Select cities participating at launch; AT&T and T-Mobile compatible devices welcome

MetroPCS announced today that it is now letting customers bring their own unlocked GSM devices, signaling that it is ready to start the transition to using T-Mobile's network. As was indicated when the merger of T-Mobile and MetroPCS was being finalized, the legacy CDMA network for MetroPCS is going to be quickly phased out, moving customers over to T-Mobile's GSM offering. With the announcement today that customers in Boston, Hartford, Dallas and Las Vegas can bring their own unlocked AT&T and T-Mobile devices to the carrier we can assume things are going according to plan.

The website has a handy tool to let you know if your device will be compatible with the network being offered, but expect pretty much any modern GSM device to fit the bill. Being that this is a limited rollout MetroPCS is only offering SIM cards in-store and not online at this point, but we have to assume it's only a matter of time before this program expands to pull even more people off of the CDMA network.

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MetroPCS now welcomes unlocked GSM devices on its network


The plans offered.. for now at least.

I've had my Galaxy Note on T-Mo's $30 a month plan for about a year now.. and I'm really loving the savings over what I would have paid AT&Ripoff.. By Black Friday (My Estimated Purchase Date) I will have saved enough cash to pay cash, for my Galaxy Note 3 and keep the $30 a month plan I just love to death, going & going & going...

I think pretty much metroPcs is selling T-mobile simcards with MetroPcs logo. with metro pcs prices, almost the same as T-mobile but no $30 month plan for 5gigs and 100 minutes, unlitmited text.

So the phasing of CDMA is strating in those markets. will MetroPCS Galaxy S3 and other LTE devices be able to work with GSM service in the future or S3 owners have to upgrade to GSM phones?

How would all the Metro customers take that eventually they might have to buy new phones.

Seeing as you understand there is a difference between a CDMA network and device and a GSM network and device, I think you know the answer to your own question. I'm sure they'll be offered a cheap, but free GSM phone, buy any GSM phone of their liking before a specific cutoff, or they can go pound sand.

I would do the $30 plan If I Paid my bill but work does.. I will be using the extra money the allow each month to upgrade when ever I want when I switch to T-Mobile. Counting the days until my sprint contract is up..

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Clearly Tmobile and MetroPCS are about to get busy with some serious savings for customers. Nothing beats Tmobile

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Hartford, eh? I'm shocked they are starting with a market in Ct!! It's not exactly my local market, but it's pretty damn close!! This means for $10 less per month I could get completely unlimited everything....hmmmm....

They are using Tmo's network now, right? I'm curious to know if they are running their LTE on band 4 right now so I can use LTE on my Nex4 if I switch ;)

It does not officially have LTE, as in Google didn't pay to have it licensed, but it has everything it needs to run on Tmobile's Band 4 LTE. I've used it around D.C. and it works as well as any other LTE device I've used, perhaps better on battery than the lte gnex, sgs3, or gn2. Just flash an older radio (older as in the perfect radio .33 before google pushed .48 which is the same w/out LTE capability), enter a code, a voila you have LTE.

Hi!! I'm bring my Verizon wireless iPhone 5c still on two years contract with them its was my friend's account but I bought with my deposit at Walmart and I know that Verizon iPhones already unlocked in gsm side so I tried metropcs SIM card and its use tmobile 4g lte an its faster. It's worked. I'm happy with it $60 monthly for all u want use 4g lte unlimited everything's