Sprint CTIA event

We've live at Sprint's press conference (2 p.m. PDT/5 p.m. EDT) at CTIA at the beautiful Moscone West in San Francisco. We're expecting a whole lot of 4G trumpeting, and rumor has it we're about to get a trio of new Android phones dropped on us. Liveblog starts after the break, folks.


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Live from Sprint's CTIA event


Let me be the first to say that "ID packs" of apps, ringtones and themes just seems...lame. I'm perfectly capable of deciding what I want on my phone. This just feels like big companies/media sources/etc conning you into branding your phone as a free advertisement for them.


I agree the ID packs are lame, Plus not a single mention of the Galaxy Tab, also 3 new crippled Android phones. I thought Sprint was on a roll here first the EVO then the Epic would have been nice to see a successor to the Epic. Google needs to nip this in the butt I love Android but it seems these days 85% of all Android handsets are either crippled or junk. None of these 3 phones impressed me in the least bit also they don't even ship Android 2.2 = LAME


Well Googles plans do not involved to make you guys happy 24/7 but to make money. And by releasing cheaper low and mid level phone their help them self because not every one care about the spec of a phone, all they might care about is, does it come in pink or does it look "cute". Google going to make more money with the more headset that are in peoples hand. Just remember that the Evo's and Droid X are going to get all the glory but the mid to low level phones are what going to let android to keep growing by leap and bounds.

What's wrong with giving a customer an easy way to customize a device with features they might be interested in? Not everyone has had experience with Android, nor do they necessarily understand the Android Market, or wish to spend the time hunting for said applications. So long as there is an option to keep the device relatively bare bones, I see nothing wrong with Sprint ID.

No, none of the three devices are blockbusters. They are not targeted at the high end audience like the Epic and Evo were. They are targeted to the low-mid end of the lineup.

The Evo is still selling very well, and the Epic is still pretty much brand new in the Sprint lineup. No, they aren't going to announce another top end device...yet. Probably not till late year or early next.

DO NOT WANT and LAME? If you don't want it, don't buy it.