Motorola Droid Pro

The Motorola Droid Pro -- with its 3.1-inch touchscreen and full QWERTY front-facing keyboard -- is officially available today from Verizon Wireless for $179 after two-year contract and $100 rebate. We're knee-deep into testing this guy out, but in the interim you can check out our initial hands-on, benchmark test, full specs and gallery. [Verizon]


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Motorola Droid Pro officially on sale today


I'm pretty impressed with the Droid Pro, but I'm wondering if anyone else has had the same issues that I've had. The slide on the unlock screen is super sensitive and is sort of difficult to unlock. Sometimes I have to swipe a bunch of times before it actually unlocks.

Also, the screen tends not to register my touches when I press with my thumb while using the phone with one hand. For example, I try to press the home button with my thumb and it does nothing. If I hold the phone in one hand and press it with my other index finger it works fine. It just seems like the screen isn't sensitive enough.

I'm just curious if this is a widespread issue that could be fixed with a software update, or if I have a bunk unit that needs to go back.

This phone is very interested, but the screen size/resolution is hard to get over. I'm also pretty surprised that they didn't include a ball/trackpad if they want those BB users to come over. I guess BB-addicts are expected to reach up with their thumb to scroll through email.

Love the phone. Was able to get rid of my blackberry without losing too much. Only thing I miss is the battery life. Which is pretty on par with most other android phones I think.

Sorry, I never want to own anything that looks like a Blackerry again. Especially with hard keys that are not in a slider platform. And I do not want that either.

Stopped by the VZW store today to get a hands on run with this puppy.

Concept A+
Screen Resolution Decision - F

I cannot go back to 320 x 480 after the Droid (original).