Lloyd on electrozan

Boy, that Lloyd sure gets around. Our very own mascot apparently is doing some unauthorized moonlighting for Kuwaiti electronics retailer Electrozan, and pimping the Samsung Galaxy Tab. We're going to have to check that guy's expense reports. [via Facebook]


Reader comments

Lloyd sure gets around, doesn't he?


its ok he checked with me first as long as i get some of his pay , oh btw AC still needs to transfer his paycheck into my account as well, lol thanks

I think Lloyd gives the ad some attitude. If anything, he makes it (the ad) look more cool than it otherwise would have been. I might be tempted to contact their marketing department if I were the owner of this image. Tell me you have a copyright on it...

They have a copyright on it by the mere creation of it. However, getting the copyright enforced across international borders, that may just suck as far as time and expense goes.

And the Kuwaitis may just make sure Phil can't get any gas for his car ever, ever again.