Don't worry, you weren't sent back to the year 1999. It's still 2010. The original peer-to-peer music sharing service as hit the Android Market. Only now, it's legall. The app is free, but to access the music, you must be a Napster subscriber -- $10 a month. 

Here is the description:

Listen to your choice of over 11 million full-length songs -- anytime, anywhere, all for just $10 a month. Also enjoy Napster on any connected computer, compatible TV, Blu-ray player, or other home audio products. Sign in today, or sign up for a FREE TRIAL and save 20% with the annual plan. Enjoy Napster everywhere.

Download link after the break.

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jelly roll says:

first, sorry, I had to

No, you really didn't.

hfm says:

You had to because....?

kubernetes says:

I may have to do this just for nostalgia's sake (and to put that iconic icon on my homescreen).

it. says:

so many music streaming services to choose from. check this article to compare them:
I think I'm gonna go with grooveshark because it's only $3 a month compared to $10 for the others.

jamex says:

Anyone that pays to stream pirated music on grooveshark is an idiot. Napster is a pretty good service. It's about time they released it for mobile phones because the mp3 play-for-sure market is basically dead. Also note that Rhapsody and Napster is in a completely different league to the other streaming apps. It's on-demand music

Mikey47 says:

While it may be legal, it is not legal to spell legal "legall". ;-)

TheBronze says:

I think he was thinking of Steven Segall, but had a finger twitch. Or maybe it was Johathon Livingston Seagull?

hfm says:

Could someone post a quick review if they bought the service?

Grung says:

Was a long-time Napster subscriber who finally jumped ship (along with thousands of others) to Rhapsody when-- they couldn't get an Android app out the door, their library started suffering when they lost licensing for tons of stuff (probably because they couldn't pay the bills), and their forum support started just plain ignoring folks. Actually thought they were the best at one time...maybe they can make a comeback.

p4trickh#IM says:

Napster sucks, Rdio is way better. I just started a 7 day trial but gave up after 30 minutes because I ran into a lot of pay only / 30 second clips instead of full tracks. Plus there isn't any offline support!

Seriously guys, do not waste your money, use Rdio or even Grooveshark.

redigits says:

Awesome app. I have the paid service and it's great. Almost identical to the iPhone version, it's very well done. Highly recommended.

NOTE: Certain search terms fail. For example, I searched for Jimmy Eat World's new album by typing in "Jimmy" under the artists tab. All it did was return me to the "Now playing" screen without an error. Typing in "Eat" however, returned results. This is the case with random search terms, but works reliably with the term in question each time it is searched for. Weird.

cygnusx8 says:

Tunee!!! Free streaming and free to download any song you like. Suck it Napster.

TheBronze says:

In other news...

Jonneh says:

Oh my god, I forgot about Napster.

Impulses says:

I still have a T-shirt w/the Napster logo that says "Got MP3?" below it... It was funnier when no one knew what Napster or MP3s were. :p

Am I the only one that misses Lala btw? I actually preferred it over Amazon (or Zune) for buying individual tracks, their online locker feature was neat and the site was easier to navigate in general... It doesn't seem like Apple really did anything w/the IP after buying the company, such a shame.

I might need to try out Walmart again... They have a neat feature where you can buy individual songs off an album and if you later decide to buy the whole album they'll discount the price of the songs you've already bought. Then again, whenever I want to buy a full album I typically just buy the CD so I can rip it to FLAC.

Amazon really ought to upgrade their Android app a bit, not having any sort of artist/album details, or reviews, or anything basically makes it look rather dated.