Cricket Android Costume

Not quite sure how you could lose a 6-foot giant Android costume, but apparently that's what's happened with a Cricket Wireless retailer in Cincinnati. Yes, the "Mr. Android Costume" apparently fell off the back of a pickup truck "somewhere on Interstate 75 or 71 between Florence and Mason."

Cricket's offering a $1,000 reward if you find and/or return (hey, we know how weird some of you people are) the $4,500 Mr. Android. We're hopping on the first plane to Ohio to join in the search. [WLWT via Android Central Forums] Thanks, Derek!


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Mr. Android goes missing in Ohio! [BOLO]


He's probably hanging out with the skeletal remains of Butter Jesus. LOL! I live in Miamisburg, might make the 20 minute trip to go look for him. Don't know if I could give him up for a thousand though, could have too much fun with that suit.

Between Mason and Florence on 75. So on the map thats 45mins one way. In real life, that's.... 2 hours during rush hour.

Whoever has it is a meber here and you know there's no way any of us would give up something so awesome.

So i'll see this on some kids next halloween. Damn shame I wasnt working today might have seem it

LoL probably he's sitting under the tree and reading some new books while listening to some musics on his Android device

Too late! The government took it to area 51,thinking it was an alien. Or it hitchhiked to Hollywood California to make a move. Lol!