LG G2.

We’re live in New York where LG has formally unveiled its highly-anticipated G2 flagship, which is set to hit 130 countries and the four major US carriers within the next eight weeks. LG knows just how fierce the smartphone market is, and it seems to have pulled out all the stops — this is undoubtedly the Korean company's most impressive smartphone yet. More than just a sequel to the Optimus G, the G2 marks a shift for LG — as it ditches the Optimus moniker for its flagship line, LG is keen to rebrand itself as a major competitor to the current market shapers.

The G2 is a step forward for LG in terms of both hardware quality and software. Not only is this the most well-designed smartphone to ever come out of LG’s labs, it also feels like the company has finally gotten its UX right. With its latest product, it seems LG is no longer playing catch up in this important area.

Right off the bat, let’s talk about that crazy-nice display. It measures up to a full 5.2 inches while maintaining the traditional 5-inch footprint, thanks to the super-slim bezel. It’s nearly one  millimeter thinner on the sides and three millimeters thinner up top than its main competitor, the Samsung Galaxy S4. That translates to a 75.9% effective display area, the largest on the market today. And thanks to its true full HD resolution and 400-nit brightness, we’re seeing a display that can give just about every one of its competitors a run for their money.

LG G2.

Despite the humongous screen, the G2 manages to maintain a rather slim and sleek profile, assisted by LG’s decision to move the power button and volume rocker to the back of the device. It’s a radical move, but one that LG explained rather logically. With a device of this size, you’ll have an easier time reaching the back than you would reaching the side.  Think about it: where does your finger naturally lie when holding a 5-inch or larger smartphone? And its location lends itself to some cool added functionality — it doubles as an LED notification, but it also acts as a quick launch for your camera (hold volume down) and LG’s Memo app (hold volume up.) Pretty useful indeed.

LG G2.LG G2.

Because of that unique addition, this is a unibody design with a non-removable 3,000 mAh battery. Yes, it’s huge, and that’s thanks in large part to its “step” design – think of a plateau rather than the traditional brick form of most batteries. This lends itself to a thinner design, but also to a larger capacity. LG says you’ll get 30% more juice out of its battery than you would from other 5-inch displays — in real terms, LG says we’re looking at a full 1.2 days of usage without a charge. (We’ll have to wait see just how well that holds up.)

Another thing you’ll notice on the rear is the 13-megapixel super-slim camera. It’s made of fingerprint-resistant sapphire glass, nearly three times stronger than traditional tempered glass, and boasts an OIS module, anti-shake technology, and audio zoom. LG says that it worked hard on improving the camera quality on its smartphones, and we’re anxious to see how real-world results stack up to the claims.

LG G2.

Lastly on the hardware side, LG has thrown itself into the middle of the audio war that HTC started with its BoomSound tech. LG’s answer is the first "hi-fi smartphone," capable of playing 24 bit x 192 Khz, a huge improvement over the 16 bit x 44.1 capabilities of just about every other smartphone, CD, and MP3 player on the market today. You’ll hear every movement of the musician, LG promises, which could end up being a huge draw for the audiophile smartphone buyer.

On the software side, this is very much the LG UX that we first met on the Optimus G, with a few added goodies, my favorite of which is the new Knock Knock feature. Tap the screen twice to turn it on, twice again to turn it off.  It’s useful, yes, but almost a necessity thanks to the rear placement of the power button. Thankfully it seems to work pretty well.

LG G2.

The G2 features Guest Mode, which sets up different unlock patterns for different user profiles, and Answer Me, which answers your phone automatically when you pick it up and bring it to your ear.  There's also Text Link, which gives you quick access to the calendar, maps, and browser depending on the context of the text. And LG has taken some traditional software features and given them a makeover. Capture Plus improves catching screenshots by capturing everything on your browser page or email rather than just what’s cropped to fit within the screen. What's more, Smart Remote can now learn the IR codes from your collection of remotes simply by pointing the IR blasters at each other.

Then there’s multitasking, which LG has improved with Slide Aside: within any app, up to three apps at a time, slide three fingers to the left to save it. Then, slide three fingers to the right to bring up those three apps, which are still running without interruption. These features are cool additions to LG’s arsenal, and they prove that the company recognizes that hardware only tells a small part of the story for most consumers.

LG G2.LG G2.

LG has also introduced a few new accessories to accompany the G2, including  the Quick Window Case, the latest iteration of the technology LG says it pioneered, despite evidence to the contrary. It’ll condense your screen into a small “all in one” square, giving you access to your music, weather, clock, and even calls. It’ll be available in eight colors and will cost less than $50. There’s also the QuadBeat earphones, designed specifically to take advantage of the G2’s hi-fi capabilities. It’ll ship with the device in some markets, but not in the US, where it’ll cost $20- $30 separately.

The G2 is going to be as polarizing as any other LG device before it. It’s not the “Android device for all” that the Moto X is, nor is it the market-flooding device that the Galaxy S4 has grown to be. Instead, it’s an LG device through and through, and it packs enough technical features and other goodies to appeal to the nerd in all of us.

LG G2.

We’re dying to spend some more quality time with the G2. Until then, we’ll count the days to its arrival on all four major US carriers in the coming months. 


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LG G2 hands-on


This thing seriously has gone above and beyond my expectations. Mostly because it didn't have so much hype behind it like the MotoX.


if you start or finish a "sentence" with 'murica, your right no matter what is before or after

'nuff said

You have the freedom to buy what the carriers decided that you should buy. Phone freedom in the US can only be experienced with an imported, unlocked and unbranded device.;)

You and me both. I'm actually impressed with their effort here. I never really considered LG to be a threat to the throne, so to speak. Hopefully they market the hell out of this and gain a solid foothold on Samsung (I have the S4). Competition is a good thing for us consumers.

I have an S4.

I got it because it was the best hardware I could root.
Now this beats it. =((((

Ahh well. It happens.

Oh Well...
I have to give you props for trying LG.. you have made some strides.. unfortunately, this misses the mark and REAKS Galaxy S4 cloning technology..

My hat is off to you. Even though I'm a Samsung Owner, I have to admit your HTC One is Without Question the Best Designed most Elegant Cellular Phone on the Planet.. Your Speaker Design and Special Edition ( Red ) are simply Stunning.

At least LG got the Hardware correct with the Snapdragon 800.

LOL. Finally a few reviewers are start to comment on this fact.

The One is really a nice looking device. But, these are not desktops. These are mobile devices that are handled in every conceivable place. They WILL be dropped repeatedly.

Aluminum has a wow niiice factor, but polycarbonate and other more modern materials offer superior durability for mobile devices. If you have to put a case on these giant phones, then you have a monster on your hands.

Have dropped my GalNex 20-30 times in 1.5 years, and it only has the tiniest of chips on the glass and minor scuffs on the body. Still looks great and no monster case used.

What I wish Sammy (and LG) would do is use poly shells, but put a more grippable or durable "soft touch" texture on it to improve handling.

Me too, very impressed. The only down sides for me are the lack of SD slot and the overly cluttered notification shade. Hopefully the latter can be adjusted...

Doesn't have front facing stereo speakers.
No mention of inductive charging.
Looks like no landscape docking.
All plastic.
No kickstand.

Looks like a nice phone, but there are plenty of downsides when comparing to other models. All depends on what you are looking for in a phone.

Please please please let this be the base for the next nexus! And PLEASE tell me the camera is massively improved as well..

Posted via Android Central App

Never gonna happen unless stock improves the software dramatically

Posted via anything but a Nexus phone.

S/he's completely correct, though. I'm a big fan of the Nexus line, but not a single one of them has had a camera that stacks up to other manufacturers' equivalent flagship models, and that's not just because of the hardware.

there was a Googler's quote somewhere that said that this year's Nexus was going to have the best camera yet

Are you some kind of an expert ? What criteria do you base your answer on ? Truth is , you're just talking off the top of your head. You don't know any such thing.

I agree with you. My nexus 10 and 4(when i had it) felt lacking in what some people here call 'gimmick features' - which I use. Nexus interace was fast, but that's about it. I can live with the Nexus 10, but I couldn't stand the Nexus 4.

What I prefer doesnt matter. Take a look at the One. The camera is pretty good with Sense, but dramatically reduced with the GPe edition.

Everyone says that the software is sparse and not as feature rich as "skinned" roms. This is not a bad thing because it is exactly what Android is supposed to be, a base to be built off of.

Most acknowledge that the camera should be better. It isn't a matter of hardware (as proven with the One) but of software. Everyone but the staunchest people that think the Nexus is "OMG the beztest fhone EVAR" knows this.

Agreed for the most part, but the One isn't the best example, since its camera hardware is a special case, and requires specialized software to take advantage of it. The GS4 Play Edition is a better example, and as I understand it, the PE camera performs a little worse than the standard version, although not nearly as dramatically as with the One.

agreed that is the extreme case, but the best illustrator. Point is that all Nexus cameras are just a bit worse than what they are modeled after because of the software.

GS4 GPe's Camera UI is a bad fit for the Camera: the 13MP mode is shot in 4:3 but the UI's view finder is 16:9 thus you are not seeing the whole picture on the view finder.

The Nexus 4 is the best phone EVAR but ya the camera software does not produce as high a quality image as other current top of the line phones. Oh well don't care.

The pix the nexus 4 produces are good enough for me. Some low light buffage would be cool though.

The HTC One GPe update 3.06.1700.10 brought the camera quality up to Sense standards, unless you're referring to features such as Zoe which are still missing.

Fair point but the moto x has a decent camera and that's pretty close to stock.

Regardless, I remember I/O 2012 when Google said they were gonna concentrate and bringing a better camera to Nexi. They failed with the nexus 4. I hope they sort the software out.

Posted via George Foreman Grill

idk it just looks cheesy to me, I guess I will have to see it in person. The livestream was so bad so maybe that is why. I love my note 2 so I am super biased I guess.

It means Optical Image Stabilization - or features to compensate for the camera shaking to avoid blurry pics. It's a welcome addition, but I'm not sure if it's totally software based or if there is physical components to it like in the Lumia 1020.

I'm pretty sure that Optical Image Stabilization means that it's hardware. I don't think they can call it that without hardware, but don't quote me on that. They call it digital image stabilization if it's software, usually.

I think Robbzilla is right, optical is hardware and digital is software. Think optical zoom Vs digital zoom.

Optical Image Stabilization.

I wonder what the size capacity offered in the US will be... would be nice to see at least a 32gb if not a 64gb (probably dreaming).

Waiting to see what the Note 3 has in store but this is REALLY tempting when my contract is up. Especially with an IPS display. I can barely read my S3 screen in full sunlight at 100% brightness.

All the replies below giving only the abbreviated form of OIS reminds me of the many times I was asked to explain what that means rather than what it stands for in oral tests of subjects during my college days (Ah those good old days, where dumb phones were plenty and all the rage was having a 840x480 VGA Camera and MP3 Player)

wow LG way to step it up, first phone that didn't have much hype but over delivered, can't wait to get my hands on one, has anybody heard anything about release dates?

As a current user of an Optimus G I have to respectfully disagree with you. The OG was not hyped at all, but delivered in a big way. It is still a great phone even compared to the S4, One, and this G2. The only things it lacks are a decent camera and a 1080p screen, but even at 720p, the screen is fantastic. As great as the G2 seems to be, I'm in no hurry to ditch my OG for it.

My only real beef with the OG will be the same problem for the G2: LG's lack of timely updates and abandoning any updates for phones even slightly long in the tooth. Not to mention they are a pain for the devs to gain root and kernel source for.

I'm surprised what you say about the Dev issues, especially considering it's similar/same hardware as the Nexus 4.

Root has little to do with the hardware. Nexus devices are easy to achieve root because they are designed that way. A single ADB command sent via fastboot and a Nexus device is unlocked. With non-Nexus devices, that can be a lot more complicated, and the "hackers" have to find software exploits that allow them to gain root access. And if the bootloader is encrypted, in addition to being locked, it's a whole different ball game.

Yah, I like what I'm seeing with the phone but I was surprised/disappointed it ships with 4.2.X. I don't follow LG that closely but if you say updates are untimely that makes it even worse.

You beat me to it the LG optimus g (1) is still one of the best phones out.... I've been saying it over and over..

Posted via Android Central App

consumer reports (for what it's worth) ranked the OG as the second best overall phone currently on the market behind the s4

S4 via Android Central App

Well said. I swore off LG long ago when they demonstrated a complete lack of interest in supporting their current users. No doubt it'll get at least one update, and it may even be stable. Or not. KLP? I wouldn't hold my breath, and if it does come, it'll already have been superseded. Sour grapes maybe but they've earned their reputation software-wise.

I agree with everyone about the Optimus G. If I didn't go to T-Mobile, I would still be using mine daily. The screen makes my Note 2 look terrible, by comparison.

For those of you on the fence about LG and updates, keep an eye on them.....they just moved into the premium Android phone space, and could step up their game here (software-wise). Remember, Samsung was universally panned not so long ago for lack of quick updates, and right around the debut of the S3, they started getting their act together.

I still feel like after the OEM's do a nexus it changes the way the move... Once Samsung did it they got better.. Now Lg... Its been a while for HTC on a nexus maybe they could do it next

Posted via Android Central App

Didn't look like it. The lines on the sides were uninterrupted

Posted via anything but a Nexus phone.

Is there an SD Slot? Seeing varying reports. Where is it located?

No SD Card slot. It has a uni-body.

LG shot themselves in the foot here. This is a dealbreaker for me. Looks like I'll be going with another Samsung device this time around. I don't know what it's going to take to get manufacturers to put larger internal flash...16GB/32GB has been the standard since 2009.


It is stupid/crazy to offer anything LESS than 32GB and 64GB of storage should be an option now.

Everything about this phone reminds me of the s4...except for the rediculous power button configuration

Posted via Android Central App

That's likely because you're a Sammy fanboi and you wouldn't see how ridiculously better (software up in the air) this device is than the GS4. The GS4 was a MILD upgrade to the S3...this thing is game changing.

Lol, the S4 is a huge improvement over the S3. Better screen, bigger battery, better camera, thinner, lighter, newer Android version. Is the S4 perfect? Definitely not, but it is an improvement over the S3.

Posted from the incredible Nexus 7

There is literally nothing about this phone that's "game changing," It's a very nice phone no doubt but you sound more like an LG fanboy than that last guy sounded like a Sammy fanboy.

Posted via Android Central App

Do both of us a favor and read more about the device. It has the first display of it's kind, the first sound tech of it's kind on a mobile device, the first to have physical buttons on the rear, and the first device to have the 800 SoC. It is game changing.

I'm a Nexus fanboi, because I believe software is king, and there's no better dev support than what available for Nexus devices. I trust Google to pick "the best" OEM it feels fit to make the hardware. LG's Nexus 4 destroyed Sammy's Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus in terms of build quality (which I had along with GS3/GN2). This is only another step in the right direction for them. Competition is a good thing.

Please, I know plenty about the phone, no need to inflate your self worth with useless personal attacks. I'll say it again, there is nothing "game changing" about this phone. Upping the quality of components does not change the game. Now please, stop, for everyone's sake.

Posted via Android Central App

No, it's not. It is a useless marketing checkmark that really has no real-world benefit. CD audio is 16bit 44.1Khz, and anything above that is pretty much useless.

No, the Galaxy Nexus has a better build than the Nexus 4, in my opinion. But, the Nexus 4 has WAY better stock battery life than the GNex.

Posted via Android Central App

I love Samsung... And i agree 100000% the Gs4 for a gs3 and note 2 owner.. Was not impressive... And as bad as i want to stay with Samsung if the note 3 margin from the note 2 is anything like the gs3 and gs4.. I will be a new owner of the LG G2

Posted via Android Central App

Never notice that huge physical button the front of the GS4?? C'mon. It looks like the Galaxay Nexus and the Nexus 4 from the front.

More choir music. At least you understand Phil. :-) we were joking about that in the chat. Overall mixed opinions on the button placement.

Posted via Android Central App

Thats really bad of LG to put Back, Home, Menu. Should of sticked with the Nexus style and replaced menu with recents.

Seriously. I was disappointed in that. It should have followed the standard back home and multi tasking.

Posted via Android Central App

Vanilla android may set the tone, but the standard is what everyone is using which is this button placement (unless you count the full on retard buttons on the One)

So Sammy was copying everybody and their brother to the point of extreme litigation, now LG is copying Sammy? Riiiight. Sammy has NEVER made a device as beautiful/premium as the Nexus 4 (and I has the Sammy Nexus S, Sammy Gnex, GS3, and GN2).

Haters gonna hate. Just hope this is truly the base for the Nexus 5. You can see it was meant to be a Nexus, just like you could with the G. Given the timeframe, I'd bet the farm you're looking at the next Nexus.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I am on the other side of things but no big deal. I am sure that you are right that this will be the N5, I just wonder if the buttons will be on the back and how that is going to go over with the Nexus crowd.

Yea you lost me there... Samsung did copy until the made their own way like Lg is doing.... But to say they never made a solid device.. Lmao that's a lil left field... They are leading the mobile industry in innovation right now... Like it or not... LG stepped up and put it to Samsung.. Agreed.. But these companies have all had their day on android... Htc. Moto.. Samsung.. And now we maybe seeing the beginning of LG...
Let's not grt carried away on Samsung hate or love... They all copy they al had their day

Posted via Android Central App

All of your comments show just how obsessed with LG you are right now. And if you don't think LG has been copying Samsung then you either haven't paid a shred of attention to LG's software or you're so ignorant that you badmouth Samsung without even knowing a single thing about them.

Do yourself a favor and take a look at those busy, overcrowded notification toggles and settings. Not to mention the Touchwiz Gingerbread-esque icons, or the ugly settings menu that only Samsung has chosen to use thus far.

Posted via Android Central App

no, for a time everyone was using the same configuration for the most part. When android went to the on screen buttons it changed. Look at the buttons on every Nexus up to the Gnex. The same kind of buttons.

Imagine that.

The buttons can be changed!!! You can change the button layout in the menu! Never seen that before but they show it in the video on Engadget. Pretty freaking sweet.

Yea but recent apps isnt an option. You can add/remove the ability to launch QMemo or pull down the notification bar, but you have to hold down the menu button in order to bring up the app swithcer.

they honestly give you like 10+ options for re-arranging adding/removing and customizing the buttons...

Best softkey customization i have seen outside custom ROMs like CM.

Thats really bad of LG to put Back, Home, Menu. Should of sticked with the Nexus style and replaced menu with recents.

NOOO , that was very smart of LG to do this. I have often said they should be on the back. Kudos to LG.

It seems odd they be more accurate or clarify or update their post. They are hands on with the phone its not going to change in design from today. I suspect its not there and the S.Korean model get it while we get screwed. They need dual SIM and we don't.

Battery looks sealed but with 3000 mAh who the crap cares! I hated sealed batteries when my phones only lasted a couple hours because i could bring a spare or swap for an extended battery when I new I was going to be in an airport with nothing to do for example. But if the phone can run from 6am to 11pm without charging, they can seal it up. It looks better sealed anyway.

Does anyone read the article or just ask random questions and expect Phil to repeat himself a million times?

delta7 says : is it a sealed battery and no removable sd slot?

It does NOT have an sc card slot because it has a unibody. The back is all one piece. It also does NOT have a removable battery for the same reason , because it has a UNbody.

One piece, non removable battery and I will go out on a limb and say no SDcard slot for the N. American versions. The last part is unconfirmed so that could be wrong.

I'm not an LG fan by any stretch, but I like this. Maybe it's the 3000mah battery, but it seems finally a manufacturer didn't drop the ball and fall short on any front.

The front looks smart, but the rest of it looks out of shape.

Hey , maybe you need to straighten your glasses. Nothing looks out of shape. it's just you. Probably a Samsung lover.

Yes. Everyone would think you are a pedophile. Good laughs in the live chat about the ring tones.

Posted via Android Central App

As far as the double tap to wake feature, I'm sporting it on my htc one. Double tap bottom inch of screen to wake. I actually have 5 ways to wake it.

Posted via Android Central App

I'll have to see it in person before I make a final judgement. It has great specs, but it looks too big. Too thick as well. Not digging the shiny plastic back either.

Now THIS is a phone to get excited about!!! People have to see the difference between this and the Moto X - not the spec difference - the "look and feel", the general excitement. Anyway. Excited.

Yes. I'd love these specs inside the Moto X with moto X software. Also keep the language and contextual computing cores and the Moto X would have dominated. Not that it won't sell great to the general public but still the Moto X would have been more interesting with a full HD display and a Snapdragon 800. I may have considered it but love my htc one. Currently looking for a second phone to compliment my one.

Posted via Android Central App

I'll take the htc one max with the Snapdragon 800 when it comes out. Will be a perfect companion to my one. I bet they bump up to an 8mp OIS ultra pixel camera on the new htc one max.

Posted via Android Central App

Impressive piece of tech, no way around it. The only thing I'm not such a big fan of is the non-removable battery, but que sera sera. That said, IF (and that's a big IF) the Nexus 5 is based off of this, I know exactly what I'll be picking up later this year.

Really Meh about this phone. Hardware is awesome, but the software features really don't impress me. Not to mention I hate the LG ui. I know a launcher fixes that, but I don't want to have to install a launcher to enjoy my phone.

Posted via Android Central App

I don't understand the headphone jack being on the top. When you pull it out of your pocket, your phone is upside down. Also, when you're just holding your phone, there's a chance the cord gets in the way of the screen. This is annoying when running. You have to manually snake your chord around your phone if you're just setting the phone on your desk, or a ledge.

I do. I like that when I pull it out of my pocket I am seeing the screen correctly. That being said, it doesnt really matter where it is.

First World Problems right there

This will be interesting to me if this is the Nexus 5. I like the innovations I see here. Bravo LG.

Motorola needs to learn that hardware matters when we are stuck on 2+ year contracts because dated hardware will show slow performance in the future even though it may seem fine today. People who purchase the Moto X in Jan when the wood backs should be out will be stuck on contract till Jan 2016! See how well that processor & graphics card still holds up in 2016 with riptide 4. The G2 will still be blazing away with the 800

It seems way too big. The guy in the video can't even operate it properly without stretching his hand in an almost futile attempt to read the other side. Seriously, when do we reach the limit? When do they start producing modern high end phones that doesn't require you to be a giant or wear a baseball glove to use it? It's ridiculous.

It's basically identical in size to the s3/s4. Talking 2 mm's at worst. I have small hands and operate the s3 just fine.

I'll have to try hands on myself, but although I don't have small hands it's my general experience that phones just get too big once they pass 4,7" (and ideally I'd like them to be max 4,5"...) But hey, each to their own.

"knock knock" has been on the nexus devices for quite some time now.. i've been using it for over a year an half i think

1. "knock knock" looks awesome. i hope this is added to Android.
2. i think i'd like the volume and power buttons on back. i'm constantly hitting the side volume buttons on my G-Nex. we'll see if this is the base for the next Nexus and if they carry this over.

Nice Article and video gave some great info on the phone. The buttons on the back kinda odd but something I'm sure easily to get over. All in all I say this looks like a good phone can't wait to see it in stores and actually take a look at it in person.

One thing not mentioned in that video is u can customize ur phone buttons at the bottom...ur home.. Menu and multi task.. Etc

Posted via Android Central App

Man that looks good, but I can't stand the power/volume button placement. I tried pressing that area on my current phone, it is completely awkward, especially for taking it out of my pocket and trying to quickly glance at it.

If this is a sign of things to come for the next Nexus though I'll be very happy.

Felt a little weird, but I could get used to it.
Just place my pointing finger right on the back.

This might be my next phone, S800 at 2.26GHz!!!
Yeah Baby!!!

When did LG get the rights to use touchwiz?

Only good skins besides stock are Sense 5 and the on one the Moto X.

Corrections to your post:

When did LG get the rights to BE AS UGLY as touchwiz.


Only good skins are the ones you never see because of the launcher you downloaded from the Play Store


Are those back buttons customizable? It would be pretty stupid to reach for the volume and it open up a memo app I'm never going to use.

It's unfortunate to seem like a perfect multimedia device and have a great display along with awesome sound system and OIS camera but provide only 16gb and 32gb of storage. My 32gb Galaxy Nexus doesn't even carry half my music,videos, movies, and apps and it's already full. And no, cloud is not the solution. I've enjoyed Android for its offer of choices so which ever company offers at least 64gb of storage or external memory, that's who I'll choose. I hope LG learns from that!

I'm with you there. And of course it won't be 32GB usuable. This phone does look sick but I like having all my media with me. I don't need 64GB but I need more than 32GB.... especially with AT&T data cap.

I can see what you mean. 16gb is not enough anymore, especially with people using their phones more as a camera and installing 1gb games. As for music, I put all mine on google cloud and just stream. But having them on the phone is better and if you have att and verizon you can't play too much or you'll get hit with an overage charge. I think all phones should now come with 32gb especially with no slot for memory card.

I've never heard anyone complain, "Damn it that phone comes with an expandable memory card slot and replaceable batteries!" That's because if it's there they can choose to use it or not. It's better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

Agreed. They keep improving the camera and multimedia capabilities which produce larger files but don't want to offer options for more storage greater than 32GB. Not granted, for most, that's more than sufficient for but for a lot of people it's not. I just had to give my wife my 64GB iPhone 5 because she ran out of space. She takes tons of pics and videos and that space can go quickly over the course of a year. Cloud storage is good but it sohuldn't be the automatic answer to storage limitations because everyone is not under the same circumstances.

If it has no removeable battery and no sd slot for extra storage then there is no way in freaking xxxx I am going to get this.

I mentioned it before...I am an independent filmaker. If I am on a shoot all day I usually have nowhere to plug into. I need an extra battery. No two ways around it. I have extra batteries for my camera. Why not for my phone? I guess I could get one of those battery chargers. The one's that are something like 9000 mAh. But aren't they usually alot more expensive then another battery? If not then I could probably do that.

However, no extra storage??? Some might say just use the cloud. But when I have no connection in the areas I visit then the cloud is useless.

Then this is not the phone for you. Reason why nexus phones don't have memory card is because of security. If someone found your phone with external memory card there goes all your pictures and possibly more important files. Internal memory if phone is locked will give you a chance to wipe, lock or locate. Plus, what professional photographer relies on a phone camera as a their only camera?

Via Android Central App from a Galaxy Note 2

Hmmm... Very very interesting and useful than Moto X.. Especially the useful high capacity battery.

With less hype around this device, it has greatly exceeded my expectations... I am staring at you Moto X...

Posted via Android Central App

Another boring android phone.

The Moto X is only phone I've seen recently with some features that actually look pretty cool.

Also, won't people be regularly smudging the camera lens if they have to put there fingers right next to it to turn it on?

Boring?? And then u trump it with moto x.... Oh wow! U have unique taste my friend... But that's ur opinion...coo

Posted via Android Central App

I agree. I like the Moto X better. The software is closer to stock and the new innovative features make more sense to me. I suspect that the 3000 mah battery might not last as long as people hope given it's running at 2.2 Ghz. I don't think I would lie the buttons on the back either.

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Its coo to like what you like... But to say something is boring when it's clearly not... Is silly... U can not like lil wayne or kid rock let's say.and that's fine. But to call them boring with a straight face is kinda crazy...

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Boring? What phone do you currently have and what do you mean by boring? Also, the glass they use over the camera is fingerprint resistant. You should read the details of the phone. It would help just a little.

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it has some interestnig features but i do not like some of the ideas behind Lg's successor. The button on the back is rediculas, and i see alot of copying of software with touchwiz, but other then that its a nice looking phone.

Looks an interesting phone. What be even better is when they release the "LG G2 mini" with a tiny 4.5" screen.

Mark my words 4.5" will be the new "mini", anything smaller will be "nano"

The volume and power buttons on the back is a total 100% deal breaker for me! I never ever place any fingers on the back of a phone, and yes even the 5 inch varieties. Even if the lens is sapphire glass, I'm not gonna wipe my picture degrading smudges off of it every 5 minutes! If this is the next Nexus, we are all screwed!!

Wrapped around the sides. Babies will be babies. Because re-positioning your index finger takes movement (laziness) and a whole half-second (patience) to hit the power/volume buttons.

Not laziness at all, I hold the phone naturally in the palm of my hand! And when the phone is down on the desk next to me, I easily can touch the sides to power it on or lower the volume. I can't wait to see how many phones get knocked out of the hands and on the floor with cracked glass because of the rear buttons gimmick that they are using as a selling tool!

How are your fingers when you're USING the device with one hand. Not just holding it or it resting on the desk. When you're actually swiping through screens and opening apps, etc... where are your fingers now? And when the phone is down, that's why they have the "knock knock" feature to wake it up. So no need to worry about buttons on the side or back when the device is down.

when I am using it with one hand? still on the sides to get a better grip on it. When it is down on the desk, and I am using it one handed, I am obviously not holding it. but when I have it down on the desk, I certainly do want to access the buttons without having to pick up the phone. I can hold it by the sides and adjust the volume.

Knock knock is nothing new. I can use the feature on the SGS3 without even having to knock once. Lets not latch onto that one thing that isnt even a thing

You really are ignorant. A phone this size and in fact the s4 is held lik like many others.... with you holding the sides and putting one finger in the middle in the back for stabilization. That's why they said most people will find this comfortable. If you have something weird going on with your hands I'm sorry and this won't be the phone for you. Maybe you should go buy the iPhone. It probably fits better in your hands.

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HA! On my GS4 when I use it with one hand my index finger rests mostly directly under the camera lens which is right in the middle of the device. Just holding it fingers are on the side, but using it, my fingers rest behind for stability. Based on this, I wouldn't see an issue for me using the buttons. Getting used to it would be the most difficult part but I can see how it could be very convenient and easy to use.

Not just holding. Using it. I'm pretty sure your fingers are all still on the side of the phone. And if they are, because of the natural motion and position of your thumbs, it's easy to use your index finger to toggle anything that would be on the back of the phone that's about the midpoint of the phone.

As a matter of fact Moron, (With a Capital letter) I despise drugs, and don't do them! I'm here to state my opinion and get a decent intelligent response in return, so keep your pathetic response to guide your children or family, but please not me!

It was clearly refering to the size of the bezel. The GS4 used to hold the record for the slimmest...no longer.

I have an LG Intuition that I love. The battery on it drives me insane though. I was going to get the Droid Ultra but I'm gonna hold out for the G2 now.

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My only issue is the internal storage. Checking the specs out on a different website they list the int memory after the OS is 23+mb. Another words the OS is taking up over 8+mb of real estate. That just sucks. I was hoping and I had seen before today this phone had 32gb of int memory and ext sd-card support. That would have been great. I would rather the HTC One with 32gb of int memory than this phone. Why can't any manufacturer give the customer what the hell they ask for. So far no other company and I hate to say this on Android Central that Apple does. They offer their new phones with 3 different storage choices on all Carriers. I hope that the Note 3 gives it's customers this kind of choice.

I agree. I need more onboard storage if there's no SD card support. And it seems quite common that the system files will take between 7-9 GB of usuable storage. 64GB or SD slot, I jump on this in a second.

Agreed!! Just because u(anyone) don't like Apple doesn't mean u can't say they get many things right... Simply they do... Obviously they feel android does too cause they take some of those things and apply them as well

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If the Galaxy S4 was the iPhone and this was the Galaxy, even I would side with Apple in a 'trade dress' lawsuit. I mean really, its almost an exact copy of the S4, just without the home key. Its absolutely blatant.

The S4 has soft keys and buttons on the back instead of the side? The software isn't even similar.

Who cares!!!! Use the phone or not... Sorry but copy cat talk is just tired... Who created the wheel first?? Idk but i know its evolved. As long is its a copy with a forward attempt to improve on it.. We should all be happy as consumers... If nobody coppied one another.. Think about how horrible innovation would be... Ypu don't have to like the copy to appreciate it

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A beautiful beast!! LG is seriously upping their game in the smartphone arena. Samsung and HTC watch out for these emerging competitors: LG, Sony, they are coming back strong... I'm kinda disappointed with the no external microsd, but 32GB storage should be sufficient for my use. Can't wait to get my hands on this sexy beast.

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Looks like plastic on the back like s4,slippery cheap plastic. But i do love knock knock.. Seems this is LG, s first good attempt to hang in there high end division without nexus. My guess is the next two phones from them are going to be some serious full hardware packages that are gonna be hard to pass up. Nex four, they did great. This one seems THEIR Own first baby. I think the next few from them will rock. Let's see how the updates and Google editions or not come to pass.

The Optimus G(1) was their first attempt at high end... That phone is still a beast and a top tier device... Just no marketing = no hype... But its nice

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Any idea if this phone supports bluetooth MAP? Old LG's dont seem to based on google searches. If this phone supports that I am sold.

I'm excited for this phone. Their UI isn't the best, but nothing that can't be changed/customized... and I don't see any huge problems coming from that button placement, especially with "knock knock" as a work around. I also love the fact that they let you customize the on screen buttons. And lastly, DAT BATTERY.

"LG’s decision to move the power button and volume rocker to the back of the device. It’s a radical move, but one that LG explained rather logically. With a device of this size, you’ll have an easier time reaching the back than you would reaching the side. Think about it: where does your finger naturally lie when holding a 5-inch or larger smartphone?"

I must be the exception, because I've NEVER put my finger on the back of a phone while holding it to my ear, even my Note 2. I always hold them by their edges and have never had an issue reaching the power or volume buttons while doing so. I don't overly large hands, but may be it's because I don't feel a need to push the phone into my ear, instead just lightly hold it there. :D

Anyway, not a bad looking phone (except for the back) compared to LG's past offerings (IMO they've been fugly). But, alas no matter, it's not my cup of tea anyway with the sealed/embedded battery and their funky software.

I have to totally agree with the middle paragraph. Maybe it is that I am just used to doing it that way, old habits and all. For me, moving it to the back makes it awkward

Like: almost all of it!

Don't like: No removable memory or back.

My next phone in white.

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Nice to see more Android devices using OIS. The hard buttons being right next to the camera casing is very unusual to say the least though.

I hope the Nexus 5 shares the same hardware. I hate the glass on my N5 and prefer the cheap looking plastic on my S4. Both have cases and the N4 looks gorgeous, but I'll let iPhone owners worry about how pretty their phone is, I could care less.

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To me, this phone is just plain ugly. The phone itself and the UI. That unluck animation is one of the ugliest animations I've ever seen. Too bad, this phone is a beast...

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Oh Well...
I have to give you props for trying LG.. you have made some strides.. unfortunately, this misses the mark and REAKS Galaxy S4 cloning technology..

My hat is off to you. Even though I'm a Samsung Owner, I have to admit your HTC One is Without Question the Best Designed most Elegant Cellular Phone on the Planet.. Your Speaker Design and Special Edition ( Red ) are simply Stunning.

At least LG got the Hardware correct with the Snapdragon 800.

HTC has a blue one too and I'd have to agree with you that HTC One is the most premium looking & sounding, of them all right now. Samsung has the 'most' features and props to Moto for doing the Active Display which is something I really wish mine did. However Moto should have made it a 1080p to stay in the discussion of high end devices.

Glad LG rolled this phone out right after moto x was released to show the type internals a phone should have for a premium price point.

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Spec wise this thing is beast. Love my Nexus 4. Gonna hold on and see what Samsung has in store for their Galaxy Note coming out in September. Though I'm curious about the build quality especially the back of the device. In the pictures the back looks like cheap shiny plastic. I hope this isn't the case.

On screen buttons: Back, Home and ... Menu? No thanks.

I use recent apps 10 times more often than the menu button when Im using an Android device.

Great Job Philllll!!! FYI, you looked liked you were struggling when in the Settings with trying to reach each tab at top. You can slide each page to get to the tabbed catergories : ) Lovin' me some LG!!!


Is this plastic? That's my biggest concern. I know, it's a little dumb, but I really care about how the device feels. I have an HTC One and my brother a Nexus 4. Both feel GREAT.

I was hoping LG stuck to glass and glass. That felt great.

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Double tap to turn screen off.... thinking that double tap the screen to activate the camera with my Nova setup....hmm....

The phone actually looks really good. I just wish it wasn't so much going on in the notification draw.

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Again a great device from LG. Sexy good looking innovative. And since it is an LG it will soon after release will be cheap again.

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Plus one for ugly. I like the use of a smaller bezel but that's about it. Knock Knock to wake, not impressed and definitely not a fan of the volume and power locations. No SD or HDMI. Just not working for me and at 5.3in I'd just rather have a 7" tablet tethered on my MaxxHD. Sorry LG, I had one of your original enV 9900 before the smart phone revolution but you just haven’t done a thing for me lately.

Also, Phil, when are you going to get a Go Pro and strap it to your head so you can do these reviews with both hands:)

Every android phone released lately sucks in one way or another.
I'm about ready to say the hell with android and go back to a flip phone.
The only thing about this phone that really grabs my attention is the audio quality and what's the point when you're limited to less than 16GB of music?

There are a lot of aspects about this device that I'm very excited about, however the physical buttons on the back have me concerned. Mostly I'm concerned about the power button. When I put my phone in my front pocket I slide it in screen facing my thigh, that would mean the power button will be facing away from me. With how raised it appears to be I would be concerned that power button would constantly be activated, causing the screen to stay on. I do think this button placement has some potential from a one handed ergonomic standpoint, but these specific buttons may pose some problems...

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Agree with you, can't wait to see what the note 3 offers. This thing looks pretty sweet

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This thing is great, but I love my HTC One. I just feel having front facing speakers should be the norm for all mobile device, it just makes more sense. Great device LG.

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HTC One(137.4mm) is about as long as this phone(138.5mm), however because the front facing speaker it have a much smaller screen(4.7") compared to the G2 (5.2", 22% larger). Front facing speaker don't really make that much sense when you consider the screen area lost to get them.

Well I was wrong. One report said 24k on the g2 which I knew I had to be wrong. Actual screen shots show 29k

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finally, another manufacturer that gets people don't want to just use their phone for 4 hours before charging. this is looking like my next phone. hopefully it comes to verizon sooner than later since i'm up for renewal this aug.

Placing the power button to the back is a great idea. The 3000mAh battery is also amazing. The huge screen compared to the size of the phone is also winning (that's why I would never buy an ipad (classic, not the mini) until the screen is so small compared to its size). Overall, LG made the most out of what it's capable of.

Sorry to say but the phone looks like a cheap ripoff of the S4, I hope no one is actually thinking about buying this.

1. The UI is WAY too similiar to Touchwiz
2. It's plastic
3. No removable memory? (Who's idea was this?)
4. Power and volume buttons on the back of the device? What if I want to use the phone when it's laying down on the table? Unusual button placement that I just can't see myself getting used to.
5. Copying the "Smart Cover" idea from Samsung also incorporating the view window.
6. Animations are too similar to those on Galaxy devices

Sorry, i'll pass!

I do have to say the screen might be better than the S4, BUT!!! Game changing? NOPE!... This phone looks like an S4 from the get go. Features wise the S4 changed the game by adding the array of features, from the camera to it's functions that have now, in my opinion, have be come very useful to me. The way you answer the phone to the way you use your camera, motion sensors and all in between. The only this phone did was upgrade the sound. Screen wise there talking about touch screen surface to dead surface percentages not actual screen size, don't forget the note series. I am a "Sammy Fan" but Android fan FIRST! and this phone is pretty cool but is it worth switching all the features the S4 currently has to a less featured device just for Sound and buttons? I DON'T THINK SO! I give credit where credit is deserved and this phone gets partial credit. S4 is still the top device to own, next to the upcoming Note 3 that is. LOL. JUST MY OPINION!!!!!

Im a Samsung fan as well... But i have to give the edge to the G2 sorry... Samsung got lazg on the Gs4... If u owned a note2 and Gs3 as i do... U would probably agree.. They took features from the note 2 added a new processor and through a new camera in it and called it a Gs4... Thats said its a top phone.. Hell i got my mom 1.. But ive also used a LG optimus g... And its buttery smooth works perfect.. And LG made a forward attempt on the LG G2... They didn't get lazy at all... Is the Lg G2 a game changer.. Idk.. But its definitely positioned itself as probably the most powerful phone out right (soon to be)... As far as copying Samsung... Again I'm a Samsung fan... But lets not the pot call the kettle black here... Lmao.. iphone/ touchwiz.. I mean there is a reason for these lawsuits... They all copy so lets not go there... I can't wait to see what the note3 offers.. But I've said it over and over... If the margin is anything like from gs3 to gs4.. I'll be on that LG G2... And my note2 as my backup/Media in the car phone/ spare..

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Why does everyone talk about copying.... Lets get this right.. No copying = no iphone = no android as we know it= no touchwiz, sense, moto (formally known as blur), Lg interface... And so on... Thats what we do in life copy and improve... We all copy... Everything is a copy.. As long as its a forward attempt at what's previously been done... Stop crying and gp copy something great so u too can be successful!!!

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