You UK Android users sure are in for a treat! Along with the recently available Acer A1 Liquid, the Motorola Milestone has also hit the streets of the UK (er, the site of Expansys). Known as the Motorola Droid here in the states, the Milestone is the exact same device except that its browser will actually support multitouch (but won't have Google Maps Navigation). So yes, you'll get that Android 2.0 and that oh so glorious screen.

If you're looking to score one off-contract, you better save those pennies up, cause it looks to be around $733 off-contract. If you sign to a contract, the device will only run for $81 with a $57/monthly plan (all converted from pounds) on T-Mobile. We'd love a GSM Milestone in the states but we're thinking we'll wait for those with US 3G bands (ahem, Canada).



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Motorola Milestone Available In The UK


I would rather have the navigation than the multi-touch. Soon enough though, both phones will have all the intended features. ;)

Yep, I downloaded the Dolphin browser and its fairly smooth. Supports multitouch and has tabs for new windows. I just got it so I havent figured it all out yet - but I like it.

Any other browser that supports multitouch? Also, any idea when is skype gonna release a droid version of skype lite?