We update our thoughts on LG's 2014 flagship — the G3

The G3 is LG's biggest smartphone launch to date, launched at events around the world just over two months ago, and arriving shortly thereafter on major carriers around the world, including the big four in the U.S. As rivals focused on metal unbodies and waterproof credentials, LG differentiated itself with an enormous 5.5-inch QHD (Quad HD) display, an updated software design language and frickin' lasers on the back.

But it's time to go beyond the initial launch hype and reflect on how the LG G3 has held up in day-to-day use. All five AC editors have had the chance to use the G3 over the past couple of months, and we've brought our thoughts together into a definitive roundtable feature. Read on to find out what we think of the G3, two months on ...


LG G3 Size and display

1. Let's start with the basics. The LG G3, with its 5.5-inch display, is a sizeable phone. How easily have you been able to hold and use it?

Alex Dobie: As I've said before, the LG G3 is the smallest big phone I've used. It can get away with packing an enormous display because there's very little of the front face that isn't taken up by it. There's no shortage of 5 to 5.2-inch phones that aren't as ergonomic as the G3, and on the whole it's surprising how easy it is to hold given its size. The curved back and extremely thin edges also help out here, as the parts of the G3 you're actually holding onto are extremely hand-friendly.

Phil Nickinson: This phone is 5.5 inches? OK, yeah, it is. It's big. I have to wonder if having the buttons on the back of the phone isn't what really makes that possible, though. Your hand knows where to go. It has something to hold onto. And you're not readjusting to find a top button, or hit the volume rocker.

Whatever LG did and whatever sorcery they used, it works.

Jerry Hildenbrand: LG has managed to take a phone that is too big for me and is made of a slippery hard plastic and turn it into something that is easy to hold anyway. Maybe it's the small bezels, or maybe the back buttons, or maybe it's because someone spent some time figuring out how to make just the right shapes in just the right places. Whatever they did and whatever sorcery they used, it works.

Richard Devine: It's big, but it doesn't feel 5.5-inches big. The G3 carries on right where the G2 left off when it comes to form factor, and those skinny bezels round front and the buttons on the back mean it's barely taller or wider than a Galaxy S5. There's no one-handing going on, after all, the screen is huge. But it's so ergonomic, with the gentle curve on the back, and the rear buttons are in just the right place for easy pressing. It isn't particularly heavy and while it might be a little wide, I'm perfectly happy with it.

Andrew Martonik: Looking at the 5.5-inch number to determine how well you'll be able to handle the LG G3 just doesn't do this phone justice. It feels dramatically smaller than any other device with a screen this large, and in my hand I really only notice the width, not the height. It introduces some usability issues when trying to manage the phone and touch all four corners, even with my large hands. LG has done a great job making the phone as easy to use as possible despite the screen size, but I still wish it had kept the screen size closer to 5 inches.

LG G3 text sharpness

2. Aside from the screen size, the G3's enormous resolution is perhaps its most prominent hardware feature. How have you found the display? Is 1440p on a handheld device worth it?

Alex: It is... sometimes. The G3 has a super-sharp, great-looking display, and yet I'm left wondering whether 1080p might have been a better choice. The Adreno 330 GPU would have an easier time handling the lower resolution, battery life would likely be improved (though that's not to say it's bad as-is), and the occasional frame rate stutters would likely be eliminated. I can see why LG went all-out and pushed for 2K in this device, but if I were designing it I'd have chosen the same display size, only at 1080p.

Phil: I think I'd probably be OK with a 1080p display on something the size of the G3. That'd still leave you with a pixel density of about 400 dpi, which should still be more than good enough for the vast majority of folks out there. If you gain that back in performance or battery life, so much the better. I don't think I'd turn down a QHD device at this point, and they're only going to get better as that screen resolution matures. But neither am I completely convinced that it's necessary in a smartphone-sized device.

Jerry: Reading this document on the G3 makes it worth it. I've finally seen some of the sharpness/shading issues where text against a certain color or background looks weird, but for regular text in a regular view, the G3 screen is extremely sharp and I can read longer while using it. The next time you see someone telling you that anything higher than 1080p has no benefit, be sure to read it on a G3.

For other purposes, I don't see much of a difference. People throw numbers and color charts around, but my eyes can't discern any real difference between the G3 and the display on the HTC One unless I pull it in close and try to find a difference. Performance is acceptable — which was my biggest worry — and the G3 stutters no more and no less than the Galaxy S5 while pushing all those pixels. The benefit of the QHD screen for text — especially non-Latin text — far outweighs any of the drawbacks.

2K video looks amazing, but in day-to-day use 'QHD' isn't as noticeable.

Richard: When you watch some of the pre-loaded 1440p video content on the G3, you think, "wow." But then you go back to doing everyday phone things and honestly it's questionable whether you can tell you're holding such a monstrous screen. It's absolutely stunning to look at, but you do get a couple of issues with frame rates from time to time which maybe, just maybe wouldn't occur with a 1080p display. Battery life doesn't seem to be taking a hit – I'm easily getting through the day, every day – which is good to see, but until we're seeing content that really shows off a display like this, looking great on a spec sheet is possibly the biggest difference.

Andrew: I can say that the screen looks great, but whether or not it's actually "worth" the drawback in performance is debatable. The LG G3's display doesn't look noticeably better than what you'd get on another leading device with a 1080p resolution, and if LG had kept the resolution down we may not see some of the software jitters we see here. I would have preferred LG took the approach that Samsung did between the S4 and S5 — improve brightness, contrast and outdoor visibility while keeping the same resolution.


Reader comments

LG G3, two months on ...


The absolute best phone released so far this year. Been running it pretty hard the last month and it has held up well. Slight stutter once and awhile but totally acceptable.

I will be interested to see how it compares to the Note 4

Posted via Android Central App

Their won't be a comparison to the Galaxy Note 4 that's on a level entirely on it's own.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

Richard always on lg g3 articles. Really have that deep set lg g3 envy. Why not jut buy the damn phone and try it out. No one will respect your opinions if its so biased to one company

Follow him on G+ and you'll see how deep his Samsung love goes. Won't try an competing device or he might have to admit that the sun doesn't rise and set over Samsung. :-)

Posted via Android Central App on my daily driver, the Droid MAX

So you're basically attempting to compare a device that's not only been announced, but also released, to a phone that isn't even fully confirmed? Yep, sounds like the ever-so-biased perspective of Richard Yarrell..

Posted from my International Samsung Galaxy Note 3

You mean that overpriced Samsung crap that will never have FM radio for example? At a price that is at the same stupid i-crap price point? At a physical size so much bigger despite having only 0.2" extra screen? With buttons on the side that you'd always accidentally press when pulling out of the pocket or bag?

I disagree. Had the G3 for a couple weeks and returned it for the M8. The M8 has been snappier, more sensitive, Sense 6 is awesome, and the phone feels way more solid. I miss the camera on the G3, but that's it.

Sense is the best skin out there, but the camera on the M8 drags the whole thing below the G3 and the S5 for phones released this year

Posted via Android Central App

Makes sense if camera performance means that much to you. I do think I'd probably use my camera more often had I kept the G3 though.

I have not tried the G3, but I agree with previous comments about the M8 - super fast, beautiful screen, sense 6 is really nice and minimalistic but the camera could be better. Overall, very happy with the M8. Unlike other phones I've had, I have not had the urge to upgrade to another phone.

The overall performance of the G3 drags it below the M8. At the end of the day performance trumps everything else. The G3 camera is overall better than the M8's camera, but people spend much more time using the device UI than the camera. Some people rarely if ever use the camera on a device. But everyone uses the UI. I'd say G2 was closer to M8 in terms of smooth performance. M8 is a much more smooth, mature user experience. G3 is beset with complaints about screen dimness, overheating, device automatically dimming the screen in order to preserve battery, poor battery life at reasonable screen brightness. Apps hesitating to open, stuttering scrolling. People complain about the M8 camera. That's it. You do the math.

Do you have a G3, or are you just parroting what you read? I've had a G3 since launch day, and I have none of those issues. I use Nova Launcher and there is zero lag. My only gripes are oversharpened text and battery life isn't quite what I expected (but it lasts all day without boosting so that is all I really need).

The camera alone stopped me from buying the M8.

The G3 camera, on the other hand, may be the most underrated feature on that phone.

G3 is not slower than HTC M8, you have to keep in mind there is differences between the two. The LG G3 has higher resolution which 2560x1440, that`s what it makes it slower.

You said it's slower and not slower within two as sentences. I owned it, am not partial to one OEM over another, and the M8 is far speedier than the G3 was. I disabled the crap to speed it up and it still doesn't compare. It's screen is nice but the colors are wrong (at least to my eyes). I really liked the G3 but, in my experience, the M8 is the overall superior device.

I just hate how tall and large the phone is compared to the size screen. Yes it has better speakers, but for me if I listen to music it's almost always over BT, I never use my phone as the source of audio sound. For the rare chance I do, it's not worth dealing with such a tall phone. Plus the camera sucks.

That is exactly why I went with the G3 first. Once I switched to the M8 I wasn't too unhappy with its length. I swear though, when you hear this sucker play any kind of music or sound, it made me completely forget about how long it is. Not a big music listener (from my phone) but when I do it still blows my mind how great it sounds coming from a phone.

The M8 has awesome speakers for a phone, but I'd rather listen to media through earbuds any day. Unlike a lot of people, I don't want everyone to hear what I am listening to. For sharing the occasional YouTube or Break video with friends, the G3 speaker works fine. I'll gladly take a 5.5" screen with minimal bezels over a smaller screen + BoomSound speakers.

My wife's last two phones have been HTC phones (Thunderbolt, Droid DNA). She's tired of HTC and wanted to try the LG G3...I think she will really like it. We're getting it in today.

Sense is fast. Htc is the apple of android. But if you freeze unnecessary bloat from the g3 it becomes near nexus 5 fast and it crushes the m8 especially that youtube now has 1440p video, WOW. With a little tweaks the g3 runs faster than the m8. Well mine does since its ranked the fastest G3 in the world by geekbench :)

Its so tiresome hearing this HTC Sense rubbish. For the longest time, HTC Sense has been too UI heavy with way too much 3D effects and layering and such. That is why battery life and performance (stutters) were always an issue on HTC phones. That is why HTC has always been such a failed company bleeding money.

The HTC fan brigade going ga-ga "Sense is so good" are the same ones who can't learn or won't want to change to a different UI. Its just inertia.

I know because I have always tried HTC Sense on the custom Android ROMs over the years even though the last time I bought a HTC was during the Windows Mobile/CE days. Tragic but true. Else they'd be doing better wouldn't they?

I've learnt that there's a reason why Apex & Nova launchers are the 2 most popular Android launchers. It doesn't matter what phone or model I use, I always end up going back to either of them.

Loving my G3. The camera is fantastic. Not one single issue now that I am running the Google launcher.

Posted via the Android Central App

Great phone. Paired with a USB qi receiver and a charging pad, it makes it the best phone on the market. One question though....where are the damn OEM charging backs from LG??? Not ones off e-bay or some site in China....real LG OEM backs!! Let's go LG, get it together!!

Not that I am big on conspiracy theories but the Qi circle view case is much more expensive so of course they want to push the early adopters there first

The Euro Qi back from LG on ebay works, looks and fits 100%. So well that it makes me even madder that this feature is not on every single G3 in every single market. This is a part inside is a very inexpensive part that enables Qi. It is shameful that they left this out of the US market. Shameful! . .

It's the carriers hoping to sell you the accessories. It is the only reason I can come up with

Posted via Android Central App

Please don't neglect that every different back on every different carrier would require FCC approval.
Maybe the timeframe for approval did not allow the added function to be on the initial device.

Are the antennas for each carrier in the back? If not, and they aren't, then you only need one to pass through. I am not even sure you need one to get through

Posted via Android Central App

Blah blah blah. I am really tired of hearing that the screen is the reason for the g3's occasional lag. The Nexus 10 has a higher resolution, and a slower cpu and gpu. It has no problem with the resolution. The issue is clearly software.

In my experience it's definitely the software. Smart Notice and Smart bulletin in particular. Turning those off makes it a little smoother.

I got blasted the other day for saying stuff like that...

I would have thought it would be common sense to turn stuff off if you don't use it or it is wonky implementation. Apparently that is frowned upon...

Posted via Android Central App

Totally agree with you, its complete BS. How even experienced tech writers keep repeating that junk I just don't know.

In 3D games, yeah, it makes a difference, in the 2D interface it makes non at all.

I cannot agree more with this comment. My nexus 7 for instance is the same resolution (or there abouts) and runs just fine. I too like another commenter have nova launcher running on my G3 and it increases the performance exponentially.
Why oh why are tech sites blaming the performance issues on the screen?

Posted via Android Central App

Sold it after 20 days. Use the M8, OPO and Z2. If LG had sold the unlocked model directly from their store or other means with US LTE bands like the M8 or Sony with no carrier crap then I would have probably kept it.

Posted via the Android Central App

You know what I'm taking? Read my post.
I need an unlocked model with proper US LTE bands with LG firmware minus the carrier bloat. HTC, Sony,Moto I can to go their online store pay full price and buy it. Can't do that with LG or even Samsung. You can buy international versions from third party sellers but they don't have needed LTE bands.

I know I can root remove carrier bloat blah blah. But I don't want to do that think about OTAs. Give me the option to buy the phone unlocked without carrier bloat like many other OEMs do.

Posted via the Android Central App

Actually you will not. Carriers hash the existing firmware and if it differs, they refuse to finish the update.
Rooting may or may not affect an OTA. Debloat absolutely prevents OTA.

I guess he meant bootloader part. I rooted mine and removed bloat and that's pretty much all I needed.

Yep, it's a shame that LG don't want my money. If they did they would sell unlocked.
Why should I buy from my carrier if they disable the FM radio, disable Qi charging, and fill it with bloat?

Posted via Android Central App using the all new HTC One (m8)

I've had mine for about 3 weeks now.
Came from a Galaxy S4. Didn't want an S5 due to KNOX and nothing to grab my attention.
I'm a phone a year guy. Anyway, the LG G3 is great, with no real complaints.
If I could have one thing, I'd give up the 1440 display for 1080 is a smaller package.

When I first looked at the specs, I thought tooooo biiiiggg.
I went in the store and played with one.
As soon as there was root, I was on Swappa llike the gear addict I am.

Love the phone.

Screen sharpening is just terrible

If the majority of your websites and apps use black/colored text on off-white backgrounds, you'll be driven nuts. The benefits of a high pixel density is ruined when you have to zoom in to read small oversharpened text

Couldn't make it an option LG? Ugh

Yeah its the G3s biggest weakness, its just plain ugly. Why they ever thought it was a good idea I dont know, it almost looks like the text is actually a picture of text that has bad JPEG compression.

Best camera ever. Thank you LG for giving me a phone with a great clear camera. I no longer need the excuse of "it's a phone, not a camera" I understand I can't go to another phone with a camera less than this.

I wish Android would let us control what is shown in the notification /status bar. NFC and BT I don't need to see, let me decide what goes there.

Posted via Android Central App

While the Lumia 1020 is busy "having a word" or even taking a picture, the G3 has shot a bunch and gone down the pub.

I love the Lumia 1020 but I've missed too many good shots because it's so damn slow.

To anyone who has it, does it charge fast? What device were you using before getting the G3? I'm wondering how much faster newer smartphones charge.

Posted via Android Central App

I have seen this or quite a bit less if not plugging in at the end of the day. If I am at 20 or a little above which is where I usually end up, then 2 or less.

Posted via Android Central App

It charges pretty fast. 2 hours is optimistic but I could say 3ish.

It is one of the things I think LG missed the boat on. They should have went with USB 3. My note does charge faster and is about the same size battery (note is a bit bigger)

It is not a fatal flaw by any means

Posted via Android Central App

That's interesting. From dead, my fiance and I can charge my G3 and her GS5 which has a battery 200 mAh smaller and charges via USB 3.0. Typically my G3 is only trailing her GS5 by about 10 minutes.

Posted via Android Central App

Charges between 2 and 3 hours depending at what % you were on when put on charge. I came from a G2 and the G2 charged a bit quicker but it had a smaller battery.

Was using a GS4 before with a 3000mAh battery.
Charge is about 2 hours.
Simple math is 1.5-1.9A will give you ~3000mAh in about 2 hours.
Factor in the phone is on and you get the idea.
It charges at about the same rate as my GS4.

Not impressed with the G3 at all. There's just too much lag and redrawing. The QHD jump with the hardware of the 801 SOC is just too big,the phone struggles with it.

I own the device and have not noticed any lag. Maybe I'm just not much of a power user and I turned off some things that I don't need (the smart garbage) but lag is nonexistent on my G3.

There is NO lag. It does stutter here and there in certain apps for some reason and a software update will fix it I'm sure.

My S4 has a Snapdragon 600, older than the 801, and it doesn't lag, I live in the real world.

Posted via Android Central App

Dude seriously? Its a well accepted fact that the S4 lags. It's gotten better over time but it definitely still lags (much worse than my G3). And yes I have one of those too.

Posted via Android Central App on my daily driver, the Droid MAX

The lag is in the UI, not in other apps. And yes I own one. If it bothers you disable some things or use a custom launcher. As for me it's not severe enough to hamper my enjoyment of the phone.

Posted via Android Central App on my daily driver, the Droid MAX

I have been having serious lag on mine in Chrome. For an example go to the wiki page for Superbowl winners. Basic page that will hardly scroll on the G3.

Something is wrong.
I go to that page and my phone can scroll so fast I can read it.
The 801 is more than enough for a QHD screen.

Benchmarks are crappy for most things but for basic frame rates you can get plenty of information.
For both 2D and 3D rates the 801 can handle the screen just fine.
For those with lag, what widgets are you running?
Do you have Facebook and other social widgets?

I'm running the stock launcher and I see no lag at all.
I have 4 email accounts syncing in the background, 3 with K9 and 1 with Touchdown.
I have two Weatherbug Elite widgets running and one Executive Assistant widget.

No lag for me. Quite snappy.

Stock launcher no widgets running. It didn't have issues when I first got it. They seem to have started when I reset it and I just reset it again thinking something was wrong. I will keep playing with it to see if I can figure what I changed originally that made it smooth that is not enabled now.

I have also experienced some bad scroll lag in the Chrome browser on my own G3. Saw some others saying the same thing and that using the Chrome beta browser tended to be much smoother. I switched browsers and concur: Chrome beta seems quite a bit smoother with scrolling on this phone.

I didn't notice any but to be fair I replaced it with my stand by SwiftKey during its first day with me.

Posted via Android Central App

I haven't noticed any lag either, after I removed the LG widgets from the home screen. People will claim a device has lag from being let down by a hardware spec so fast.... They should really try using the device for more than 5 minutes before passing judgment. Its a great phone. No issues from me.

Posted via Android Central App

Love how when Mobile Nations buys your phones how you can treat it any kinda way. You can go naked, toss it around, and drop it. No fucks given lol. It's a good deal if you can get it.

Posted via Android Central App

"I were to add up the seconds that are wasted every time I have to pick up the phone off a table to change the volume (or use the software slider in the notification bar instead) or awkwardly fumble on the back to hit the power key, I've lost minutes of productivity"

Gosh, whole minutes!

Ha yeah that was the most ludicrous argument in the article. Giving up thin bezels to get those minutes of productivity back. Lol guy works all day non-stop no time for minutes of nonsense! Got a good laugh out of me.

Posted via Android Central App

Some people have jobs, some people have actual things to do. We don't all watch TV in our mom's basement all day playing with our phones.

Posted via the Android Central App

I get some lag when closing out of an app to the home screen sometimes, that's it. Otherwise I am liking the phone a lot. Rear buttons and overall size I loved at first use.

I have all of the LG widgets and screens disabled, but am running max screens. Everything else is pretty stock including the wall paper though I have branched out to some nice ones from Zedge here lately, static not live. Battery mimics the article and I am listening to blue tooth stereo headphones a big part of every day and obviously doing a little surfing in wifi while at work... Like now!

It has been a solid purchase for me so far and I am glad I have it.

BONUS: it found the codes for my obscure 32 inch TV and works it better than the aging original remote! (Soyo for the curious)

Posted via Android Central App

A Soyo?? Holy crapola! I used to buy Soyo mother boards for my PC builds as they were cheap. I have to say though, they lasted!

Just went OnePlus One full time today as my main phone. I was using a Nexus 5. The OnePlus One battery is much better from prior testing when I wasn't using it as my main phone. I am liking CyanogenMod too.

Yeah but you have to see that damn lizard and hear that pig all the time so it is a push

Posted via Android Central App

I just got my LG G3 five days ago through T-mobiles jump program and I love this phone. Coming from a Sony Z1S I will miss the water proof design as I did take my share of underwater photos. But the bigger, clearer, thinner and overall better feeling phone of the G3 sold me. I haven't had any performance issues as described, but I did remove the smart notice widget and just kept the LG health widget and removed an apps that I did not want. The camera works great, picture quality is comparable or better at times than my Sony. Overall this is the best Android phone on the market.

Something else in my usage set up and the redraw lag I seem to be experiencing. I run several widgets actively pulling data, this one (of course) Engadget and my G+ feed, and am constantly scrolling them, lot less conspicuous than handling the entire phone while at work. This habit I formed on my Galaxy Nexus and while it pulled it off, it was not nearly as fast as this phone and lived on its charger. I recognized the behavior right off, and disabling the widgets takes care of it for me, on stock papers anyway.

I am good since the rest of the experience is so smooth, so I will live with some redraw for now and who knows, perhaps they fix it on down the road.

Posted via Android Central App

Just curious, have you tried replacing the launcher and then running all your widgets?

I doubt that it can be 'fixed' but I do agree that is acceptable

Posted via Android Central App

Not yet... I was running Nova on my nexus (gasp) and am very familiar :) I wanted to give this one a chance ax is before going too far out there and will most likely check it out in Nova ad well in time just to be sure.

Posted via Android Central App

Still unacceptable to have to download a new launcher to keep the phone smooth and redraw free.

Posted via the Android Central App

Looks like a nice phone. I have been tempted to jump ship from the HTC One M8 for the camera alone but the boomsound speakers, speedy performance, and premium design kept me from doing so.

Also, after reading various reviews it sounds like the screen isn't all it's cracked up to be. Colors appear washed out and muted and outdoor visibility isn't as good as the HTC One. It consistently rated lowest in most of the screen tests done on Anandtech. Also, the stuttery performance would be a huge annoyance after using the buttery smooth Sense 6.0.

I'll check one out in stores today just to satisfy my gadget lust but I don't see much reason to move from the One M8.

Do a side by side and set both screens at Auto Off at around 80% and see what you think. My only complaint about the G3 is that color/white balance is a little washed out.

Jerry, Have you lost your mind? One of most appealing things that makes a previous Samsung Galaxy owner consider this phone is the removable back w/MicroSD support, removable battery, and wireless charging option. Really can't for the life of me understand how someone can think a non-removable back is better!

I do. But it is just personal preference. When I had a phone that had removable back cover and SD card I never had enough stuff on my phone to actually justify using the SD card and I never removed the battery and replaced it on the go.  So for me I would prefer a closed phone without features I won't use.

I have a 128GB microSD with 60GB of music and movies and another 10GB of things like books and podcasts.
I take pictures to SD so that if the phone goes south I have my pics.

I would never buy a phone without microSD support.
I've had multiple phones that had fixed batteries, Droid Razr, Droid Razr Maxx, Droid HD.

LG has an entire division (LG Chem) that only does batteries.

They designed a much more efficient system that not only allows a battery of higher capacity to be installed in teh same space, but it will have a longer lifespan.

Then they didn't use any of it for the G3.

I've clearly lost my mind for wanting a better option.

Isn't it better to have the option and not need it than to need it and not have the option?

Posted via Android Central App

Longer lifespan is not guaranteed. My dad's G2 battery swelled inside the phone causing it to press against the backside of the lcd screen and causing bright spots and discoloration as well as random shut downs. It was hell getting the carrier technician to take the phone apart to investigate. Idiot kept saying there were too many apps on the phone and that he should do a factory reset. My dad who is an electrical engineer asked him what's the point of having 32 GB of storage for you to tell me the 6 GB of apps I'm using is too much. He insisted and finally bargained that if the guy will investigate the battery and it's good, the he will allow the factory reset.

Battery was swollen as hell for a phone that was only purchased in November (10 months ago). There's no reason for that and the inconvenience he had to go through to get it properly fixed was ridiculous. We could have easily identified this if the battery were not embedded in the phone. I had the LG Optimus G which also had an embedded battery and I loved that phone, but I am seriously over this non user-replaceable battery nonsense. I don't think I'll personally buy another phone built that way unless disassembly is user friendly.

Posted via Android Central App

Have to agree. I don't think it's so much an oem problem... It's the OS. The Goog has made a (mistake imho) design decision to push internal storage. I'm on a 16g Note 2 and am frustrated often with having to remove a game when trying a new one. Games breaking the 1 gig point now really shows Androids shortfall, and it's really a program issue. Google has enough talent to work out any issues to make it more user friendly. Besides, if you truly like the idea of fixed memory and non-removable battery, already been done. IOS on the ick-phone :-P

Posted via the Android Central App

I wanted the g3 but wound up getting an oppo find 7.
After composing screen's, the screen on the oppo is much better than the one on the g3.
The oppo camera is possibly every bit as good as the g3.
The oppo's build quality is much better than the g3 in my opinion.
The only thing that draw's me to the g3 is the lightness of it. Having arthritis in both hands and wrists I can really feel the weight of the oppo.

Posted via the Android Central App

I too upgraded from an S4 to the G3. I am completely happy with my decision. The slight curve in the G3, coupled with its slim bezels, actually makes it feel like the S4 in terms of size so you won’t have any issues with that. My fiancée traded in her iPhone 5 about a month before the LG G3 was released. She wishes she would have waited on the G3 instead of getting the S5.

Yeah I just got mine, 24 hours in just about and I'm absolutely loving it. Well worth the upgrade in my opnion. I really dont notice any kind of lag that people are complaining about. I've disabled most of the junk. It runs great here.

Would be nice if the design team at LG actually read this article. Oh and for the record, I got my AT&T G3 on launch day. Pretty much what the editors said. The size is a plus not a minus, battery life is fine, camera is great, build quality is fine (I baby my phones though). I will reserve final judgment for after the Android L release.


I have the android L port on my Nexus 4, and it has breathed new life into that phone. I look forward to some android L love on my G3.

Out of curiosity what are you doing with it? As I stated for my off brand TV AND a friend's very ON brand Sony it completely works them with no issues at a slightly better range than the base on the Sony and just plain old works on my soyo. No stutters complaints or adjustments to get it to register. With this feature I am solidly sold, I have that remote in a couple places on the phone I use it so much.

Posted via Android Central App

Lol I'm doing nothing now because I returned the phone. There were days when my remote was MIA and I needed to flip channels. It stops working 6 feet from the TV...I can flip channels on my HTC One from the other room...

10 ft from my couch to my A/V equipment and the G3 works perfectly as a remote. Just my personal experience.

Posted via Android Central App

Yes it is, I'm glad I don't use it much.
That's probably my biggest complaint. But then, that's a "First World Problem".

I am gonna take a stab at it and say it is because of the screen resolution. (nothing else makes sense) That will resolve itself shortly with the other 1440 phones coming soon.

AC can I tell you guys up front that I love these series of articles you've been doing like this. Its great to hear all of you chime in and give your take on the phones. Please keep this a regular feature of a site I already really love.

Having had the phone since Saturday last I can tell you I am really liking it a lot. It's like LG made this phone just for me it fits my hand really well and I get around on it very easily. I love the curved back and have no troubles going end to end and side to side. Still getting used to the rear buttons but I like the feature over all.

As with most of the latest phones it's fast, the screen is incredible, and I can customize the heck out of it didn't take long to set it up the way I like. Haven't used the camera much yet but I am anxious to reading your comments above.

I hope things keep going this way. After a love affair with the GNote 2 I just couldn't get along with the GNote 3 as well and it was time to move on. So far, the G3 and I are digging each other lets see how it progresses ...

I share the same G3 sentiments and Note 2 & 3 experience. I absolutely loved my Note 2 but hated the Note 3. I sold the Note 3 and went back to my Note 2 until the G3 came out, and its been an awesome phone...but I can't wait to see SlimKat on it.

They really need to do something about the screen sharpening on this. Its really ugly, really.

In fact the screen is the worst thing on the phone, its blacks are a bit poor, not N5 poor, but a bit poor, as is the off axis washout. Again its not N5 bad, but its worse than the G2 and far worse than the M8.

GSM g3 seems to have better battery life than the CDMA (sprint) battery life. :(

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This phone for 2 weeks now not impressed with it. Several problems

1 keeps switching off and on
2 runs very hot
3 battery lasts 4 hours max
4 wifi keeps dropping
5 screen very difficult to see outside

Lg not interested so it's good bye lg hello anything else

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Lemon? You are by far the first that I have read with these issues. No expert, or reader of all things by any means. I would return to place of purchase, or buy insurance and ditch it. How about a factory reset and ad apps slowly. Maybe it's an app?

Take your phone back before the 14 day warrant expires you have a bad device

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I went from a note 3 to a G3 and by far the G3 is the best phone out on the market I have Co workers with M8 phones and they hate it compared to my G3. The camera also on the G3 is impeccable excellent pictures even in night and low light even if the note 4 comes out, it won't trump the G3 by much

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Great write up as always. Loving this phone so far other than the hiccups in daily usage. Still a step up from my God, as it rightfully should be.

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How is a removable battery a hassle? I'm shocked Phil doesn't use the health features!

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I've had this phone for about 9 days so far and absolutely love it. I had to wait until Aug 1st to buy mine since LG Canada decided to drop this phone a whole 2 weeks after the US. I have the Rogers version, and it's running pretty great. After a couple of days, I switched to ART and the battery life is insane. I'm a moderate user (while at work) and a heavy user otherwise, and it easily gets me through the entire day. Yesterday after unplugging the phone in the morning (around 8AM), by midnight it still had 44% remaining (2h screen time!) I haven't had much time to play with it like I have with every other phone I've had, but coming from an S4 to the G3 is life changing, especially now that YouTube supports 1440p!

If ANY new phone only lasted 4hours on battery I would know right away that the phone was defective and take it back so that guy above has got to be trolling.

I have had my G3 for about three weeks and overall I am satisfied. My only complaint is the auto brightness is too aggressive. Other than that the screen us fantastic, the camera is excellent, and battery life has good (I have never killed it even under heavy use). The phone's size it perfect for a larger phone, and it us easier to hold than either the GS5 or M8 or even Oppo Find 7 or One ± (all of which I have used}.

No phone can possibly please all of the people all of the time, but the G3 hits all the right notes for me. Of course I never say never and will see what happens with the Nexus 6.......

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All of you AC editors are rough on your phones. I got my T-Mobile G3 since launch day and it looks just as good as the day I bought it, no scratches whatsoever. But I spent my own money for mine, so that probably makes a difference.

Just a quick edit suggestion. Richard is talking about battery life - and I think a hyperlink got borked or something. Here's the quote (bolded/italicized for clarity)

"I haven't felt the need to swap in a fresh battery at all, though that might change heading into [IFA 2014[(/ifa) in the next few weeks. I don't have wireless charging on my G3, but honestly, I haven't needed it. So long as it lasts until I go to bed, I'm happy. And most of the time the G3 is well within those boundaries."

fix pls...

Had mine a few hours today and so far so good. Coming from a Nexus 4, I'm really looking forward to using the camera. Google launcher was put on immediately as I've gotten used to it over the last couple of years

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This is the best phone available in my opinion. If you do not want a larger size there are other options.

Screen looks great, camera is great, and the battery life is all day.

I have found only one problem. The compass appears to be off by 90 degrees. I assume this will get fixed with the first major software update. It is not a real problem, more of an oddity.

Posted via my LG G3

EXCEPT: I love my G3. It was so worth upgrading from my G2. Except, the G3 has only 2 pages to the home screen and I can't find any setting to increase it. I would certainly love for LG to give us a third page. None of my other phones have been limited to two pages.

Pinch inwards using your index and thumb from the corners on the home screen and add as many pages as you want

I have no clue what to get anymore. There are too many "best phone EVER"s right now... and it's only going to get worse...

That's why you don't wait. When you decide you want a new phone, do some research (limited to what is available now or is announced with availability dates), pick what's right for you and don't look back.

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I think I have a similar issue. I keep going back to the store to play with these two phones, find that i prefer the G3, then go back home and read stuff that makes me second-guess myself.

My LG G Pad 8.3 had a bit of UI stuttering and sluggishness, but after disabling a few stuff plus puting Nova Prime, it now feels much faster.
So I too believe (even though I dont own a G3 yet) that the performance issues are more of LG's UI problems than screen resolution..

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here is my wish list for this phone like to see them do a 64 bit system with a 128gb and a micro sd card slot and a way we could use it the way we wont like increase the ram size with it , other then that its great