Moto X

Indian outlet Flipkart has announced that it'll exclusively begin stocking the Moto X in from tomorrow, Wednesday March 19. Prices start at Rs. 23,999, and judging by the retailer's promotional page it'll have the Moto X in seven color options, including the oak and teak backs which have only recently launched in the U.S.

To sweeten the deal, Flipkart is also offering Rs. 1,000 cashback to those buying the Moto X on an instalment plan, as well as 70 percent off Moto X cases. And one customer will be selected to receive his or her Moto X for free. Motorola's flagship arrives on Indian shores shortly after the successful launch of its little brother, the Moto G, which sold out shortly after release.

For some up-to-date thoughts on where the Moto X sits in the Android phone landscape, check out our European Moto X review and six-month retrospective on the U.S. version.

Source: Flipkart, via: Google+


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Moto X launching in India on March 19


$400 ???? unlike the 5c ripoff they priced it right

Edit: the site says 10 customer get 100% cash back. so 10 get free Moto X.

This phone is loved by almost everyone that buys it. On swappa it resells higher or for the same price as the nexus 5 which is crazy. Motorola really got this phone right.

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They have priced it OK, fine... But it may not get success of Moto G (or even one tenth of it -- since MOTO G is a super-dooper hit here)... Reason 1, the 20-25k region is crowded and 16GB without expansion, at least they should have brought 32GB versions.

And the 100% cashback offer is for 10 customers and not one. Please correct it sir...