A user at reddit stumbled across something cool earlier today, and it just might give a hint at what's to come in the next version of Android.

The image you see was attached to a bug report from the fine folks who build Chromium. Apparently there is an issue with the code that causes windows to not be drawn correctly when a device is rotated from portrait to landscape. The post has been pulled, of course, but not before everyone interested was able to get some screenshots. Above is the most interesting one.

While we're not going to claim we know what we're seeing here, a couple things stand out:

  • There's an upper-case L where the debugging icon should be.
  • Chrome will have a new status indicator for https pages.
  • This version of Android has a bell next to the clock that looks very much like the Chrome desktop notifications bell.
  • The pop-up message has a new look.
  • Finally, the Chrome window isn't full screen. It's floating in some crazy position where it dips into the navigation bar halfway, and you can see the desktop on either side.

Like I said, we have no idea what any of this means, if any of it is final software, or even what device it comes from. We just wanted to share and enjoy the discussion.

Discuss at will!


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Mystery screenshots may show the next version of ... something


I'm thinking that when a pop up appears it "pushes" the current app "down" in 3 dimensional space ever so subtly. That could make for a very sexy animation if done right. Think of iOS 7 folders in a sense... Idk what what I'm talking about. Maybe it would slide in from the top and push the app down.
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Isn't the bell in the upper right the silent notification? Looks like it has a line through it...

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Yes, it has a line through it, but it looks the exact same as the bell you find in Chrome and Chrome OS for notifications. The line is different, but the bell is the same.

I thought of using N for a 5.2.x build. It's doubtful L will still be the player that far down.

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I think its a silent bell. Because all notifications and app signs like battery status, it's all on the left.

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Lol....I thought the same thing! First about the leaked screen shot, then about all those accounts!

I usually am drinking while posting here.....sorry


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I wonder... Is the offsetted window actually the bug being reported or...

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Damn! I was thinking the app floating on the screen reminded me of cards from the webOS days.

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It could just be chrome extensions finally coming to android.

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I am thinking that maybe we will finally see android and chome OS merged into one. Like we heard so much about last year.
Especially since sundar pichai is the head of both chrome and android.

It just seems like the logical thing to do in my opinion - merge android and chrome.

Corey G.G.T.B :)

Not sure how you figure that's a L. It looks looks like a corner to me. A capital L is taller. So maybe its a icon for something else.

APK anyone? /s

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The L must correspond to the name version like lime pie.. Remmeber the kitkat logo in the notification bar when you find the android version easter egg.. This must be the one of android 5.0

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I think the bell icon indicates that you can now mute notifications globally, for example if you're in a meeting

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