Alex Sink debate message

Say what you want about Florida politics -- and being from Florida, I can say plenty -- but at least they're never boring. Such was the case last night during the televised gubernatorial debate between Democratic nominee Alex Sink (the state CFO) and Republic nominee Rick Scott (a health care executive).

While Scott is no stranger to controversy -- his health care company was fined $1.7 billion for alleged fraud -- this time it was Sink who was accused of wrongdoing after a staffer passed her a message on a smartphone during the debate during a commercial break. (That's a make-up artist handing Sink the phone above.) That's a no-no, and the staffer has been fired.

But the best part was when Scott brought up the violation live after the commercial break, saying, “First Alex, you say you always follow the rules. The rule was no one was supposed to give us messages during the break, and your campaign did with an iPad or an iPod.”

Turns out it was neither, though. The phone that ended a career: The Motorola Droid. Check it out, after the break. [CNN] Thanks, Joe!


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Message passed during debate via Droid gets political staffer fired


"Look Alex, the next version of Android software will be called gingerbread. They have a picture of it right here on AndroidCentral."

hahahahaha, what a lil snitch, what i really want to know is, what was the message about, if it was about politics then shame on her, if it was a private family message non related to politics then it's completely retarded...

plus rebuplican or democrats? who cares they all lie... Each one will try to one up each other every time they meet.

wish people could put aside politics and really work together and get stuff done.

To be fair Phil, you should mention the BILLIONS of dollars she has lost as FL's CFO. They are both epic fails, and deciding on which one to vote for is like having someone ask you if you'd like to be slapped on the left or right side of your face.

I think the staffer was just showing Mrs. Sink how difficult the level of Angry Birds she was stuck on is.

That guy is a the playground tattle-tale who isn't getting his way.

Chump. Besides, the staffer was just showing her the new wallpaper she'd just downloaded.

I love how people ignore the importance of cheating during a debate. If it was just a family message/emergency, was it necessary to pass it along or would the staffer have been fired?

This is just another example of DemocRATS thinking they are above the rules and they shouldn't apply. (See almost every member of Obama's cabinet and their inability to correctly pay taxes)

Only 1 week left of this stink in DC.

Also, is this really Android news worthy? The method of delivery (text/email) isn't specific to Android or it's own capabilities.

I see some attempt to still somehow make the Republican look bad here...Let's stick to ACTUAL tech news AC.

I loved how Night Train used the term DemocRATS.

This type of high caliber humor and wit can only be exhibited by individuals who belong to the pary of the teabaggers.

Carry on, soldier!

Uh, that was the guy below me. I said no such thing in my comment. Look again at where names are posted along with the comments made.

LOL. You haven't even mastered comprehensive reading skills and you're going to insult others who don't appreciate the government running their life?

Obviously you need the government to hand you everything because you lack even the most fundamental skills required for self sufficiency.

Seriously AndroidCentral, why is this article even here?

What you say I lack in reading comprehension you lack in logic.

You say you don't want government running your life yet you vote for idiots who discredit science, act based on their religion and use wedge issues (such as gay marriage) to attract morons such as yourself to run out and vote.

Christinne O'Donnell was correct in her commercial, she is You.


Please re-read what you wrote. It lacks any real coherent thought. Typical mud-slinging by those who live by no principles.

It lacks coherent thought only because you're devoid of intellect.

Moreover, you accusing me of mud slinging was great. Especially considering your initial post where you used a juvenile insult to describe democrats.

In addition, this article was supposed to be light. Most of the comments reflected that until you rode in pontificating on your donkey trying to spread your idiotic ideology.

"You haven't even mastered comprehensive reading skills"
"This is just another example of DemocRATS thinking they are above the rules and they shouldn't apply. "

If you are so above mudslinging, prove it. Negatively stereotyping and generalizing Democrats and insulting those for their mistakes is not "noble".

I would have thought that after two centuries, people would realize that both Repubs and Demos are human. No one is immune to mistakes.

One candidate gets an illegal text message during a break in a debate. The other one "allegedly" conspires to steal 1.7 billion in Medicare fraud. It's pretty obvious who I trust more and will be voting for.(I do live in Florida so I get a front-row seat for this debacle of a campaign.)

Being a floridian myself, I'll take sink anyday over some healthcare douchebag imposter. Thank god it wasn't an idevice. Droid does Democrat.

First he said it was a Blackberry at 0:40. Then he said it's an ipad/ipod. Gee! It's a DROID!!!

he so should have known they sing DROID when you get a text

she was just showing how fast she could type with SwiftKey