Motorola Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich schedule

Motorola device owners have been pretty vocal about their want for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on their devices. Motorola in response to that, has kept an ICS rollout schedule updated and recently they made some changes to it that will either excite you or upset you, depending on which device you own.

Droid RAZR, Droid RAZR MAXX and XOOM 3G/4G owners have the most to be excited about as ICS updates for those devices should be rolling out at just about any moment right now. Atrix, Atrix 2, Droid Bionic, Droid 4 and XYBOARD owners will be waiting until the next quarter for their updates.

Own a Droid 3 or Droid X2 though? Looks as though you better start looking towards some ICS compatible ROM's as those devicse will be stuck on Android 2.3 Gingerbread for the remainder of their lifecycle, minus some bug fix and maintenance releases.

Source: Motorola, Android Central Forums


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Motorola Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich schedule updated


Exactly, three weeks ago Samsung said that their updates for Canada were ready and start rolling out today.

It is now three weeks later and "today" still has not arrived for any of the listed devices other than the SGS II.

Even when the OEM has finished the update you still have to wait for the carriers to push them out. Which can take a very long time.

So basically this list means absolutely nothing if you have a carrier branded device.

Nowhere in the article (or screenshot) is it mentioning the Bionic for an ICS update and nowhere in the link to "Droid Bionic" does it say anything about a Bionic update.

Moto HAS said they would update it to ICS, but I'm beginning to get the feeling that they are going to go back on their word on this. I am REALLY getting sick and tired of waiting for the manufacturers to get around to releasing the latest and greatest OS updates.

I bought the Bionic BECAUSE Moto has indicated it would be updated to ICS. If they don't, it will be Nexus devices from here on out for me. At least they get relatively timely updates!


You may have chose it for ICS but no one promised it to you. Not VZ and not Moto. Stop feeling entitled and just be glad we're getting it.

Droid Doesn't (get upgraded). The Droid 3 is very similar to the Bionic hardware wise. Why are we stuck at GB? Plus the locked bootloader(which they promised to unlock). This is the last Motorola phone I buy. Nexus only 4 me.

1 It's 3G. VZW wants all users off of legacy 3G devices ASAP. Heck, my local VZW store hasn't even had a D3 in the showroom for months.

2. "Only" 512MB RAM. This makes a believable excuse to non-tech savvy users why it won't get ICS

3. No WebTop capability. I would assume that since this feature is going to be drastically revised for Moto's ICS devices, this is some sort of important qualifier for them to keep all devices on the same page.

4. Any and all devices that are not offshoots of the RAZR DNA are either dropped (D3, X2) or placed way on the back burner (Bionic, Photon). It is like 2006 all over again as Moto pins their hopes on an endless stream of barely-differentiated RAZR spinoff devices.

Wow, thats pathetic. Rolling out any day now? It says Q2. You know that means June 30th at best. Q3 for the Atrix 2? Thats a year after ICS was released!! Jellybean will be rolling out about then.

So the Atrix got split into 2 again ?

The AT&T Atrix will Get ICS on Q3 , While the EMEA Atrix went from Q3 to "ICS Upgrade in Evaluation & Planning. Further details to follow" ?


ha ha ha ha ha ha. It makes me laugh EVERY time these stories come out you get the "this will be the last _______ I ever own!" The story could say that Motorola was going to give you a free phone, every year for the rest of your life and people would still say that.

Sure it's annoying to wait and be lied to, but enough with the hollow threats.

There are plenty of other good phones out there. My daughter has an HTC and my wife has a Samsung. They don't seem to get abandoned almost immediately after release, like the Droid 3 did. Motorola seems to be particularly bad about "This is our greatest phone!"-type marketing and hype for about three weeks and then moving on to the next one (Droid 4, etc.) like a kid on Christmas morning.

If they were going to give me a free phone, every year, for the rest of my life, at least I'd have the one they hadn't abandoned (yet). If they even had some kind of policy of, "Ooops, we f'd's a trade-in discount on the one we f'd you with," I'd consider them again. Perhaps when the Google acquisition of Motorla Mobility is complete they'll change their tune. Or be worse. Dunno and will have to see a track record to see how it plays out.

For me, yes, I am done with Motorola devices. I've been burned twice by their release-and-abandon tactics. Second time was my fault.

Lied to?

Motorola and Verizon have been upfront about which devices are getting updated to ICS. With their update site, Motorola has been keeping us all up to date.

Be patient. It's coming.

I feel lied to by Motorola, nowhere in anything I read prior to it's launch did it state that it would only be a GED in the US and updates for the rest of the world would not only be six months+ after the US but also be filed with Apps I can't uninstall...

I see the Photon 4G, which was to get ICS in Q3 2012 has now been pushed back to Q4 2012. I'm glad I didn't wait for ICS coming to it like I was going to. The Photon is a superb phone, but continues to be treated like a stepchild. I had to move on.

Gee, it would be nice if we ever found out when HTC devices, specifically the DINC2 and Thunderbolt will be getting the ICS update. I know an announcement was made in Feb, bit that's the last I've heard. Maybe about the time I grow wings and fly off to Saturn?

Ya,I was anxious about when my Tbolt would get the love, then I traded it to a guy for a bionic. Early Q3 is July, that's only 6 Weeks away, since I've only had a bionic 2 Weeks, having the phone with GB for 2 months and getting the jump to ICS isn't bad!

Without a doubt, the droid 3 will be my first and last motorola phone. Part of that is my fault for not waiting out a few more months to use my upgrade on a phone that would be worthy of it. Might buy something for retail price just to rid myself of it.

Even though I'm a bit disappointed that my Droid 3 won't be getting ICS the phone still does what I needed it to do when I bought it almost a year ago. Depending on whats out when my upgrade rolls around later this year will influence what I end up going with.

On another note glad to see my Xoom will be getting ICS sometime in the near future. :)

The phone manufacturers love consomers attitudes that having the lastest and greatest IS the lastest and greatest. If the phone is still doing the job you got it for....then use it until it doesn't suit your needs. Not cry foul when a new phone comes out that's .00326 inches bigger, 1.645 cores more, and .0754mm thinner with two new apps that dont do squat! C'mon people get off the manufacturers crack pipes!!!

It's sad to see Motorola doing this. They actually make nice phones and usually bundle pretty good/useful software with them. However, their updates are waaaay too slow and they keep pushing things back, the Photon got moved to Q4, that is 1+ year after the ICS release. WHAT IS TAKING YOUR ENGINEERS SO LONG? XDA, Cyanogen and other devs have a fraction of Moto's resources and still manage to do it fairly quickly and reliably. (I know carriers do their testing too but it still takes Moto way too long).

I dont get it, Android phones is pretty much all Motorola has left after spinning off Motorola Solutions. If they screw this up, they're done. I guess now they really dont care since they have Google's deep pockets to pick. Eventually, Samsung, Apple and maybe even HTC will bury Motorola if they keep this up.

They say the ICS update will happen Q3...
1st quarter: 1 October 2011 – 31 December 2011
2nd quarter: 1 January 2012 – 31 March 2012
3rd quarter: 1 April 2012 – 30 June 2012
4th quarter: 1 July 2012 – 30 September 2012

1 day left RIGHT!!!

Umm, your off a bit.
1st qtr is jan to march.
2nd is apr to June.

The razr fell in line with end of qtr 2. So the atrix and atrix 2 will roll out by the end of September.