The Motorola i1, the first push to talk Android-powered phone, is now available on SouthernLinc Wireless. We had expected Sprint to be the first carrier to carry the Motorola i1 but we guess a little carrier no one's heard about beat them to the punch. And it looks like Boost Mobile is hot on its heels, with MobileCrunch scoring confirmation that the i1 is on the way to the MVNO. 

The Motorola i1 is actually a rather decent phone for those in the iDEN market -- it packs a 5-megapixel camera, gorilla glass screen, and is Military Spec 810F certified for blowing rain, dust, shock, vibration, temperature extremes, low pressure, salt fog, humidity and solar radiation. Now that's a spec list for you. The i1 also comes preloaded with Opera Mini 5 (and the native browser too) and Swype, so in all, a pretty decent option for those looking for a rugged handset. [via southernlinc and MobileCrunch]

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Motorola i1 now available on SouthernLinc, coming to Boost Mobile


Can anyone please explain to me, with all this bitching about fragmentation, why new handsets come out with ancient versions of Android OS? I can understand perhaps the lack of 2.2 right off the bat since it's really not even available to the general public yet, but 2.1 should at least be the standard for new devices, no?

Simply curious, if anyone knows. :-)

The devices being released today have likely existed on paper for the better part of a year. Something we have to come to grips with when using an open source OS. Rene explains it all very well on the latest episode of the podcast IMO

This is definitely for the crowd of people who always drop their phone off their laps when getting out of the car, the ones who drop it while texting, ect.

Aka, everyone. Lmao.