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Motorola and Verizon's joint event today in New York kicked off with an awesome announcement: if your phone doesn't get a Jelly Bean update, they'll knock off $100 on your upgrade to one of the new Motorola devices. The details are still a bit sketchy, but it's great news, especially combined with their new developer initiative. Motorola said that they're aiming to roll out Jelly Bean to as many of their devices as possible. Apparently most of the ones launched since 2011 will be upgradeable, while all of the new devices announced today will either be launching with Jelly Bean or will have an upgrade in short order.

Being owned by Google is starting to have some perks, eh Moto? So, would you guys side with Motorola or any other device manufacturer that had a deal like this going on? It certainly eases the pain of staying up to date. 

Check out the Motorola site for more details

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ygthb says:

Verizon Only? How about those of us on AT&T?

flighinhigh says:

I was on Cingular before ATT bought them out and had better service. After ATT service went down and at my daughters there was service 35 miles away from her home. Moved to VZW and have service and Droids. I will not move back to ATT. I was downgraded to the Razr MAXX from the Nexus that kept loosing data and 0-2 signal strength 1.5 miles from the tower.

greasyspoon says:

Exactly. Samsung can put the same device on all 4 nationwide carriers. How come google cant? I would get one of these devices if they were available on att.

dtanderson says:

So, does that mean the Droid 3 will be getting Jelly Bean?

alkthree87 says:

If we didn't get ICS, I doubt we would get Jelly Bean.

I know right? The irony is high with this one.

dtanderson says:

It says most phones launched since 2011. The Droid 3 came out around July 2011 but I bet it will not be in the most category :( I wonder if the $100 credit will be good for any new phone or if it will have to be a Motorola. I will probably not buy another Motorola but get a Samsung.

god_trentonj says:

If Motorola is the one offering this deal and it was announced at a Moto event, don't you think it would have to be on a Moto device?!

ajc312 says:

Well the Motorola page I saw (titled "WE <3 ANDROID") said the offer "Applies to United States sales of Android Motorola smartphones first offered in 2011 or later." So we'll qualify for the $100 rebate on a Moto phone. I gave up hope on any software upgrade long, long ago.

inglero says:

I think it is safe to say not a chance.

Darkseider says:

Moto can go scratch. This event was underwhelming and made the Nokia event look phenomenal! If I didn't despise Microsoft as much as I do I would definitely be looking into getting a Lumia 920. Fortunately I am in love with Android. So Galaxy Note II is next on my list.

badkitties says:

$100 will buy a lot of jelly beans at the local Walmart.

(just checked, a 2-pound bag is only $3.49, so $100 will buy over 50 pounds!)


better make an appointment with the dentist first! :D

dorelse says:

As a Photon owner, I'm waiting for more details. Is it too much to hope that the Photon ICS update for Q4 is actually going to be an update to JB? (Probably.)

I was also thinking...where are the other networks?

Aikuchi says:

I sounds good, But do you have to deal with Verizon and there Screw Everyone Plan? If Moto comes out with a good phone for Sprint maby.

Quis89 says:

A good phone for Sprint? The Photon Q?

dizzle16 says:

Not interested in Motorola at all. Rather pay the $100 and be happy

MrSmith317 says:

The article I read(on another site) listed all 2012 Moto phones. Basically everything starting with the Maxx. So the original RAZR on back would not be included.

Here's what I read:

kombatkarl says:

I doubt that since the RAZR and RAZR MAXX are the same phones, one just has a bigger battery. But as a RAZR owner I don't care if I get JB or not. I'd probably rather just get the $100 credit for another phone, assuming I don't go with the GS4 (contract is up next summer).

imarek3 says:

The since 2011, is that since the beginning of ... or since the end of ... ?

The Atrix on AT&T has been waiting and waiting and waiting ... for ICS. I really don't see them upgrading it to Jelly Bean when they can't even get ICS out to it.

MSCloude115 says:

If the razr maxx gets it, the original will as well. Same software.

ArgonNJ#CB says:

Wondering if Motorola consulted with Verizon before making this announcement. While I have confidence Moro can deliver the JB update, Verizon is another matter. I will be very surprised if these 3 new devices get JB before years end. I'm thinking more like Spring 2013.

twashington4 says: the time these phones get Jelly Bean, Google will be releasing a new OS. Is it that hard, Moto? Do you guys need a coder?

KTMKTM says:

Seriously. It's only an incremental update so it shouldn't take as long as the ICS updates did.

gordol says:

Does that include my Droid X? $100 off may make the difference between staying with Android and switching (back) to an iPhone. For example, that should make the Razr M free.

Cappurnikus says:

I gave up on Moto when they announced that the D3 would not be updated from Gingerbread... the OS it shipped with.

KTMKTM says:

Good to see Moto still has poor OS support for its phones. /s

trlovejoy says:

That means my OG Droid is now worth at least $100, right?

Cappurnikus says:

Was your OG Droid released after 2011? Did you read the article or jump straight to the comments after reading the title?

adinofaries says:


nickacs says:

So in other words, Fuk you Bionic owners! We'll NEVER see Jellybean released, hell, we probably won't even see a true OTA of ICS that's been PROMISED no later than Q3..FU Motorola.. I'll NEVER buy another phone from you no matter what the F specs/shyt is has. ANY other manufacturer is better... Go F yourselves Motod!cks

dorelse says:

Simon Sage says:

Awesome find, thanks!

leever6000 says:

My Bionic is on the list and so is my sons Photon on Sprint.

Cappurnikus says:

"Buy a select new Motorola smartphone, trade in your old phone, and we'll give you $100 back.²"

So... you have to trade in your old phone AND there's a 2 meaning additional limitations. Seems to me that they don't want to make up for poor OS support. They want to buy your old phone.