Motorola Droid Pro benchmarks

Motorola Droid Pro benchmarks? We got 'em. And when you take a 1GHz processor and strap it to a 3.1-inch touchscreen with a mid-level resolution of 320x480, the results are going to be darned impressive.

That's not to say that benchmarks are everything, of course. Unless all you do is sit around naked in a bean bag chair eating Cheetos* and running Quadrant, well, speed ain't nothing but a number.

But it runs the included Need for Speed: Shift without blinking. And, yes, Angry Birds is just fine, even on the smallish screen. If you want the numbers pr0n, check out the video after the break.

With apologies to Tater Salad

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Motorola Droid Pro benchmarks [video]


Will you be doing a full review of this phone at some point? I really like the form factor and want to hear some more opinions about actually using it.

Ran Quadrant(free) test on Galaxy S Captivate and got an 861 which placed me above the Samsung Galaxy S bar(same device). I then stopped some services, ran again and got 873. Again one up on the Galaxy S. Rebooted phone and ran 3rd time to get a 890 and again one up on the galaxy S which is 5th palce. Has anyone ran Quadrant from a rooted Captivate with Froyo? To borrow from BKNY4G post; where is the love AT&T?

One variable a lot of people need to keep in mind is that this screen only has to render 320 by 480. Phones like the Nexus One are rendering over twice that resolution, and that is going to have an impact on the results.

They are rendering over double the Droid Pro's resolution in this test.

PLEASE stop using Quadrant!

That benchmark is VERY unreliable and puts heavy emphasis on tiny aspects of the test plan, resulting in differences on the multiple of 3 or 4 when there are hardly any in real world situations.

The net is getting flooded with noobs obsessed by meaningless Quadrant scores. Please don't add more weight to that, thanks.

Is there a benchmark that can be "trusted"? I realize that it's probably not 100% accurate, but does it not at least give a general level of performance relative to other devices? (if there is a better test why isn't it being used?)

Benchmark tests have always favored some hardware over others. Is it possible to do a 100% unbiased benchmark?

OT: Does anyone else think the music in these benchmark reports sounds like 80's porn?

Please, can someone take an action-item to find some better "on hold music"????