Cricket Android Costume

Not quite sure how you could lose a 6-foot giant Android costume, but apparently that's what's happened with a Cricket Wireless retailer in Cincinnati. Yes, the "Mr. Android Costume" apparently fell off the back of a pickup truck "somewhere on Interstate 75 or 71 between Florence and Mason."

Cricket's offering a $1,000 reward if you find and/or return (hey, we know how weird some of you people are) the $4,500 Mr. Android. We're hopping on the first plane to Ohio to join in the search. [WLWT via Android Central Forums] Thanks, Derek!

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jbuggydroid says:

Ha ha that is awesome

JayPhill89 says:

bhahaha thats 15min from my house. ima go head that way.

rlbrooks says:

He's probably hanging out with the skeletal remains of Butter Jesus. LOL! I live in Miamisburg, might make the 20 minute trip to go look for him. Don't know if I could give him up for a thousand though, could have too much fun with that suit.

bearmacerick says:

I drive that to and from work. I'm gonna be looking on my way home tonight!

Jalarm says:

There are like 3 in downtown Cincinnati.

uansari1 says:

Somewhere between Florence, Ky, and Mason, Oh?! That's a half-hour drive one way.

rkhaudio says:

It's going to look good on me this coming Halloween!! Don't tell anyone..

mjneid says:

Between Mason and Florence on 75. So on the map thats 45mins one way. In real life, that's.... 2 hours during rush hour.

eric6052 says:

Whoever has it is a meber here and you know there's no way any of us would give up something so awesome.

dased1 says:

So i'll see this on some kids next halloween. Damn shame I wasnt working today might have seem it

PvilleComp says:

Relax. He's probably taking a nap on the Big Green Couch!

SniperFery says:

LoL probably he's sitting under the tree and reading some new books while listening to some musics on his Android device

en28so says:

Too late! The government took it to area 51,thinking it was an alien. Or it hitchhiked to Hollywood California to make a move. Lol!

RG1#AC says:

Can I make them a new one for 1000 Dollars? HAHA!! I live within 30 minutes of florence

BoNg420 says:

Why does it say Kyocera on the costume..

I thought those were just a bunch of dumb phones...

sookster54 says: