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wdfalco says:

Looks like a big Razor

El Cantante says:

Haha. Yeah it does!

avsfan113 says:

Scared they'll get sued if they have rounded corners.

snype09 says:

Smart by moto to move away from the rounded corners. Seems that's all Apple needs to file a lawsuit.

It's interesting that there aren't any side profile images. The Xoom 2 looks thick.

briankurtz79 says:

Was thinking the exact same thing. Transformer prime!!!!!

any body else notice that the camera and "Motorola" keep switching spots?


Yep! Good point!

MarkSeven says:

+1 for the good observation!

jasbur says:

The pictures with the logo and camera on the short edge are the 8.9 media edition

Going for defined edges to prevent lawsuits

Jet300 says:

No worries ... Apple will instead sue for it being rectangle and having a glass front.

tcmeiss says:

I hope they moved the power button and speakers. Sometimes having the speakers on the back makes it harder to hear audio, and I'd like to not have to pick it up just to wake it...

mullrat#WN says:

Will it run without being a stuttery mess like the first one?

ZDriver says: