Making good on their word, Motorola has just let everyone know that the first Motorola XOOM update is going to start rolling out tonight in phases. While Adobe Flash was missing at launch, Motorola did say it was coming later. No, you're not getting Flash tonight but this update will help that process along when it comes time. If you're rooted and what not, you'll likely want to hold off just a little bit so that the file can be looked at but, if that's not a concern for then by all means-- have at it should you see the update pop up tonight for you. [@Motorola]

*Update* Official word comes to us via the Motorola forums: "If you have unlocked/rooted your Motorola XOOM, you must restore it to the standard software load and relock your device to receive the notification."

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tongas says:

They are just rushing out something since tomorrow comes for sale the direct competitor. Lame Motorola, they haven't yet updated the milestone! Motorola is a joke company.

Sent from my HTC inspire (milestone died!)

I don't think I'd refer to the iPad as a competitor, but once again you have to wonder-what are they smoking at Moto? It's not a Flash update, it's to "prepare it for Flash"? What on earth does that mean? I guess every time something comes out that could be construed as competition, Motorola will announce some meaningless update. Next it will be an update that "prepares the Xoom for an update that will allow an update to fix the non functioning SD Card."

If I remember correctly my nexus 1 got a Pre-flash update as well.

BBCrackman says:

Who said it doesn't already support flash....

CheddarBo says:

Its entirely plausible for adobe to have given motorola a heads up on necessary changes to utilize the impending release of flash. I'm sure Motorola is busy focusing on their own product instead of worrying about the lamePad.

Written from my Motorola Xoom.

Zapote21 says:

Conspiracy theorists are everywhere huh?

rayosx32 says:


Im really keeping my eyes on the XOOM. Not ready to pull the trigger on a HoneyComb tablet yet... I'm not sure about the size I want (the 8.9inch Tablet could be an interesting size). . . But I need to see atleast the Flash update and atleast a bug fix and see what the competitiors have. I may pull a trigger on one by the summer time.

Hoping for flash soon. That was one of the selling points for me.

I must say I love my xoom!

how do you feel about it being so long in portrait? doesn't bother you? I thought it was kind of weird in the VZW store

danieldcole says:

I love the fact that it is widescreen. None of the screens in my life are 4x3 anymore. It's either 16x10 or 16x9 for me.

Actually reading on that long screen is really nice. Very easy. Just like with my X, just 1000% better.

Kyran says:

Plus it's nearly the perfect aspect ratio for comics, if you're into that sort of thing. Comixology stutters on the thing but it otherwise works well enough.

AllyG says:

Why the h would I want to buy the Xoom? It cost more than the iPad & both are over priced. I'll buy a tablet when it works like a laptop/netbook and cost the same as one. Or if it stays like an oversize phone, and cost less than a netbook.

It doesn't EVEN come off as an "oversize phone". The Xoom is great. I'm loving mine.

Rrhutch says:

Not sure about others, but my Xoom is unlocked and I received the notification to update.