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Yes, the Droid Bionic won't be arriving until September. Yes, a lot of folks who were waiting for it have long since moved on. But that doesn't mean the information surrounding it is going to stop. Even if the device is no longer on your most wanted list -- it's still on the radar and now specs (final or not) have popped up on the Motorola dev site:

  • 1GHz OMAP4430 dual-core
  • 8 megapixels (3266 x 2450 w/ 1080p video)
  • VGA Fixed Focus front facing camera
  • Android 2.3.4
  • 1GB RAM
  • 4.3-inch qHD display
  • HDMI 1.4
  • Webtop Access
  • 4G LTE

There's absolutely nothing there that surprises anyone, right? No mention of battery life or standby time exists on the documentation yet but Motorola still has some time to go ahead and update that information.

Source: Moto Dev Site; via: Android Central Forums


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Motorola Droid Bionic specs sneak out courtesy of MotoDev Site


Still a nice phone and is on my "Consider" list depending on the specs of the Prime and the Function. Not a bad phone at all.

All i want is a dual core phone with front facing camera and 4g... is that so much to ask? I will take samsung galaxy s II, htc vigor, or the bionic... just release one of them NOW Verizon!!! Thank you, that is all...

I feel ya..that's why I got a Evo 3D..the 3D is okay, but I hardly use it...I bought it for those things you just said.

I wonder why they opted to go with Dual core TI rather than the original slated Tegra 2. Hmm.. I'm still looking at this sucker, but the Webtop I've been hearing is a joke.

The radio wasn't playing nice, plus the OMAP gets better performance overall. Dual channel memory is a great idea - look at the Optimus 3D.

Between a locked bootloader & pentile screen, not so sure.
I have a feeling that this phone could of come out way before now (Atrix, Photon) with these specs. Only real difference is the LTE antenna.......
Verizon may have the fastest network but they are dropping the ball big time with their phones. REALLY tempted to go with Sprint...

I have been waiting for this phone since it was announced. I don’t know if I'm going to get it at this point. It's already outdated and it hasn't even been released yet. There are phones coming soon with 1.5ghz dual core processors and no pentile screen. Motorola and Verizon have missed the boat again. The best network but never the most current phones. Remember the Razr? Verizon got it about a year after AT& T.

LOL everyone says they are going to "punish" Verizon and Motorola for not releasing the phone earlier. . . but they are empty threats (half will buy the phone anyway). This phone is going to sell like hotcakes - regardless of your supernerd principles. Don't buy it , I think Verizon and Motorola will find a way to survive lol!

Also, I like the people that say it's outdated already (?!?!) . . . and than reference phones that are not out or even scheduled for release this year. Way to make your point.

The phone is going to be the best offering from Verizon right now, and probably through the rest of the year. And most likely will enjoy success equal to that of Droid X. . . or better.

I don't think anyone's saying that the phone is going to bring down Motorola and Verizon, they're saying it doesn't look so appealing to them personally. That's legitimate. Dual-core 1ghz phones have been around for a while. The pentile screen really looks crappy to lots of people. The design looks unambitious, and whatever anticipation Motorola built up, it petered out because they took so long getting it to market.

If it's a big seller, great. Who cares? We're not doing financial analysis here, we're discussing whether it's a good phone. One we'd want to spend our hard earned money on. If that means "supernerd principles" to you, well, at least we've got some principles.

Been a moto fan for a long time. That's starting to change. This was going to be my next phone. With the delays and the route moto is taking with their pentile screens, I think im moving on. Sitting on an upgrade too. Wish I knew what else was in the pipeline for sure.
Maybe will just hold out for the holidays. Verizon is kind of slacking these days too. Oh well, im addicted to android so I will end up with something eventually.

Yes I moved on. Ive been waiting for it since I got my Eris. That was what 3 year's ago plus. Charge is doing very well

The specs aren't worth the rumored 299 pricetag. It will be a good device still but it took way too long to come out. My focus has now shifted to gs2 and future devices. With quad core coming in 2012 I hope Verizon will have learned there lesson and put out more "high end" devices faster. I would've thought that by now vzw would have more than 3 4g phones... heck sprint does

7 months of waiting and not even a 4.5inch display, this sucks. Will wait to see what the other dual core phones are specd as and when they will come out. The rest of the specs doesnt look too bad.

4.5 inch display would suck without more pixels. Want bigger screen? Get the docking station. I have fairly large hands and have trouble accessing the upper left hand corner with my thumb, using one hand. The ONLY negative I see with this phone is the capacitive keys, and maybe no 3D. I'll save my 2nd upgrade for the next best thing.

Thats the old model number.. this info isnt correct. The most recent Droid Bionic model # XT875.. Not XT865. Im sure that is from the original Bionic people!

$199 price point and BOGO by the time I'm eligible (Nov) for NE2 might entice me. But, Nexus Prime and my smartphone unicorn (4G Droid 4) will likely cause me to pass on the Bionic...

Been a Moto zealot since my first job there 11yrs ago. Sad to see them drop the ball like this.

I honestly don't care anymore. I just want info on the next nexus phone. As long as it's not going to att, I'll be getting it on release day.

Too little too late. Plus, pentile screen = deal breaker. Motorola deserves to be abandoned, at least if we can get the freaking Galaxy S II before it's already 9 months old.

Also agree that the pentile screen is a deal breaker. Co-worker just purchased a Photon 4G and there is absolutely no way I could deal with that screen, it's horrible.

I'm still limping along with my Samsung Omnia that I could have upgraded since last November. I'm probably going to get the Bionic or the SGII (please don't call it the "Function!"). I can't keep on waiting "next month" for the phone that will do everything including making pancakes for me. Time to upgrade.

I will have model # 00000000001. Lol. I've been waiting for this phone for MONTHS. I have 2 upgrades due. I needed a new laptop, so this is PERFECT. Just traded my Droid X in on a warranty issue (got it 1st day of release), so phone is in mint condition ready to sell, so I won't feel like I payed full price for Bionic. How can ANYONE hate on this phone?