new Market on Nexus S

The new Android Market client is finally being pushed to the Samsung Nexus S.  Nobody is really sure what took so long for Google's newest phone to get with the program; guesses range from Gingerbread compatibility with the current client, to an all-new client for Gingerbread phones only. Whatever the case may be, the wait is over for those purists who haven't cheated and dropped the new client on their phone already.

You don't have to do anything -- the Android Market pushes a silent update (we're not sure how we feel about that) and soon when you go to use the Market, it will take a little longer than usual to connect and you'll have it.  Love it or hate it, it's different and more in line with the shiny new direction Android is headingThanks, Andrew!


Reader comments

New Android Market client finally pushing to the Nexus S


Well good, now Google's flagship can enjoy the same slowness the rest of us are experiencing.

Maybe the market app will get fixed now.

So it is slower? I thought I was imagining it. I thought it was weird that my G2 tears through everything except the market.

Slower then hell on my Nexus One / AT&T.

Fires up 3G, even with a rock solid WiFi connection, then shuts down 3G, then it contacts the market. But it is dog slow.

I used to pop into the market 3 or 4 times a day to check for updates. Not any more. Too time consuming.

I had the new market on Gingerbread on my Droid Eris for quite some time. That can't have been the problem.

None for me yet - market still launches to the old UI. I'm betting it's phased unless the "checkin" trick works.

The new android market is horrible and I can't make a downgrade stick. Does anyone know how to get thw old market back and make it not update?

I don't notice any speed difference with the new market on my MT4G... but I do think it is horrendous looking and the top part takes up too much prime info space. I prefer the old market with tabs for easier visibility (instead of one long page & hitting "more" all the time).