Motorola Droid Maxx Developer Edition

Yet another new Motorola Developer Edition device goes on sale

It turns out that GSM and Verizon versions of the Moto X aren't the only Developer Edition devices coming out of Motorola today, as the Verizon Droid Maxx joins the ranks on Motorola's online store as well. Just as is the case with the Moto X Developer Edition for Verizon, the Droid Maxx seems to retain the same "Verizon" branding on the back along with new "Developer Edition" etching.

The design and specs seem to be the same though, with a nice Kevlar woven back plate and massive battery. Those who want to hack around on a bootloader unlocked version of the Droid Maxx now have the option — you can pick one up at the source link below for $649.99.

Source: Motorola


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Motorola Droid Maxx Developer Edition now available for $649


with all due respect, this phone is a piece of shit(yes, I checked...
that word is allowed because even Phil of Mobil Nations used it
17 times within the last 90 days in his posts, based on Google
search of this website)

Who in their right mind buys phone with no MicroSD card slot?

Everyone who realizes that micro sd cards are becoming a thing of the past. Everyone who understands how great Motorola's active notifications and touch free controls are. Everyone who wants 2 solid days of battery life without having to worry about charging. Everyone who wants Motorola's rock solid radio's and build quality. But you know that's all shit because it doesn't have a freaking sd slot.

How come when apple dont do sd cards or removable battery, or even flash player they were stupid and junk phones. Now andriod makers r doing the same thing it is the way to do things. I guess apple fanboys arent the only brain washed. So true, lets here the stupid fandriods now.

Posted via samsung sg4

Back when your choices were 8GB or 16GB of storage for an iPhone or <4GB for a lot of Android phones, SD cards mattered. Now that you can buy phones with 32GB and even 64GB, they're not that big of a deal anymore.

No the hemmriods were saying it when you could get a 32 or 64 gig too. And what about the battery, good try though

Posted via samsung sg4

I have a gs4 and like it, but these guys forget all what they said about apple but steve knew it alot earlier then they did but they wont admit it. Mud in there faces ha ha

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+1 Amazing when the shoe is on the other foot how things change! I have 16GB and no troubles with no reason to have a sd card. Yea it would be a nice option in rare occurrences, but i have never needed one. Same with the battery, mine lasts for a day or two no problems, I see no reason to have to have a replaceable battery. My co-workers after 6 months complain they need new batteries, bla bla bla and never had a problem with any of my phones in battery drainage. Soldered on or encased inside doesn't bother me, if it makes the device slimmer and smaller I'm all for it. I just want the option to be able to repair it down the road if the need ever arises.

Maybe you should learn proper grammar moron. Don't even try to respond to me, I consider myself above you. Drrr ima fan droid....drrr oh I'm reffering to jakecody

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Perhaps you should cool your jets. Just because someone isn't a grammar whiz doesn't mean that they are less valuable a human being. Besides, you could use a lesson in punctuation.

I'd befriend someone with poor grammar over someone who insults persons with poor grammar any day.

If you're going to be a grammar Nazi then you should also consider being a punctuation Nazi. They go hand in hand. Otherwise, you just look even stupider for correcting someone else based on grammar alone.

People who value their data and don't depend on shitty SD card storage to keep it.

People who care about security and don't want a wide open SD card available for the world to read.


Why the hostility towards SD cards? There are reputable card manufacturers (SanDisk & Samsung come to mind).

For the security issue:

Settings -> Security -> "Encrypt external SD Card"

Please don't be a complete idiot, hope you enjoyed your troll responses.

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"Who in their right mind buys phone with no MicroSD card slot?"

I used to think the same thing until I had my last two microSD cards fail, each taking a load of my pictures and data with them.

Never had a device's internal memory go kaput, and even if it does, backups are a must either way.

That said, I'm not the type to carry around 2000 songs and a few HD movies on my phone. Just sync a playlist or two for music, Netflix if I ever want to watch movies on a tiny screen (which I rarely do), plenty of room left over for apps and pics.

So I'd say I'm in my "right mind", and I would definitely choose a robust device with plenty of battery capacity over one that didn't suit my needs as well simply for a microSD card with pretty spotty reliability, in my experience.

So, would I prefer to have the option of expandable memory? Of course I would! But is it a deal-breaker? Absolutely not...

Can we for the love of God, agreed to end the microsd debate, it's over.
Based on sales, their's ton's of people who buy phones without micro sd cards.
throw in extra storage, this phone comes with a reasonable 32 GB and most people are more than satisfied.

I get you don't want a phone that doesn't have a micro sd card and some people don't, and I wish you luck on continuing to find phones that support micro sd cards when google itself wants them gone, but stop ranting about it on every post about a phone that doesn't have one.

Yeah you went too far.

I do not keep anything that isn't backed up on my SD card but I do like having it.

That being said, and I said it all along, 32gb has to be the smallest internal memory for me to buy a phone without a slot. This fits the bill nicely.

On the other side, do not say based on sales they are going away. Google wants them gone, but if you are using sales as a benchmark more people want them than do not.

Your benchmark not mine.

I don't care if they stay or go at this point as long as I can store 28gb of crap on my phone.

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I doubt more people want them more than not. I believe more people do not care about them than want them. I have the Droid Razr Maxx. It comes with 16gb of internal storage and I have a 16 GB SD card. I hate the SD card because I have to constantly remember if the app is going to save to the card or internal memory. I honestly want one location to save to if I need to save some files else where I can always plug it into a computer and secure it on my massive Terabyte computer hard drive. Apple has sold millions of phones without a SD card and honestly no one complains they just buy a phone with more storage. So it is based on sales it may not be just Android sales it may be based on mobile sales across the board. So calm down and enjoy Android!

If the phone had 64GB no one wouldn't need the slot, but since it still doesn't have USB 3.0 I'd rather have the slot. I can pull the 64GB card from my current Razr Maxx and download things at 6 times the speed you of a with your USB 2.0 connection. Now there is the cloud factor which is a messed up one. When we had 3G the cloud wasn't that great even though many of us had unlimited data. Now that 4G is here and the cloud can easily be the answer unlimited is gone. Now some are still on it, but they will take it soon. I know this because I lost mine when we upgraded my girlfriend's phone. Not suppose to happen. They even said so, but won't give it back.

File a complaint with the FCC. I did and not only got my unlimited back but got a 64Gb S3, Razr Maxx with Ottor Box, dual car charger and no contract. They record all their calls, if they told you what you said go GET WHAT IS YOURS .. After all, they tell us they charge so much due to subsidizing phones but my bill NEVER goes down!! They forced us all from no data PDA's to forced data and nagging NO DATA AVAilable PHONES THAT WE TRIED TO USE DATA FREE.. THEN THEY SAY THAT THEY ARE OVERLOADED BUT ADVERTISE MORE THAN ANY COMPNAY I'VE EVER SEEN..SCREW THAT NASTY COMPANY THEY ARE THIEVES IN MY OPINION AND NAMERICAN BUSINESS NEEDS SOME REGULATIONS , THEY ARE OUT OF CONTROL UNACCOUNTABLE GREEDY PRICKS. One reason we pay 2-3x more for cable, cellular etc tna most every other country in the ENTIRE WORLD. Go get them !The Office of the President of Verizon WILL call and make all arrangements. Write down all your losses such as new Bus cards, letterheads etc. To help you remember when the time comes for reimbursement.. Good Luck, Bill

with all due respect, this phone is a piece of shit. <----- Ha Ha agree

The same with Moto X. They are equally ugly.

....and the trolling isn't complete until tantai chimes in about the Moto X... even though the article isn't even about it.
You are the broken record of all broken records.

All we need is Richard Yarell telling us how his Note 2 on T-Mobile bitch slaps and pimp slaps this phone and Verizon's network.

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2008 called they want their legacy devices with crappy legacy SD cards back. OP you need to step into 2013, trust me you'll like it.

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So this is the same price as the Dev Ed Moto X? Seems like a no-brainer, if you're trying to decide between the two.

I believe it works on other networks not just VZW.
Btw it's VZW customers or consumers.
VZW owners refers to it's shareholders.

Knowledge is power

Any chance that the existence and use of this phone by developers would result in more progress on the rooting and general hacking of the standard edition?

LMAO, why would you want to GO BACK to older technology and an "old" phone by today's standards?! If your on VZW and want a DE phone, MotoX is a no brainer today? HAHA

I hate that manufactures still don't use on screen buttons. That's the only thing I see myself disliking about this phone.

This one I do not want to compromise on. On screen buttons are a waste of screen space. You are going to have a bottom bezel, use it.

If Google didn't say get rid of them, no one would care

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So much fail. There are literally hundreds of ways of customizing software buttons (colors, design/style/fonts, number/order/function of buttons, long press shortcuts, guestures from buttons, configuration for portrait/landscape etc etc), nearly ever app you would want the full screen real estate automatically hides the softkeys, and there's plenty of ways to remove them until you make some sort of gesture to bring them back on screen. I would love NOT to have a bottom bezel, we're just not there yet. Of course, to each their own : )

Per Motorola's site this phone works on WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100, CDMA 800/1900, GSM 850/900/1800/1900, LTE Band 04/13, HSDPA 42.2 Mbps (Category 14), HSUPA 5.76 Mbps, CDMA EV-DO Release A, GPRS Class 12.

T-Mobile uses GSM 850/1900 for it's 3g, WCDMA 1900 for it's HSDPA+ and Band 4 for LTE. Since Verizon picked up there additional bandwidth from the FCC they've sold all their handsets unlocked.

So my question still stands. Can anyone say for sure this device won't work on T-Mobile?

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I am impatiently waiting. I can't stand it!

I'm looking at the Note 3, the G2, and the N5. One of which is already available. Another which has already been announced... I can't take the pressure.

Send some of that patience my way!

Anyone else having issues buying it? Everytime I go to place my order after putting in my shipping and billing information and it's about to finalize, I get "Some items in your cart are no longer available."

Out of stock already. Dang I really wanted this DE phone. Why do they make such a limited supply on release day?

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I just called Motorola and was told that it wasn't available YET. I was informed that they would email me as soon as it is in stock (yeah, let's see if that happens!). I bought the MAXX through Verizon two days ago, so I really hope Motorola gets it in stock before my 14 day return window is over!

I want this dang batter in my next Google phone. I just refuse to buy any carrier branded phones anymore after my nexus 4. The bloat and contracts are tiresome and it is nice to have immediate updates.

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I want this dang batter in my next Google phone. I just refuse to buy any carrier branded phones anymore after my nexus 4. The bloat and contracts are tiresome and it is nice to have immediate updates.

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