Though we love T-Mobile around these parts, we have to admit that their funky 3G band (1700 MHz) makes it rather unfriendly for unlockers. You have to be careful about which device you're getting, for use on what network because 3G may not work. Sure, most people don't run into the problem but as it stands now, if you have a T-Mobile 3G capable device, it won't work on AT&T 3G and if you have an AT&T 3G device, it won't work with T-Mobile 3G. Motorola is looking to change all that.

Motorola is building a radio module that'll have both the AT&T 3G bands (850/1900) and the T-Mobile 3G band (1700) on one phone. Apparently they plan to license out this tech to other companies and we'll hopefully see this type of multi-band USA 3G capable devices hit the market soon. The implications could be huge, can you imagine buying any phone from T-Mobile & AT&T and not worry about the lack of 3G? It'll be problem free purchasing.

Official T-Mobile Android devices would effectively become fully-capable AT&T Android devices with no say from either parties. Yeah, we wanted this yesterday.



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Motorola Building Module To Get Phones On Both T-Mobile & AT&T 3G


Do you know anything about phones? Trying to find a phone that works on your particular 3G bands is a nightmare.

by the end of next year they'll need to worry more about adding in the 4G LTE radios for verizon and ATT. (

So what's this a stop gap for the next ~12 months?

and where the hec are the 'software radios' that they have been talking about for years- that could get switched to any frequecy or standard (gsm, cdma, edge, evdo, lte, wimax ....)???