LG G2 Mini announced

Bringing the great parts of the LG G2 to a smaller form factor while cutting the specs at the same time

Mobile World CongressAfter successfully teasing a smaller version of its flagship LG G2 last week, LG has let the cat out of the bag on the LG G2 Mini. Just like it did with the G Pro 2, LG is getting out ahead of the pre-MWC speculation by simply releasing details and pictures of the upcoming device for all to see before getting a true introduction at the show next week. Borrowing the name and design from its larger sibling, the LG G2 Mini is set to be a smaller, mid-range version of the flagship that has brought a good amount of attention to LG in recent months.

"The G2 mini is all about bringing the best user experience of the G2 to a more compact, mid-tier device, giving millions of customers the opportunity to benefit from the LG premium experience. This device offers the perfect balance of modern design and practical UX in a compact package without compromising performance.”

Said Dr. Jong-seok Park, CEO of LG Mobile. You'll notice most of the talk is about the "experience" of the LG G2, not the exact speeds and feeds — these aren't the G2's specs squeezed into a smaller frame. While we have a full G2 Mini specs post linked below, here are the quick highlights:

  • 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Quad-Core MSM8926 (Snapdragon 400) processor
  • 4.7-inch qHD (that's 960 x 540) IPS display
  • 1GB RAM, 8GB storage (SD card expandable)
  • 8MP / 1.3MP cameras (13MP in Latin America)
  • 2440mAh user-removable battery
  • Android 4.4, KitKat

It looks as though there will be at least three variants of the LG G2 Mini at launch — a dual SIM 3G version, a global LTE version and a Latin America LTE version, each arriving in four colors. The Latin America version will have a Tegra 4i processor, a 13MP camera and different radio bands from the rest, it seems. The LG G2 Mini will see a global release in March, hitting the Russian region with a 3G dual-SIM variant first, followed by major markets in the Middle East, Latin america, Europe and Asia thereafter. Interestingly, the release makes no note of North American availability — this is a play for markets that are more price sensitive.


With G2 mini, LG Expands Premium G Series Benefits to Mid-Tier Segment

SEOUL, Feb. 19, 2014 ― LG Electronics (LG) will unveil its first ever “compact” smartphone, G2 mini, at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. Developed as a smaller version of the award-winning LG G2, the G2 mini will introduce most of the G2’s premium UX features to a new global audience.

User-friendly UX features found in LG’s premium G Series flagship models, such as Guest Mode, Plug & Pop, Clip Tray and Capture Plus, have been carried over to the G2 mini to satisfy a generation of new users. And because the global mid-tier smartphone was designed to meet the needs of millions of customers around the world, the G2 mini will be available in many variations: Single/Dual SIM, 3G/4G LTE and four vibrant color options, among others.

Now mature, the smartphone market has settled into categories of premium devices with display sizes above 5-inches and mid-tier devices in the 4.5-inch range.1 As a 4.7-inch device with optimum hardware unmatched in its class, the G2 mini is anticipated to further satisfy consumer demand for a practical smartphone with premium features. As a compact version of the smartphone that has earned a number of “Best of 2013” awards from the media, the G2 mini maintains the innovative design heritage of the Rear Key first introduced in the G2. The 4.7-inch screen and 2,440mAh battery are both top-in-class and the bright IPS display and powerful Quad-Core processor provide a superb multitasking experience. And the G2 mini comes with Android 4.4 KitKat for the most up-to-date and optimized Android experience currently available.

"The G2 mini is all about bringing the best user experience of the G2 to a more compact, mid-tier device, giving millions of customers the opportunity to benefit from the LG premium experience,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “This device offers the perfect balance of modern design and practical UX in a compact package without compromising performance.”

The G2 mini will being its global rollout in March with the 3G Dual SIM model in CIS countries followed soon after by major markets in the Middle East, Latin America and Asia ― including Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan ― and Europe. The G2 mini will make its global debut at LG’s Booth in Hall 3 of Fira Gran Via during MWC 2014.

Key Specifications: - Chipset: 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Quad-Core MSM8926 (LTE) / MSM8226 (3G) 1.7GHz Nvidia Quad Core Tegra 4i (LATAM LTE version) - Display: 4.7-inch qHD IPS (960 x 540) - Memory: 8GB eMMC / 1GB RAM / SD Card Slot - Camera: Rear 8.0MP / 13.0MP (LATAM LTE version) / Front 1.3MP - Battery: 2,440mAh (removable) - Operating System: Android 4.4 KitKat - Size: 129.6 x 66.0 x 9.8mm - Weight: 121g - Network: Cat. 4 & VoLTE / Cat. 3(LATAM), HSPA+ 21Mbps (3G) - Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi (802.11 b/g/n), A-GPS, NFC (4G LTE version only) - Colors: Titan Black, Lunar White, Red, Gold (depending on region) - Other: Plug & Pop, Guest Mode, Clip Tray, Quick Window, etc.


Reader comments

LG G2 Mini official, landing globally in March


Based on the markets, I understand the the qHD screen.

Posted via Android Central App

Of course it's not a flagship in a small size why would they do that and give us what we want

Posted via Android Central App

Based on the markets, I understand the qHD screen.

Posted via Android Central App

A qHD display, seriously.... This would of been a great Moto G competitor if priced right, but a qHD Display in 2014? Cmon

There is a lot not to like there. Not going to be one of the better minis of the year. Even with a SD Card slot, there should never be 8GB in the storage spot, nor 1GB in the RAM spot.

I would be ok with this if we were talking about emerging markets, but if you gonna say worldwide if is unacceptable

The fact that the dual SIM version is launching in and around Russia first and there is no availability in the US/Canada (and presumably Western Europe) should give you an indication of what this phone is targeting. This is for markets where folks can't or won't spend top dollar for the LG G2 or G Pro 2.

Well then, I recommend Russian to get the Moto G instead if available. Just because you're from Russia doesn't mean you don't deserve better than qHD at an affordable price. I doubt this phone will beat the price of the Moto G either.

Very true and I hope they do not release this in Western Europe and similar markets.

Posted via Android Central App

I understand that, but unless the cost comes in low, then there is no reason not to give the user a better experience. If this is around the price of the Moto G or less, maybe it would be cool. anything over that then just no.

I remember the day when I got my Moto Atrix and it had the qHD screen and I thought it was AMAZING. Lol, times have changed.

Posted via Android Central App

LG always launches there devices like this.

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

i understand it's mini. i understand it's not the G2, but why companies insist on 8 gb storage is just beyond me. i get it, expandable storage and all of that.

Well those mothefuckers need to start downloading shit to raise the bar a little bit more

Posted via Android Central App

I've been shopping phones for a friend of mine. She wants a high end device, but is a tiny girls with small hands. Seriously, the only company getting "minis" right is Sony with the Z1 Compact, and it's not even scheduled for a US release. I know they aren't pushing for a US market with the G2 Mini, but can SOMEONE please make a phone with a non-huge screen and decent specs and send it stateside?!

Posted via Android Central App

Yes but it's not running lg 's heavy ui, it has 2gb of ram, and the processor is clocked higher.

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Not saying this isn't a good phone, but the moto x just has a lot more to work with

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Well actually Sony is avoiding the mini terminology and opting for compact thus meaning it keeps the same specs as the flagships.

A great idea from Sony and although numbers are not everything this is shockingly poor.

So emerging markets are perceived to be not in the need for decent storage at the very least we'll that's a bit insulting eh?

Posted via Android Central App

I find it interesting that a 4.7 inch screen is now considered mini or compact. Just a couple of years ago I thought anything over 4.3" was huge. I still consider my Nexus 4 to be more than big enough.

Posted via Android Central App

Wouldn't mid range now be what was in the LG Optimus G? Is this technically slower (processor and RAM) ?