LG Optimus Pad

LG Electronics has issued a press release announcing that pre-sales for the Optimus Pad (check out our hands-on) will begin on March 15 for NTT DOCOMO customers in Japan.  The tablet has been customized for the Japanese market, with applications like BeeTV for mobile video entertainment and the 2Dfacto app for viewing eBooks and comics. 

Japanese consumers have long been known as early adopters of electronics, and it makes sense to offer the Optimus Pad on NTT DOCOMO right away.  It will be an excellent opportunity to evaluate the demand for the tablet's 3D camera, as well as the more "normal" hardware that we will be seeing on more tablets this year.  The press release offers no insight on pricing or an availability date, and we're not about to guess any further than expensive, and soon after.  Hopefully the T-Mobile G-Slate version won't be far behind.  You can read the full press release after the break. 


SEOUL, Feb. 24, 2011 – LG Electronics will begin taking advanced orders for the Japanese-market version of LG Optimus Pad starting March 15. The Japanese version Optimus Pad (model L-06C) will be offered through a partnership with NTT DOCOMO, the country’s leading mobile operator.

“Japanese consumers are among the fastest early adopters and we plan to move very aggressively here with our advanced mobile smart products in 2011,” said Kyu-hong Lee, Vice President and CEO of LG Electronics Japan. “Getting the Optimus Pad to market quickly in Japan is proof of LG’s commitment to serving the Japanese market.”

Customized for the Japanese Market
The Japanese version of the LG Optimus Pad is pre-loaded with applications custom-made for local tastes, including BeeTV which offers a wide selection of entertainment contents tailored for DOCOMO customers. It also includes the 2Dfacto application allowing users to access a wide selection of e-books and comics for reading on the generous 8.9-inch Optimus Pad screen.

Powerful Platform, Diverse Features
The new device supports Honeycomb, Google’s latest platform optimized for tablet devices with an optimized and intuitive PC-like interface for running tablet applications. LG’s tablet runs on a 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor for unmatched performance and power management.

A departure from the trend toward tablets featuring 7- or 10-inch screens, the LG Optimus Pad features a unique 8.9-inch display, offering users one-handed portability with no compromise in viewability. The 8.9-inch display offers native 1280x768 resolution and 15:9 aspect ratio.

Enhancing the multimedia experience, the LG Optimus Pad includes an array of advanced features such as a 3D camera and Full HD 1080p video capability for starters. With dual 5MP cameras, users can for the first time capture images and video in 3D right on the tablet itself. The LG Optimus Pad also allows for easy transfer of 3D content to TVs, PCs and other devices via HDMI.


Reader comments

LG Optimus Pad presales start March 15 in Japan


Dammit! No price on the press release?

I'm an American living in Japan, so I'd be pretty interested in getting this, but with the exchange rate being 80yen to the dollar right now, it kinda sucks buying these products as it's an automatic 20% markup if you are paid in dollars like I am.

Guess I need to drive down to Docomo and ask them when the actual release date is, if I need a contract (already have a contract with them with my Galaxy S), and how much it's going to be.

Well, I went to Docomo, they knew they were getting it in April, but couldn't say exactly when, and they didn't have a price. I'm probably not going to wait that long. Xoom here I come!

No info yet on the G-Slate. Al that hype and then nothing. I;m in no rush to but the Xoom anyway since it lacks Flash rightaway. But still, it would be nice to know if the G-Slate will be more expensive than he Xoom.

I would assume that it will be much more expensive, given the fact that it has similar specs, 3 cameras, and is 3D enabled. If it were cheaper or even the same price as the Xoom, then I'm sure LG would have leaked the price in order to canibalize some Xoom sales.

But now I'm pretty sure the G-Slate will launch at around $999 off contract and $799 on contract at least. No thanks. I'll wait for Wifi-only Xoom to launch, with Flash, at around, $400-$500.

You'll be waiting a while given that a WiFi only Xoom is going to launch with a $600 price point.

All these tablet that are coming out, you do the hands on but only show application that we already use and know about like youtube, google maps, and so on which are all ok but are in all android platforms. Seems like there isnt anything new with these tablets other then size. So where are the real apps the ones that will make someone say ok so now this is different have to have this tablet like zinio, documents to go or open office, team viewer, spring pad or evernotes, twitter, facebook, aim, usa today, nytimes, cnn, npr, or even games like angry birds, nova, ea sports football 2011, I mean how about we do a hands on with applications running on them so we can see what they look like on there or are there no apps yet for the fragmented android system.