Moto X Chromecast

New promotion puts a free Chromecast in your cart

If the recent price drop wasn't enough to make you purchase a Moto X, Motorola hopes their new deal may be the one. For those who purchase a Moto X at full retail will be eligible for a free Chromecast as well, and who doesn't love free stuff -- right. Taking part in this promotion is easy, simply add a 16GB or 32GB Moto X to your cart, and a Chromecast, and then use the promo code STREAM, and the Chromecast becomes free.

Whether you are interested in the 16GB version for $399, or would rather the 32GB for $449 if you purchase prior to 1/14/14 you can get a Chromecast in addition at no additional cost.

No more excuses, get to designing!

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Motorola offering free Chromecast with off contract Moto X purchase



Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

Talk about optical illusions MOTOROLA should be ashamed of themselves peddling this garbage as legitimate.

Motorola and Nexus equal a sad conclusion which totals NO MARKET SHARE.

Plain and simple Motorola and Nexus are both pitiful and pathetically boring.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

Seriously! You make a comment totally not needed or I'm sure by most not even wanted there are plenty of opinions but why do you speak yours like it matters on this topic when it's obvious you're simply here to bash the x. Because personally I think that Samsung piles a load of crap that 95%of even it's owners will never use just to say hey look at what I can do! And doesn't even matter to the user experience.

Posted via Android Central App

He's actually quite funny. Just don't take him seriously and you'll start to smile everytime you read one of his comments.


sent from my DROID Eris, made by Nokia, powered by iOS 7 via BBM

I agree, once you follow comment threads long enough on AC, this guy's comments are hilarious.

Posted via Android Central App

Don't get worked up. Richard Yarrell is a Samsung fanboy. There is a contingent on G+ who do nothing but champion Samsung and troll anything not Samsung. These guys don't like Android, they like Samsung. They're already singing the praises of Tizen. I hope they're getting paid or own some stock in the company because Samsung doesn't give a damn about anything but getting your money.


Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

Unpossible your the antirichard

sent from my DROID Eris, made by Nokia, powered by iOS 7 via BBM

1. You keep using the words "optical illusion". I do not think it means what you think it means. Idiot.
2. No market share? If that were true, Motorola would have 0.000000000000% of the total Android market share. This is certainly not the case. Please try a little harder at coming up with correct figures, if you can.
3. Contrary to your pitiful belief, the Moto X with it's "crappy" 2GB of RAM and effectively dual core processor dedicated to running the actual OS, runs just as well as that Octa-core "pimp slapping" Note 3 you praise and "applaud" like a mindless spec whore. What a joke.
Seriously, you've become the laughing stock of the entire Android community. Your claims are so outrageous, no one takes you or what you say seriously. You've been wrong (or proved wrong) on so so many different occasions, no one believes anything you say. You've proven time and time again that you're nothing more than a bandwagon jumping, completely mindless parroting fanboy, worse than most of the supposed "iSheep". All of your comments on Android & Me quickly get downvoted, and are frequently either ignored or replied to in a not so positive light (usually saying how wrong you are, go away, how do we ban you, etc). Same goes for most of the comments you make on websites that utilize Disqus. Just yesterday, right here on AC, you claimed your "created punchline is famous in many corners of the Social networking world", but what you don't seem to realize is that we're all making fun of you through them, "plain and simple" (not to mention the fact that, you certainly didn't "create" them, as they were in use long before even you were born). As you've so repeatedly and erroneously told me, "Go buy a life".

Y so serious?

Wasting all these characters and all...

Edit: Oh... Didn't see it was you Squiddy (Yarrell's archenemy, for those who don't know)

Yeah I stopped reading his reply after the first sence. Like come on it's Richard. Who takes him serious?

Posted via Android Central App

Richard, if your job is to promote Samsung then you're not doing a very good job at it. You're actually making ppl dislike them even more. Now, if your job is to make us hate Samsung then you're on the right path. Lol

I hope you're not a Trinidad James fan. I can see you trolling Hip Hop sites saying he's the greatest rapper alive.

Bro. Just shut up. Your comments and attitude are laughable. Just because it's not your beloved Samsung doesn't make it bad.

Posted via Android Central App

What is this nonsense you're babbling? And how come you're so damn angry? I have the chromecast and it's great

Posted via Android Central App

There is something that I have been wondering and I haven't found out. How is the space partitioned on the MotoX? is all 16GB or 32GB partition as one? I ask because on the OneX, it's partition as 6GB and 10GB.

You know, there's a Moto X forum on this here site where people love asking and answering questions like this.

To, you know, not be a dick like the guy above me, I'll go ahead and answer your question. It's partitioned as one. I'm not sure about the 16gb, but the 32gb had around 27gbs available. I'd expect around 11 or 12gb on the 16gb version.

Now, as that guy said, there are forums on here filled with great people (for the most part) who would definitely help you. But you weren't exactly off topic or anything, so asking a simple question like this was not at all a problem.

Posted via Android Central App

So letting someone know that there are places they can go to ask and answer questions about their devices with others who love doing the same is considered being a dick now? Since you did the same thing I guess you're a dick too.

No, letting someone know about an appropriate forum isn't a dickly thing to do. But doing it in a dickly way is. Some people are just dickly by nature, so they don't see their own dickliness and are confused when their actions are called out as dickly. This seems to be the case here.

Well yeah. A high-end smartphone and a streaming dongle for only $35? Yeah, who wouldn't jump on that deal?

Posted via Android Central App

Maybe trying to move stock in time for early marketing a follow-up device? I see your point though. This kind of thing could point to either reason, or maybe a little of both.

Posted via Android Central App

I came to say something like this.

I am guessing that a follow up device is coming at MWC and they are clearing stock. Either that or they have too many on hand due to either over estimating or poor sales.

I know it is not a world beater in terms of sales, but they have been far from slow.

The Moto X just came out in august-Septemeber why would the next one be announced at MWC? We are looking at next fall for the next Moto X. Not on the next couple months.

Posted via VZW Moto X on the Android Central App

I agreed with follow up device but not specifically the X successor. Could just be another high end moto

sent from my DROID Eris, made by Nokia, powered by iOS 7 via BBM

The sales have been slow as smoke off of s**t. I know from experience, in the at&t stores, not one sales person recommends the Motorola X. When I bought my first Moto X, the guy asked me why in the world I would want a phone with those specs? I told him that Android Central said it is the best Android phone you can buy. I'm not in a big town, but I haven't seen anybody with a Moto x either.

Posted via Android Central App

Spot on, I'd also include a Verizon salesman, Sprint salesman and T-Mobile salesman.

Posted via Android Central App

Carrier store salespeople just push whatever happens to get them the best commission at any given time. I've met a few who are well-informed phone geeks, but even they will push Samsung products hard, until the manager says that they need to move more iPhones or whatever.

Exactly, I don't blame them for it, they are there to make money. But people should realize they need to do their own research when it comes to the best phone for them.

Posted via Android Central App

The kicker is the contests they run. They up the commission and give prizes/cash as incentive to sell whatever the phone of the week is...

And that is why you will see an entire store full of them on the sales people. Reinforces that it is a go to phone

sent from my DROID Eris, made by Nokia, powered by iOS 7 via BBM

In my local AT&T store, practically every sales person uses the Moto X as his personal phone. They push them rather hard to customers.

Yeah I know but, the average person walking in, who doesn't keep up with AC or other tech sites, would listen to the salesman. I've tried to tell many people who want a close to stock, easy phone to use, to buy the Moto x. They never listen to me, but go to the AT&T store and get a Samsung because that's what the salesman recommend. And then they complain about all the bloatware on it.

Posted via Android Central App

Why desperate? They are just doing things to attract attention and get people talking about them. Moto X is a great device and throwing in a Chromecast (30-35) is nothing significant and definitely proves this company is not all about their profit margin.

Posted via Moto X (VZ)

Or are they just lowering prices considering it's been out over 4 months?

Posted via VZW Moto X on the Android Central App

You guys are killing me! I already want a Moto X bad and now you're just taunting me. Right now I have a Galaxy S4 and I would trade it in a heartbeat for a Moto X.

We bought my wife a used Moto X to replace her busted Galaxy S3 and I have been in love with it ever since. If it wasn't for the sole fact that it is white I would have already swapped phones with her by now.

How many people does it take to buy your wife a phone?.... Lol. By the way this is an amazing deal... Get in

Posted via Android Central App

The moto x is cool. Its great NOW. But later I think it (don't care what anyone says) will slow down.

Its dual core. It'll work great through 2014 and maybe into 2015 but it probably won't have a long lifespan.

Look at the original Nexus 7 it slowed down (I had one) and became laggy, and it was a Quad Core Tegra 3 With stock android.

Posted from my Nexus 7(2013).

True but since kitkat is supposed to be optimized for lower end devices, the shelf life for this should see a pretty steep increase

Not a bad deal, course its after I buy mine. Oh well. Great phone anyway. Hard to decide which to use, HTC One or Moto X.

Posted via Android Central App

oh, my, god! Sad I already have a chromecast and nexus 5, otherwise I would love to give moto x a shot, for almost the same price!

Posted via Android Central App

I'm in the exact same situation, lol.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

Motorola does have some neat features it brings to the table. None enough to get me to buy it but other people like it. If they could pack it in a bigger phone. Say 5" - 5.2" and make a better camera then I'd get one in a heartbeat.

Posted via Android Central App

Motorola has done some real innovation in the mobile market. First, they make the phone's exterior customizable. Second, they create a processor that I'd optimized to run vanilla Android, and has extra CPU components optimized for convenient and innovative features like touchless fibril and contextual computing.
They used a super AMOLED display because of the control over the individual pixels (Black's just shut the screen off), enabling a great new way to deliver notifications when the phone is asleep.
They also have managed to circumvent the carriers by updating parts of the software - that usually would require a carrier-approved system update - through the Google play store.
Lastly, they have it a big screen (not the biggest or highest resolution), but put it into a body that is designed to fit in just about anyone's hands; it's actually not much larger than most compact smartphones. Couple that with great battery life, and this is a great phone.

Posted via Android Central App