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With Super Bowl XLVI looming large, gaming giant EA Sports is hoping you'll be up for some (American) football on your Android device this weekend. To celebrate the end of the season and Sunday's big game, the publisher has reduced the price of Madden NFL 12 to 99 cents in the U.S.

Europeans aren't being left out of the action, either -- the price of the international version has been dropped too, and now costs just 59 pence in the UK. Unfortunately it seems the game isn't compatible with the Galaxy Nexus just yet, but a quick glance down the list of supported devices reveals pretty broad compatibility elsewhere.

We've got European and North American Android Market links for all you football fans after the break.

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Reader comments

Madden 12 for Android gets price cut just in time for the Super Bowl


the game is all right i like the gameloft game play better to bad its one of those so called free games with only a handful of plays open just sell me the damn game

Even at 99 cents can't say I will ever buy another EA game from the market after they sold me Sim City and then shortly there after listed my device as incompatible. Now I can not download a game I paid for. They are thieves and give no way to receive support. Their e-mail listed on the market is just an automated response that no actual human ever sees. If you go to the website listed in the automated response you can "chat" online with a CSR of some kind. But the options available for the problems listed to you do not have anything listed for their Android games. So even when you get to talk to the CSR it is the wrong department (since there is no Android department for chat) and they tell you they can not help. They have purposefully made it so no one can actually receive support for their Android games.

And yes I have also contacted Google as of 4 weeks ago. I just received an e-mail today (I think it is for this problem as the email does not actually list what it is in response to) stating that they have forwarded my case to a specialist. If these are the same specialist that were supposed to find a fix for the Android Market Amazon App Store crossover problems then I am not holding out much hope. As my specialist for the crossover problem will not even respond to my emails anymore.

That must be frustrating. I have not had an experience like that in the market, but I know it does happen.

On the other hand, I often wonder why people expect great support for apps that cost under 5 bucks.

For the game being published by EA a major game developer and publisher you would think there would be some kind of support. To expect it of every mom and pop operation would be ridiculous. But really it is the opposite that is true as the mom and pop's have the time and the need to answer most complaints, as EA can just brush them to the side because of there size and dominance in the gaming market.

Actually, personally, I wouldn't think that for any $5 product, regardless of who makes it. That price point doesn't leave much ability to provide support. People need to understand that.

I've found the 15 minute refund period sufficient for situations like this, but do feel it should be extended a bit as not everybody downloads on fast wi-fi.

I'm sorry for your loss of $4. I hope you can still afford to feed the family this weekend. That's quite the hardship to deal with.

You agreed to the purchase price of $4.99 last night, but I can fully understand why you feel this company has ripped you off and you are entitled to a refund. Absolutely. /s