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Looking to gain better control of your LED notifications? If so, Rage Consulting has now released the latest update to their popular Light Flow LED control app. We reviewed it not all that long ago but v3.0 brings some welcomed changes to the mix including a new user interface because honestly, the old one was rather bland. In addition to the new UI, you can now also adjust notification volumes individually so you'll no longer have to deal with all notifications set at the same volume. Those are just two of the changes within. The full change log is rather lengthy and contains plenty of bug fixes, app additions and more:

  • Volume controls - each notification can be set with its own volume (either fixed or relative to the standard notification volume)
  • Notifications can be configured to play a sound even when the phone is in silent mode (for those very important notifications)
  • ICS devices can have a different notification volume set to the ringtone volume.
  • Widgets - 2 styles of basic widget for viewing and resetting notifications.
  • New custom color picker with HEX input available
  • New camera flash method selector with additional support for some Motorola phones
  • New Labs section: currently with Instant Alert to vibrate the phone when picked up for important messages
  • Added Chinese language
  • Control sleep time via near field communications - toggle by tapping a NFC tag

There are two versions of Light Flow available, lite and full. The lite version is available as a free download but only offers limited features while the full version costing $1.99 opens up the full functionality. Important to note, Light Flow will not work on all devices so best to give the lite version a go first to ensure compatibility.

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Reader comments

Light Flow LED Control v3.0 brings new user interface and notification volume controls


would totally get this app, too bad samsung didn't put a led notification light on the nexus s :(

have this app on my s3 and its just awesome...the new 3.0 just makes it that much easier actually setting it up for individual apps...anyone with a led light needs this app

>>> New custom color picker with HEX input available

And for this, FYI, the Blue that is used in ICS is 33B5E5!!!

Can this disable the stupid flashing led when a new gmail comes in??
Its so annoying! I've already unchecked the settings/Display & Gestures / Notification flash for the email, but still get them

Yes it can. There is a setting to make Lightflow the only controller of the main notification LED.

Lightflow > Settings > Main LED Control > Control - Light Flow controls the LED

Does HTC still use that janky green/orange only LED, or have they stepped it up to a full multicolor LED like Motorola has used even back on the OG Droid?