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Hope you're not sick of the Motorola Droid Bionic yet. Because yet another video has popped up in our forums. This one, from bworley50, also shows us the retail box, if you're into that sort of thing. Plus there's a quick run through the UI to the About screen. Check it out, and hit the link below to ask your questions.

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Latest Droid Bionic video shows retail box, more hands-on love


uh, no? that's completely wrong. yes for voice. data over 1x, 3G, and 4G (where available).

unless your comment was meant as a joke or something.

not really a issue anymore considering the phone is root method is discovered already even before release

It's starting to look like Verizon doesn't want to sell me anymore Android phones. The It's starting to be as bad as a PC with so much resource hogging crap on our devices. I know we can root and freeze this garbage and I do, and but we shouldn't have to. The Nexus line will be my next purchase even if I have to go to another carrier. Luckily I live in an area with good coverage for all four carriers.

It's WORSE than a PC, because on a PC you can uninstall the bloatware. On these phones you have to root before you can uninstall the bloat, and doing so causes problems installing future updates. Crazy.

Reading the title if this post, I thought "hands-on love" was one of those surprise features Motorola touted. I'd consider buythat the Bionic if they added that.

Why on earth would Motorola use a side-to-side app drawer on the Bionic? The rolodex-style slide was the best part of the Droid phones... it set them apart from the iPoop and the Samsung androids.

Having a 120+ apps I find it much easier for me using side scrolling as I have a better idea what screen it is actually on.
I've used both but I keep finding myself preferring this one.
Launchers are so easily replaced with endless customizations to suit anyone's needs so no need to complain anymore. This is what makes Android great.

Just like on the photon. In fact, if you turn off the launcher and use something different, this may be the closest to a true GB experience outside the Nexus line. Or you can root and do CM7 or something (if it becomes available for the Bionic).

Same ugly white menus that cripple the Photon where on the higher res screen, you get half the screen black. Looks like a strong phone for Verizon if the LTE doesn't drain the battery in an hour. If only it had a kickstand.

Why does everyone keep talking about this phone, it's nothing special? The design is hideous as is the packaging. I don't understand why Verizon keeps trying to market the Droid phones to SiFi nerds with no concept of taste.

I have to agree

Everyone is treating this phone as if it's some kinda revolutionary device

It's a Droid X2

And all these stupid videos and promos for a phone that's already been on the market design wise

And why does moto make such ugly phones?

Can they make an attractive thin phone?

But yes I don't see the need for all these teaser videos as if this phone is setting some kinda new tech standards

What company do you think makes attractive phones? Htc phones all look identical and samsung looks like the iphone... At least moto is semi original, plus I personally like the rugged look of moto designs. Also FYI it has a ti omap dual core cpu, not a tegra 2 like the dx2. And this is the first dual core 4g phone...

Wow. Awesome design, awesome packaging. I totally understand why everyone is talking about this phone, and why Verizon is marketing the hell out of this to people with taste. This is a revolutionary device. Can't wait to pick one up.

Revolutionary device? You fool - in 36 months this phone will be outdated and forgotten. And in 2014, when I get my octo-core 6G flying super-phone I going to laugh at you for buying the Bionic. FAIL!

In 36 months it will be time for an upgrade anyways. If it can stay relevant for 3 years then that's awesome. I think you just sold me this phone thanks.