Monument Valley dev announces Land's End, exclusively for Gear VR

Ustwo Games, the developers behind Monument Valley, have announced a new game for the Samsung Gear VR headset. Called Land's End, it's described as a "surreal trip throughan archipelago of forgotten worlds".

Nothing else is known about the game just yet. Ustwo released a teaser image of a small island. It appears that the game will have a similar art direction as Monument Valley. For now, it remains a Gear VR exclusive. Ustwo also assured fans that development of Land's End would not delay the promised additional levels for Monument Valley.

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Source: Ustwo Games on Twitter


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Monument Valley dev announces Land's End, exclusively for Gear VR


I'm more excited about Ustwo finally making Monument Valley fully compatible with ART, it's the only app on my devices that gripes about it. And honestly i think it's weird for them to devote dev time to such a small niche item as Samsung Gear VR...

I am sure there is a nice fat pay check from Samsung going to the dev to compensate for spending his on on such a niche device.

Oh, definitely. But I can't think of a better way to showcase the capabilities of a new device than this.

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And that's a good thing, ain't it?
And Samsung does have quite a few $$ stacked, no problems in spending money to promote your devices.

I wonder if the game could be hacked onto non Note 4 phones. Doubt there is anything preventing this from working with a Google Cardboard.

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My memory must be faulty but I don't recall Myst having very good graphics or virtual reality support.

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