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... But you'll need a Moto X card from AT&T to get yours

Following this morning's Moto X launch on AT&T, the Moto Maker customization site is now live at Moto Maker allows you to choose your Moto X's color, storage size, add matching accessories, and even link it to your Google account before having it shipped to your door -- a process Motorola says will take just four days from start to finish.

But right now there are a few noteworthy limitations to the service. Online purchasing isn't available yet, so you'll need to get a Moto X card from an AT&T store to get started with the process. (Remember, Moto Maker is exclusive to AT&T at launch.) Engraving is also unavailable for the moment, as are the wooden back panels.

Nevertheless, if you're willing to walk into an AT&T store to get the required code, you could be unboxing your very own customized Moto X just four days later.

If you're using Moto Maker to create your personalized Moto X today, hit the comments and let us know how you get on.

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Moto Maker customization site for Moto X now live


Wonder if they make the cases that they have for the N4? Might keep the backs from cracking while preserving the look

You don't have to have the code to play around with the site. It even says, "Design now, Buy later" with a button to click that allows you to play with the designs.

Why don't they just say "we don't really want to sell to many of these so we're going to make it an incredible pita for you to order one. Because that's what they have essentially done.

" I don't know why our sales numbers are down sir". I do, because whoever makes these decisions is stupid and is killing your business.

At any rate the low sales should make it easy to hit that 4 day delivery window.

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I love my One. However, I have an urge to go to AT&T to get this. Not sure why.

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Not that I am buying this one, but I hope that when Motomaker goes out to the masses (after the exclusive) the 32GB option stays for everyone. Not a bad price ($50) and should be worth it

Very basic selection of colors. Only black or white for the front? What if I want the front to match the back? And why does "metallic red" look like hot pink? Oh well.. I'm not getting one anyway.. just was playin around with it.

Yup, I'm definitely not satisfied with the colors they offer for the backs. They are all kinda pastel or faded colors. And why no orange since they have everything else?? I see this design setup marketed strictly towards girls. More bold colors and you could have people making college themes and pro sports teams. If I get one, I'll be perfectly happen with the CF white look and a nice super thin case on the back.

Only Black and White front is very limiting. Most of the "cool" colors don't look right with the black front.

What Moto needs right now, more than "money", is to be relevant in the market again. That means mind-share and getting your devices out there so that people see other people using them. That is the single best advertising campaign a company could ever have.

I keep wondering when OEM's will realize that all this carrier-exclusive BS is *not* the way to accomplish that. Especially with something like this.

So... Let says I'm in the market for a new phone, and a friend shows off their MotoX and tells me about how they got to customize it. Now I'm excited and want to buy one. But I'm on Verizon/T-Mo/Sprint, so I decide to wait until MotoMaker is available for other carriers. A couple of months go by, and now I'm excited about a different phone. Moto has missed out on a sale, because they chose to exclude me for not being on AT&T.

I *guarantee* that this scenario is happening with this phone. At least with carrier-exclusive handsets, I *know* I'm not picking one up, because I'm not on that carrier. But now, even though I *could* buy one, Moto is actually encouraging me not to. And with IFA coming in a couple of weeks (where we know updates to two fairly popular device lines are going to be unveiled), there's a lot potential for the buzz and excitement around the MotoX to vanish overnight.

Moto is shooting themselves in the foot in the worst possible way. And that's something they really can't afford to do right now.

This. Your comment states exactly how I feel. Carrier exclusivity needs to end. Soon.

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After playing with the site, I love it. There would be about 10 different combinations of colors I'd want for a final product. The entire time I kept thinking to myself: "Why hasn't this type of customization been available to consumers all this time!? This is brilliant."

They've had all this time to get ready for launching the phone, so it's a great disappointment that we can't actually buy the phone online yet. Is this an artificial way for AT&T to get more customers in the store to buy the phone first before making it available at Moto Maker? Or is Moto just not ready for the online ordering? Either way, it's a botched launch that's going to have a great impact on sales number (especially since it's exclusive to AT&T).

Well if AT&T actually HAS some demo models in the store, don't you think it would be wise to go see them rather than buy it sight unseen over the internet?

As for botched launch, lets let it actually play out before making that pronouncement, shall we? After all if Moto is already hinting that demand may actually slow shipping (see other AC story) then perhaps your idea of botched had no bearing on reality.

I thought there would be more to it.

Also why does the front have to be white or black? Why not the same color all around or the same color choices on the front and back?

It really makes no sense that you only get white or black for the front of the phone.

I think the reason there are only two colors for the front is that the display is an integral part. AMOLED screens get degraded when exposed to air so they are bonded with the glass front. Motorola would have to order a bunch of different fronts for each color and have them sitting in the warehouse. This would be very expensive. The back and buttons are just cheap hunks of plastic. They can order thousands of them without incurring huge inventory costs.

I need to know who chose those colors and commence upon smacking them profusely. Most are ugly and/or feminine.

The Olive Drab with Black accents & face looks OK. I'm boring though... I'd probably just get the black phone with black accents & face. Esp. if the back is real carbon fiber.

I ordered my 32gb card in the store and customized using motomaker this morning. My phone is scheduled for delivery on September 3rd. What happened to the 4 day turnaround time? The delivery estimate remained 11 days regardless of what back, front or accents were used.

Motorola surprised me with an email late last night saying my customized phone shipped last night and was due for delivery on 8/28. It was originally scheduled for 9/3. I checked tracking number a few minutes ago and the phone is on the truck for delivery today.

Mine will be Blue at the back white on the front silver for a accent and a snap back case and it will be the 32GB Moto X

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