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moosc says:

Just keeping up with how many different. Hair styles she has

icebike says:


ReaganDee says:

agreed ... I had to stop this video less than 30 seconds in

K1utch829 says:

FREAKIN APPPLE !!! datz why i all wayz have this image on my phone bout apple n android trying to mess up now HTC hard

vlozano06 says:

I for one enjoy these weekly wrap up vids. Keep up the good work!

Gekko says:

new makeup artist needed ASAP.

if we wanted to hear about non-android related news, we wouldn't have visited androidcentral. Please stay focused. This kind of piece is a waste of our time. it's a terrible video.

cbuhay1 says:

It's a Mobile Nations brief. If you go to TIPB, Crackberry, WP Central, etc you'll see the same post.

Jonneh says:

Her hands are a lot less busy in this one as opposed to episode 01. Good job!