Motorola Droid Ultra

A design that checks all of the boxes for a Verizon 'Droid' phone

We're inside of 24 hours until Verizon does its thing in New York City, and we have a nice looking leak of an upcoming device expected at the event. Courtesy of HelloMotoHK, a close-up picture of a purported "Limited Edition" Droid Ultra has surfaced showing off a woven kevlar back and some special red coloring. The kevlar looks to be coated in an extremely shiny finish, and the dramatic red and black paint scheme along with prominent "Droid" branding makes sure you won't forget what carrier you're on. The red stripe is likely something reserved for the Limited Edition model -- which we've seen for previous devices -- but we wouldn't mind if some other crazy patterns were made available.

We got a nice look at a press render of the device's front a couple of weeks ago, but this is the first clear in-person look we've got of the back. We're not entirely sure where this particular device will fit into the lineup of phones we're expecting Verizon to show us tomorrow, but we won't have to wait long to find out.

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'Limited Edition' Motorola Droid Ultra leaks ahead of Verizon's NYC event


I think that's plastic over it.

Either way, looking forward to tomorrow's announcement. VZW's phone selection sucks. It's about time we have something to get excited about (no dis to Samsung fans).

I hope the all red one is available to the public.

What sucks about Verizon's selection?

There's not a single carrier that has all the devices available.

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Recent high-end phones released by Verizon:

Galaxy S4
Droid DNA
Galaxy Note 2
Galaxy S3

Recent high-end phones released by AT&T, for example:

Optimus G Pro
Galaxy S4
Optimus G
One X+
Galaxy Note 2
Galaxy S3

No, Verizon has been slacking.

No reason to not have the One, One X or the LG G (2).

I would say that as of right now if I were to go and buy a phone based on Phones alone it would be

AT & T

Throw in Price and coverage in my area, Sprint.

The One is coming. VZW had the DNA instead of the X/X+. The time difference in the switch is only a few months, and could easily be explained by them needing to drop inventory levels on the DNA.

if you look close you will find the plastic part ends near the right edge ... it's just a plastic over the back not some " coated shiny finish "

While this looks unbelievably awesome with the slick woven kevlar and racing-esque stripe running down the back (haha), I don't know if anything is going to convince me to buy a Droid branded device if they keep to the same path they've been on. Lets see what tomorrow brings, hopefully something good.

it is and you do not want it to be. CF will interfere with the radios and you will end up worse than an iPhone

Sweet looking phone, and I agree with most it's just plastic over the back.

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The Back?
You are looking at the 1st *Flex Screen*.. This is the front of the phone.. Not the back.. Just look at that BEAUTIFUL curve on the bottom of the this screen.. :-)

Well, going to have to seriously consider these phones. I have a 16 gigabyte SD card full of music in my Bionic. Can't very well get the X now, can I? What am I doing to do with it, glue it to the back?

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So, do we know if VZW will get this IN ADDITION TO the Moto-X, or INSTEAD OF the Moto-X?
It would be nice to have the choice when my upgrade rolls around in a couple months.

I can confirm this is the Verizon Employee Edition. I know because I may or may not of just preordered it.

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