Last month when we saw Andy Rubin at Dive into Mobile, he was cradling what's likely the pinnacle of Android tablet technology -- a ten-inch Motorola tablet called the Xoom.  It runs Honeycomb, and has GPS and the new Android Google Maps 5 client, and we didn't know much else. Now that CES is here, we're sitting in on the Motorola press event learning more. That said, Motorola has just announced the name of the device even before the press conference has completed via their website along with some accessories to go with it. Which, we'll surely be stocking some of in the Android Central store. In doing so they also outed an yet to be announced new handset, the Droid Bionic. Stay tuned; we'll be updating this post shortly and bringing you more Droid Bionic info. [Engadget]


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Motorola unveils the Xoom Tablet, also outs new Droid Bionic


Every tablet is wifi. You buy it and don't tether it to a contract. Just use the wifi. I don't understand the problem. Yeah it's gonna be pricy. It's a computer! You guys cry way too much.

The problem is that a carrier-chained tablet COSTS MORE, even if you *can* get around/out of the contract. It has a cell radio in that pushes up the price, and they are not competitive with WiFi-Only tablets.

Its obvious that droid brand is staying with verizon, but AT&T is getting some awesome, awesome stuff. If I ever went to them, there is some great stuff to choose from.

Why does the AT&T version of the tegra phone have twice the ram. That sucks for us VZW people. The phone looks awesome but it may come down to if the LG Tegra phone is less locked down than the Moto phone. Guess I'll have wait and see when the devices are released.

Also, Blur is having an identity crisis. This is like their 4th version of Blur on the Droid Bionic. They just need to give up and use stock Android.

Nope. Want an affordable, quality, fast, 10", Android 3.0, *WI-FI ONLY* tablet. Enough of these chained-to-a-monthly-charge devices already. Even if you can get around that on the carrier-supplied tablets, you are paying TOO MUCH for the device.