Kevin, Phil, Derek, Dan, and Rene talk Windows Phone from Mango to Tango (and Nokia!), BlackBerry DevCon and BBX superphones, Android's Ice Cream Sandwich and Galaxy Nexus, webOS and the road ahead, and iPhone 4S and Siri. This is Mobile Nations!



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I'd be a little careful about dismissing the issue of Microsoft for going after Android in this manner as "bashing". Remember this is not anything new for folks that follow Linux closely. This tactic has been going on for years with MS claiming that Linux infringes on their patents but never disclosing the patents. The proceeded to go after small Linux players in the same manner hiding behind NDAs. The only large player they went with was Novell and the backlash at their so called certificate plan for Novell was huge. For most of the small players its believed they are either threatening law suits that companies can't afford win or loose or are threatening changes to Windows licensing for companies that are dependent on it. They've simply followed Linux on to Android and continued the same scheme.