

Posted via Android Central App

Could this be the first Google branded phone with a kickass camera? That camera hole looks amazing! Lol

Posted via Android Central App

All those radio bands packed into one device. Are you sure this isn't the new MI5 phone? I can almost see James Bond stepping out of a Aston Martin sporting this.

James Bond wouldn't use a phone this big; it would ruin the cut of his suit. Also, he's in MI-6, so he wouldn't get one. :P

He wouldn't use that, either. Probably a Nokia or an iPhone, or at the very least a branded Android device: something backed by a company that will pay for product placement. :P

I remember the ridiculous Sony-Ericsson product placement in Goldeneye. He used the phone to remotely drive his car.

it's a sony pictures film, he'll use sony devices forever. even though their real world performance is marginal, they are pretty devices, which works for them on film..

Love me some Nexus news. Wow Sprint getting a Nexus? Well I'm moving to T-Mobile this fall anyway.

It's not surprising. Google has always had a good relationship with Sprint. They've had two of the 4 Nexus phones and **almost** had the Nexus One too.

Headphones on the top, thank goodness. It better have 32gb storage min

Posted via Android Central App

I really really really miss headphone jack on the bottom like on the Galaxy Nexus. Just makes sense the way I use the device.

And I wouldn't count on Google skipping from offering 8GB and 16GB to a base model of 32GB. Doesn't make much sense to me.

Agreed. Can not understand for the life of me having plugs on the top and bottom of a device!

Makes it so hard to use while plugged in in my car! (No bluetooth audio streaming)

I use a headphone jack in my car as well and on my Nexus 4 dearly miss the headphone jack on the bottom as it was on the Nexus s and Galaxy Nexus (among many others). Put in the cup holder facing down, pick it up and it's right side up. It's the NATURAL movement of the hand. Same for in your pocket, in an armband working out, etc. Obviously, it's not a deal breaker, but bet the farm 90% of people put their phones into pockets face down, and pull it from whatever it's in and lift it face down to rightside up as it comes up to their face.

Thank you, I've stopped trying to explain this to people. If you listen to music and keep your phone in your pocket headphone jack on the bottom is always superior. Less phone fumbling when you pull it out of your pocket.

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the new Nexus. Man I cannot wait to pick one up to replace my S3.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm still waiting to upgrade my GS2, thought I was going w/ LG G2 but this thing looks pretty killer!

Posted via Android Central App

As long as it has a good camera and if it truly is unlocked on all carriers and Sprint doesn't have to worry about updates from when Google actually releases them (like ATT & TMobile), this is definitely going to be my next phone.

I'm getting tiered of dealing with the OS upgrade schedule (I'm looking at you HTC) on anything that isn't a pure Google device.

I bet Sprint will be a little longer to update. The CDMA technology (and I imagine LTE) has been an issue in the past.

Exactly. My HTC One is on 4.2.2 and 4.3 is just around the corner (though 4.3 ROMs are already available).

I just had a crazy thought. I'm sure it isn't so, but wouldn't it be wonderful if that big camera hole was for an optical zoom?

Not gonna happen. Seriously not enough room in the chassis of a modern phone with current tech to have optical zoom. Big hole doesn't mean crazy camera... it just means big hole.

I dont get all the hype about the "Big camera hole"
the new N7 camera hole is pretty big, and it's one of the worst cameras I have ever used.

but hoping this has the same shooter as the G2

On second thought, my contract is up now and I would I would change carriers for this phone!

Posted via Android Central App

The four metallic disks around the wireless charging coil suggests to me that they will be using magnets to hold it in place. Google probably tired of people complaining of Nexus 4's sliding off the angled charger.

Looks like the same camera placement as the nexus that was shown in that Kitkat video.

Posted via Android Central App

The FCC only needs to test the bands that are applicable to the US, so it's hard to say. The UK/Euro LTE band situation is pretty much crazy also — for example we're seeing two different Nexus 7 LTE models to cover all the bands in US and Europe.

I already have the GS4 GPE, but I really miss the software buttons. This nee Nexus might just be my next phone. LTE on a Nexus. Yes, please!

Posted via Android Central App

Agreed. I'm pulling out of Verizon in April. I'm sick of being screwed over with the bloatware, and if this becomes a sorting device that can be used on other sprint mvnos I'm headed to either them or AT&T go phone, because of the good trays and ultimate freedom, including the use of LTE on prepaid. Verizon just doesn't get it. However, it seems weird that the cellular nexus 7 chose to support Verizon LTE bands if the nexus phone will be Sprint compatible

Posted via Android Central App

Does this have the 3G CDMA radio Sprint would need? Is that was evdo rev A means? If true OMG... I thought the days of Sprint Nexus were over. This would be the phone I have been waiting for since the Nexus S... It is the only carrier that has service in the basement of the hospital I work at so I have to use Sprint.

Also, looks like KeyLimePie was the original code name.

This particular device supports EVDO revA, which is the CDMA 3G technology that Sprint uses, on the frequencies that Sprint operates. It also has LTE band support for the frequencies Sprint uses for LTE.

So yes, this device supports the bands and technology for Sprint. Doesn't necessarily "confirm" anything, but it means the bands and hardware are there.

The photos are taken looking at the back of the rear case, the part that has qi charging and NFC, it looks like the camera is on the wrong corner when matched up with the kitkat video pic... someone correct me if I'm wrong.


ok, I wasn't sure if that was outside of back cover, or inside of back cover. I guess you are right!

Very clearly the inside, considering you can see the antennas and connectors :P . Nobody in their right mind would make the outside of the case look like that.

Even though the reported hardware is superior to the N4 in every regard, it is also more efficient. You need to recognize that fact. Although not stock (as it's a NEXUS : p ), my N4 get 4-5hr SOT and "forever" idling syncing everything AND using Tmobile LTE. I'd expect this beast to do much better (and we don't even know what optimizations KitKat will bring).

Very disappointing. Was hoping for 3000mah. The 2100 in my nexus 4 won't last anywhere near a full day :(

Posted via Android Central App on my Nexus 4

I was thinking the same thing. This phone sounded really promising until I read the battery size update. I've still got my crappy old Samsung Galaxy S2 mostly because a phone with a really awesome battery hasn't come out for sprint yet. Was hoping for a Motorola Maxx type battery even if it meant a slightly thicker phone. Even with software battery savings, I doubt 2300mAh is really going to cut it. Battery life is pretty much my #1 issue these days.

I had real hope after seeing that the Nexus 7 LTE was going to support Verizon that the Nexus 5 would follow suit. So much for that idea. If it wasn't for their network in the area that I live and my work's 22% discount I would finally bail on this BIG RED noose around my neck.

On the plus side looks like I can cross off one of the few phones I was hoping to use my upgrade on.......

Humor me, if you will. When and what was the last carrier you've tried? I'm willing to be A LOT of Verizon users have a false sense of their network's superiority as they've just had them forever (as I did for 10 years).

I was a long time Verizon subscriber till the Nexus 4 was released. Then I left behind my GS3 and went contract free. Best choice I ever made. I have been on AT&T and T-Mobiles networks. In my area which is Fredericksburg, VA T-Mobile has fast HSPA+ speed son my Nexus 4 than I had on my LTE GS3, they also have faster speeds than AT&T's HSPA+ network which is absolutley awful in my area. I would say T-Mobile is bette rin my area due to network saturation, Verizon is the king of the roost around here so everyone is on the network which equals slower data speeds even on LTE where I rutinly got about 20 - 25 down. At&T on HSPA+ I got 5 to 7 during off-peak and I was doing kb's during peak times. On T-Mobile I average bewteen 17 - 20 all the time. Speeds can get stupid fast off- peak, so it's all about your area.

I love my Nexus becaus eI can bounce back and forth bewteen carriers and regardles sof who I am with I have service to do what a phone should do and thta's make phone calls.

I haven't used any other carriers lately but I'm constantly around my friends who are on other carriers and have absolutely no service while I do. T-Mobile has mostly EDGE around here, AT&T has LTE but I work in a hospital and their reception isn't good. Sprint doesn't have LTE in this area and I would never go to 3G anyway. I get 3 lines, 2 of which have unlimited data, for 165 a month. I'll stick with Verizon for now even if my phone selection is somewhat limited.

Posted via Android Central App

Based on what I've seen, this is going to be an unlocked device that will be compatible to take to Sprint. If there were a Verizon variant, I assume it would be an unlocked ham device, but you could their in a Verizon LTE Sim card and go off working.

Posted via Android Central App

Wow. Those device dimensions have me interested again. Smaller than the Nexus 4 (which doesn't seem possible based on the video but maybe perspective???)

As long as battery life does not suck horribly I think this will be my next phone (unless motorola can fix the moto x camera with software and drop the price to ~$300 unsubsidized)

I am willing to bet that a phone of this caliber (it sounds damn near perfect) will NOT be $299 out of the gate. And of course everyone here will whine and cry. But I would rather have a great unlocked, carrier free, fully supported by Google phone at a reasonable price (max $450) than have to settle for a cut corners, good but could have been better device for dirt cheap prices. Maybe Google will keep the 16gb nexus 4 around at $250 for people who absolutely must have the cheapest phone.

(Please let the camera be good...)

Yeah, those dimensions are confusing. Maybe a prototype is submitted to the FCC in some kind of smaller form factor. That'd be cool if Google kept a the 16gb nexus 4 for another year.

They're certainly confusing dimensions based on the images from the video that we saw which made it seem larger than a Nexus 4. But the one shown in the video could be a different casing style, different device all together or an earlier prototype that was larger than the final one.

The FCC filing lists this device as being a prototype that is the exact same as the production device, fwiw. The dimensions given in the filing have to be the exact dimensions for testing purposes too.

Also does anyone remember the picture of the OTHER guy with a phone that you could only see from the back clearly labeled with prototype stickers on the back? That phone (which to me always looked like a different phone from what the green shirted guy was holding) looks a lot more similar to the FCC filing.

So confused but will be buying anyway.

How long after FCC filings do we generally wait for phone announcements?

I can't wait for this device to be in my hands. Get in my hands, new mini nexus 7.

Posted via Android Central App

So glad I dumped the big red machine for T-Mobile! Now I can sell my HTC one on ebay for more than it'll cost to purchase the nexus5 on the play store!

Posted via Android Central App

Wow sounds great so far. Jerry makes fun of the crappy storage options but that is a deal breaker for a lot of people.

I said before and will say it again, 32 or 64GB or no deal. I have to have that much space.

I lime that it appears to have a better camera and the processor will be top of the line...

This is shaping up to be an extra phone for me. Note 3 for work, nexus 5 for walking around.

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Just came back to eat a little crow after saying that there wouldn't be another CDMA Nexus. Congrats to the folks on Sprint if this proves to be true.

I've been thinking for a little while - given that the Nexus 7 LTE will be compatible with 3 different carriers LTE wise - that Google would sell the next Nexus phone unlocked GSM/LTE but compatible with one CDMA carrier because that wouldn't be hard to do. I wouldn't be shocked if there's a Verizon compatible version coming too that's also GSM/LTE unlocked (compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile's LTE), etc.

You'd be the only person whom isn't shocked. There's a huge differece between having Verizon capable LTE for data only on the N7 and having the proper frequencies to work on their voice and data network.

I know that, but it looks like they already did it for Sprint right here. I'm saying that if Verizon does want a version that works with their network, that it wouldn't be hard to do. They'd have to have a totally separate version from this one yes, but given that this one exists - a Verizon one could come too. Essentially they're just building a Sprint CDMA phone with all the necessary radios and bands for AT&T and T-Mobile programmed and GSM/LTE unlocked. A Verizon version of course while having different CDMA bands and a difference in the bands needed for their 700MHz LTE isn't hard. Just a question of if it is coming.

And have Verizon take control over the phone and ruin the Nexus name... again? No.

See, here's the difference. Any device using Verizon's CDMA bands can't just be unlocked and used on their network. It has to be sold by Verizon, which will only cause the above to happen. The N7 need not worry about this, since it only uses Verion's LTE (which is a GSM technology) and not its CDMA bands. The N5 can't avoid this since Verizon still uses CDMA for voice.

It looks like the Nexus in the video leak is sporting a dummy case I know Google design language I know they aren't into the square corners but the FCC doc hits their design language on point

Posted via Android Central App

What do you make of the New Nexus 7 then? Because what we see in the images from the Google KitKat video is a device that basically has the same form factor and proportional dimensions as the Nexus 7. The corners definitely aren't "square" on either device, but they're very similar.

So awesome. Definitely gonna be a day 1 buy for me.
And a little smaller than the nexus 4? The entire front is gonna be screen nearly. Can't wait.

Posted via Android Central App

I have learned to love pure Android 4.2.1 on my Hisense Sero Pro 7, and have previously played with the last Nexus phone that Sprint carried and loved it when I had it as a loaner. I love HTC, and Samsung but this new possibility sparks my interest. Waiting for updates via the carriers or manufacturers is hateful. Let's see what happens!

Posted via Android Central App

The software version would suggest the KitKat partnership is relatively recent since the build still refers to it as key lime pie.

I hope they officially announce it during Sept. 10th...right after Apple's big event.

The kitkat branding has been in the works since February. KLP was the working name, KK was only revealed as the official final name the other day.

They said they wanted to keep it secret so they didn't even tell the devs @ Google til the reveal the other day. Seeing how that build is from June, it makes sense why it's still referencing KLP.

Why does the document says KyeLimePie? (No typo, it's really written like that)

Posted via Android Central App

Don't forget 4.4 is rumoured to run on almost anything. Better battery usage + a battery this size might just do a great job!

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah but with a 5" screen that will probably be 1080p and that processor, this phone will probably have terrible battery life :/

Don't see how you can infer that... these are all just specs, nothing can be confirmed or even assumed about battery life. The Nexus 4 has a 720p display, quad-core processor and 2100mAh battery and definitely doesn't have "terrible" battery life.

Mine had TERRIBLE battery life. That was a pretty common problem with the device. But if those specs are indeed correct, the battery life will be not so good Lol

Posted via Android Central App

Think you're making a sweeping generalization. The Nexus 4 certainly isn't a top performer in battery life, but I've never had anything near what I'd call "terrible" battery life in my usage of it. I'd say its average.

Any phone gets over a day of use if you don't use it.. What's your onscreen time? Let me guess 2-3 hours. Nexus phones have shit battery life whether you want to admit it or not.

This phone has to have good battery life, 32GB and a good camera. I love Nexus phones but its getting pretty old not having all of this.

Google already gave people like you other options. Did you not see the HTC One and GS4 that they sell directly on Google Play?

I seriously get so tired of this stuff. We know what the Nexus is. We know the shortcomings. We know all the positives. Either it's the phone for you or it isn't. Google put these other two phones up (One and GS4) for sale and they get upgrades quickly, have better battery life, and better cameras. It fits all the criteria that he wants yet he still complains that Google isn't giving him what he wants. Does he want them to donate blood too?

Ok, buddy. 4-5 hrs SOT no problem syncing everything, auto brightness ramped up, Tmobile LTE, and some heavy gaming. If I wanted to "show off" I could hit 6-7hrs SOT as MANY people have shown the Nexus 4 do on XDA. It has good battery life, a good camera (not great, but very good if you know what you're doing), and plenty of storage for the devs (or masses). Killer price for the specs and dev support no non-Nexus device can remotely touch.

You did see that a Nexus 4 won a LOW LIGHT photo contest (along w/ 2 other phones)...right?

It's 3.8v though... Which gives it a slightly longer battery life... Think (3.8*2300=8740mw 8740mw/3.7=~2362ma) so it effectively has an extra 62ma (*sarcasm* YAY... )

Posted via Android Central App

As soon as this phone becomes available, I'm switching from Verizon to Sprint. Nexus 5 with unlimited data - Rock on!

Posted via Android Central App

I assume T-Mobile has no coverage in your area? Because that would also give you unlimited data, in addition to saving you a ton of money.

I don't know about him, but I have T-Mobile coverage, but it stinks, as in 2G edge. The other three carriers have 4G LTE coverage, and so ultimately sprint and at&t win out for me.

Posted via Android Central App

I want to be able have my phone reliably and comfortably get through a full day's activity, so that I can just focus on everything else in my life, rather than have to monitor frequently, and use the charger to nurse it through a busy day. I'm really sick of that routine with my GN.

I am perfectly happy to put it on the charger during sleep hours, but I seriously doubt that the 2300 mAh battery will make that achievable,unless LG and Google will be doing some magic for battery drain. Otherwise, assuming that it also will have 32 GB, it looks like a good candidate for my next phone.

I'm with you here. I'm a huge nexus fan but I'm being spoiled with my droid maxx battery right now. Anything less is not acceptable.

Posted via Android Central App

I had given up all hope of ever getting another Nexus device on Sprint. I'm pumped about this!

Posted via: It's always sunny in Pensacola!

Figured about the no SD card, that's just Nexus all the way, but that battery is so disappointing. The Nexus 4 has shit battery life and now this phone has basically a 5" display and a much stronger processor with only a 2,300mAh battery? C'mon now...

...aaaaand so is the display and the radios...the two biggest power draws, but you can't teach a fool anything. Nobody seems to question how a modern V8 can get make MORE horsepower and have BETTER fuel economy than its predicessor. They didn't just stuff a bigger f*cking fuel tank in the car...

Totally agree, I highly doubt any battery optimizations will be substantial enough to deliver us decent full day usage. I think I'm gonna stick with my nexus 4, until something decent comes along from some company. I really need manufacturers to step up their name and try and compete with the droid RAZR maxx in terms of battery life.

Posted via Android Central App

Maybe by the time this is out, the T-mobile 4G network will be decent around the country instead of just my hometown. I think I can deal with my moto X until then. I'll be really happy if Google has a 5" screen with just a 131mm height. Just barely bigger than the X and nowhere near the size of the S4 or One.

Again, people just don't like to read and then make comments anyway. You don't travel much, do you? T-Mobile is ahead of schedule on their LTE rollout. They promised to cover 100 million people by the middle of 2013. They passed that and then some. They promised to cover 200 million people with LTE by the end of 2013. They will also pass that up easily. They basically are doing an LTE rollout on their network faster than anyone else has before them (1 to 1.5 years is quick). Yet you're going to sit here and criticize them? I'm not even a T-Mobile customer and I know this.

Strange, no camera stats known , yet huge camera glass..? I guess it's 13mp same g2?

Posted via Android Central App

A finger with 3 versions of the Motorola Droid running the lastest and greatest features from the Moto X. "Hello Google Now."

Verizon isn't worried.

A Nexus with Android 4.4 on top of the Snapdragon 800 has really grabbed my attention. The only other critical components (for me) is a screen that works better than my current Galaxy III, and a really good camera. Stereo speakers would be nice, but I can always buy a pair of external wireless speakers.

Can anyone recommend a good pair?


No. Verizon hasn't officially rolled out LTE on Band 4 (AWS) in any market in the country. The entirety of their LTE network operates on Band 13 (700MHz) nationwide, which this phone doesn't support. The phone in this FCC filing also doesn't support 850MHz EVDO (or the right CDMA2000 freq iirc), which Verizon needs for 3G and voice. Verizon would never put a phone on their network that only supports Band 4 LTE and not Band 13 — folks are grasping at straws here.

Figured...I would love to leave Verizon, but their coverage is great and still have unlimited data on two phone. I can not bring myself to leave yet. I hope they try and force me to tiered data so i can break up with them without regret.

I can almost guarantee this will be on Verizon if this is coming to Sprint or at least I hope. I just can't see Verizon passing this up as a part of its holiday lineup. Between November and January Verizon basically has no phones planned and that is the time when the AWS bands is suppose to be up and running for the most part.

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As I note just 2 comments above, this particular phone simply doesn't support the bands Verizon needs for either 3G (missing 850MHz) or LTE (missing Band 13 / AWS). Just because a phone is "CDMA" doesn't mean it works on Verizon. This device specifically supports CDMA, GSM, HSPA and LTE for AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint.

And again on the Band 4 LTE argument — Verizon hasn't put Band 4 LTE live in any market across the nation yet. Do you really think Verizon is going to put a phone on its network that can only get LTE in limited markets (at this point none) when it has nationwide coverage on Band 13 instead?

T-Mobile is building out LTE quickly from money they received from the failed AT&T network. When they get to critical mass within a year to two goodbye Verizon.

Does anyone see a hole for the speaker? If not, we could be looking at front facing speakers. I'd rather have that than a larger screen any day.

Really hard to say from the pictures above whether not there is a rear-facing speaker. But considering we're looking at a screen that is 4.96-inches in a body that's smaller than the Nexus 4, it's going to be tough to see how they'd fit front-facing speakers in the bezels of a device like that. Right now, we really can't tell either way.

I've already decided that the next Android phone I get with either be:
1. Nexus phone
2. Google play edition
3. Motorola Droid Maxx

I either want to get updates ASAP or have awesome battery life. So I am interested in what this ends up looking like.

The droid maxx is made by Motorola, so Verizon will probably get updates out rather quickly, and battery life's pretty good, so it's pretty phone.

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Having 800mAh less battery than the G2 doesn't bode well for this phone's battery life. The N4's battery life is in the bottom quarter for modern Android phones. It's a mystery why, as the nearly identical Optimus G has fairly good battery life AND has LTE.

Been waiting a year and half ever since I got my gs2 ! Sickband tired of all bloatware and dumb features most other android phones have. Thats the one good thing apple has going for it. And I was glad to see Google recognized that when they gave us the nexus 4.

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If those external dimensions are correct, it's hard to imagine how they'd get a standard 4.96" 16:9 screen to fit. Maybe it'll be 16:9 plus some vertical space for the on-screen buttons?

I hope the dimensions are right, because that's exactly what I've been hoping for -- a 5" screen in a 4.7" chassis. I really want the extra real estate, but I don't want to carry anything bigger than the Galaxy Nexus. I was going to go for the Moto X, since it's so small, but I decided to hold out and see what the next Nexus looked like. This was a lot easier after the N4 went on sale, and I could ditch my GNex for something not horribly slow.

How is it hard to imagine? The screen size listed of course includes the on-screen buttons.

The Nexus 4 has sizeable bezels around all sides, particularly on the top and bottom of the screen. Bumping from 4.7-inches to 4.96" on a diagonal basis really isn't increasing the total size of the screen all that much. Also remember that the Nexus 4 is 16:10 (wider than most phones), so if they're going to 16:9 here it could quite easily fit in the same size chassis, and even slim down on the top a little.

No it is 16:10. A 15:9 phone would be super long and skinny and would be impossible to use in landscape.

I have owned all Galaxy S series and Note series phones...I will get this over the Note 3...provided it has more than 16GB of internal storage! Come on Google!

Nobody has noticed the camera hole is on the opposite side in the FCC docs vs the leaked video??? FCC phone--camera on right while looking at the back. Leaked video phone--camera on left while looking at the back.

Guy in video might have prototype??? Maybe Google launching 2 Nexus phones this year?? The FCC phone def has all the right stuff pointing to a Nexus phone...

The FCC documentation and pictures is showing the back panel from the inside of the phone. Naturally, the KitKat statue video showed the phone from the outside. A top-right corner camera when viewed from the inside.... is a top-left camera when viewed from the outside.


Logic... That is the back of the phone in both instances, regardless of whether the back cover is on or not. We are not looking at either phone from the front(screen) side, if we were looking at the front in the FCC pics you would be correct.

You're not quite conceptualizing whats going on here. The images from the FCC are of the back plate. From the view of "inside" the phone. That's not a picture of the phone with the back plate removed, it is the back plate removed.

You can also clearly see the slopes on the back area in the pics and the NFC antenna goes to the back of the phone as always.

Verizon is sticking to the argument that the network is more important than the phone. This is a compelling argument to the contrary. Perhaps I will switch for this. Finally a worthy upgrade from my gnex. I will probably have a dream tonight that a second version is announced replacing sprint support with verizon and will be sold alongside the sprint version unlocked from the play store. Maybe in a better world.

Considering the camera is in a different spot, it supports useless LTE and GSM bands (from Sprint's PoV), has Android 4.4 on it and a codename of "aosp_hammerhead"...

No, this isn't a G2.

The camera may be the same , placement won't matter, and the main ingredient... the Snapdragon 800 and most likely the 1080P screen should be there. Its as close to the G2 as we need to get...minus the crappy skin/software. I would have liked the buttons as well.

Right, who knows this phone is based on the G2 (roughly) in some way, but that doesn't mean this is the LG G2 for Sprint, not by a long shot. This is clearly a different device that is not made specifically for Sprint.

yet there had been numeous reports that LG was equipping the Sprint version of the G2 with all kinds of radios. Not just the ones needed for Sprint. And no all of a sudden we have before us such a device...jus sayin

But like I said... This is shaped differently, has a different screen size, has a different camera pod, doesn't have rear buttons, has a different sized battery, has a different name and is running Android 4.4.

This isn't the Sprint G2...

And you went into this expecting a Nexus phone to have either of those things? The Galaxy Nexus dropped the SDcard, the Nexus 4 dropped the removable battery and SDcard... can't say I'm surprised this device has neither of those "features" either.

These comments are becoming increasingly annoying.
Samsung should obviously be your #1 choice... now go enjoy.

Either adapt and move on to cloud storage or learn to accept the fact that SD slots are becoming less important every day (to the majority of users).
Same thing with the lack of a removable battery -- it provides a better, more solid construction. I'd rather have a uni-body design over a flimsy back cover any day of the week.

Agreed! There should be an automatic filter of messages in which if you say any of these stupid things, the message is blocked and marked as spam (because it is!). It'd make a post with 1500 comments go down to 200, seriously.

Yes let's move on to cloud storage with a 1GB data plan. Sorry but for the price of two months data (total 2GB) you can buy 32GB of SD card storage.

Most people don't care. You have other options. Use them and stop posting on threads like this. If it makes you feel better to post something like this, you should seek medical attention. :-)

Yes, this phone doesn't have the right stuff to be a Verizon device.

But, going back through history, 25 percent of Nexus phones have been available on Verizon. Just a little number massaging there, but my point is that there isn't THAT big of a precedent of Nexus devices not being on Verizon.


I have to disagree. The GNex was on Verizon and there was no precedent for that phone either. What's happening is that Verizon mucked up Googles Nexus phone when it was provided to them. Google did not appreicate this and therefore is avioding them on purpose. The Nexus device has never been a mainstream phone, it was not wildly popular until the Nexus 4. Peopel who buy them (People like me) undertsnad that I wont have the best camera, I wont have an SD Card, I may not even have the best screen. But I will have the best damn Android experienc eon the market bar none, I will have software support until the phone cannot physically run the lastest update, I will have direct support from Google. The Nexus is the android faithfuls device it's not for the average consumer this is why there is really no marketing that goes with the device when it's released.

Well were are month or so away from Nexus season so I can't wait to see more leaks and teasers of this device:D

The Qi charging would be a great bonus...I sprang for double Qi charging pad and I was fearing my Nexus 4 would be alone for life. They had me at next Nexus...

The Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 (2013) have been a good indication that Google intends to keep up with Qi on their devices, so its not totally surprising that it's here also.

Smaller than the Nexus 4 with bigger screen? Wow! But the battery... Only slightly larger for bigger screen and faster CPU and again non-removable... :-(

Google didn't do crap with battery optimization on the Nexus 4. This new one will (presumably) have LTE, more pixels to power, larger area to give light to, and a Snapdragon 800. All that and not even a 10% battery improvement?!?!?! Please, battery is gonna suck just as bad as my current Nexus 4.

I assume you haven't heard about the Moto X? You know, the phone made by the company owned by Google. The one that has a 2200 mAh battery and gets six hours of screen time.

Check on the specs of the 800, it will be more efficient, and LTE uses less battery. If you retrieve data and can do it much faster... that makes it more efficient not less. Another plus is that the 800 supports up to 75% faster charge time's. Also if the screen works with the 800 the way it does in the G2 the screen will not refresh when there are no changes so that also will improve battery life.

There better be a 32GB or 64Gb version if not, i'll pass can't deal with 16Gb anymore

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This is it!!!! Price point will be the main concern now for me between this and the Moto X(unlocked)

The Nexus 5 will crush the Moto X in every single aspect of concern for a tech geek and most definitely crush it in price point.

Sorry, I see now that has been discussed. One other note, I dont understand why a good # of ppl keep saying "2300 battery w/ stronger processor. Boohoo". I thought the whole point of the 800 processor was the better battery performance? Am I missing something?

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What good is better performance if the battery is dead? LG G2 has a 3000 mAh battery and this thing will presumably have a much smaller 2300 mAh battery. Don't expect this phone to last all day with moderate-heavy usage.

Good grief you really don't get it, huh? STFU already. The 800 at 2.2ghz is more efficient than the S4 Pro at 1.5ghz. Same with the radios, same with the screen. Say it over and over again to yourself. The G2 won't have KitKat either, which will be heavily optimized. My N4 ALREADY last all day with heavy usage...

Hammerhead will sport 1920x1080 full HD screen and have a dpi better than the S4, that is right I said it Google.

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Okay, sure, that's how numbers work. 5-inch 1920x1080 has a lower ppi than 4.96-inch 1920x1080. The HTC One has 4.7-inch 1920x1080 display, higher ppi than both. Whats your point here?

Resolution isn't the only factor in making a good screen.

What is the typical turnaround time from FCC announcement to Google announcement to product in hand?

@Andrew Martonik, you have been a posting fiend! Thanks for your insights so far. :-)

I'm crossing my fingers Google will have a 32gb variant, and if so, this will be my return to a Nexus phone. My first nexus phone was the Nexus One, my first Android.

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I have been a Sprint customer for 16 years and have been considering switching to TMO in a couple months when all the kids contracts are up.

Well... Way to go and screw me into another 2 years of hell sprint!! ;-)

Smashed on my HTC One with the AC App.

Battery life will make or break this device for me. At first glance I'm a bit disappointed that it didn't get the same battery as the G2. As they say though, it's not the size of the ship...

I'll be looking forward to test results but the skeptic in me is concerned.

If these dimensions and specs turn out to be correct, this device is notably smaller in every dimension and would at least make it more understandable that the battery is smaller than the G2.

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Assuming that I can buy it on the play store and use for sprint, then when my contract is up switch to att/T-Mobile and don't have to buy a new phone. Would this be correct?

Posted via Android Central App on New Nexus 7

Awesome, this is a no brainer for me being a sprint customer. Dont have to renew my contract and give sprint another 6mo to get it together or leave. Then dont have to buy a new phone either.... Nice

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You missed that he said nothing of the official code name and was referring to the version referred to in the FCC documentation.

I get a full day of moderate to heavy use with my HTC One. This N5 has the same battery as mine, with a newer processor. Why are people freaking out about the 2300mah battery?

Smashed on my HTC One with the AC App.

Because people are still hung up on numbers

2301 is VASTLY different than 2300 in most peoples opinions, even though it means nothing.

It is all in how it is used. My Fascinate or Charge had a 2100 Battery if I remember right and wouldnt last for crap. I have much more faith that with today OS and chipsets, it would be vastly improved...

I hardly get a full day on my N4 (2100 mAh). I guess I find it hard to believe that +200 mAh, with a BIGGER screen (1080p probably) and more powerful processor is going to make a big difference in battery life even with battery optimizations from google. but i guess we'll have to see.

More powerful processor with smaller transistors. Smaller transistors equals lower power per transistor.

There is a lot of FUD being spread mostly out of ignorance and over-simplification.

Hit the same price as the nexus 4 was and my money is spent already!

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I am so sad Verizon has to screw up the Galaxy nexus. Now it seems they will never get a chance at another nexus.

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