Fresh off the news of AT&T's First Android Phone the HTC Lancaster, we caught word that AT&T has another Android phone in the works: the Motorola Heron, what we previously knew as the Motorola Iron Man. According to the leaked slide (via engadget) it looks like the Motorola Heron was originally slated for Windows Mobile but will now move to Android. Score!

We're definitely intrigued by the vertical QWERTY slider, a form factor yet to be explored by forthcoming Android devices, and Motorola's typically high-quality build. The specs are expected: 2.8" touchscreen, 3 megapixel camera, aGPS, 3G, and more. Of course, all the listed specs are subject to change considering the Heron's move to Android. Expected availability will be November 2nd.

So it looks like by the end of 2009 most of the bigwig phone manufacturers will have an Android device. Which future Android device interests you the most?


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Motorola Heron aka Iron Man Is Another AT&T Android Phone


Which interests me the most? The cheapest slab device with the largest screen.

The Samsung i7500 looks really nice, but the screen is still too small. One thing the iPhone has right is the form factor. The equivalent form factor device running Android would almost be my dream device (but add a few more buttons).

The creator of the picture obviously did not have a clue anything, under browser the picture lists; "Internet explorer 6" which in no way makes any sense what so ever.

If you read the slide, it clearly says in red at the top:
"Subject to Change Due to Move to Android".

Therefore these were the original specs given to AT&T from Motorola, who later said that the phone was moving to Android. So, most of the hardware specs and form factor are the same, but the Heron will be the first vertical Qwerty slider on Android. I wonder how it will compare head-to-head with the Palm Pre ?

I hope Moto can reduce increase the screen size and reduce the button area.