There's a neat discussion going on in the forums about the Samsung Galaxy S III, and how carriers will screw it up -- or not screw it up. To our pals in Europe and elsewhere who may not know, in North America carriers have pretty much had their way with all the previous Galaxy phones. Different shapes and sizes abound, and I don't think any of them have the same software as any of the others. Some changes were welcome (the Epic 4G had a damn nice sliding QWERTY), some not so much (hello there locked down NFC). 

We're all expecting to hear word from Samsung about more carrier releases soon, and with that will come the big question -- who will get it right? Let us know what you think in tonight's poll.



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Late-night poll: Which carrier will offer the best Samsung Galaxy S III?


I feel like att may not screw it up as much as everyone else(first time ever) . tmobile will probably be the only one to get the quad core exynos but the dual core s4 is is more powerful per core so the only thing the exynos will do better is multitasking or run apps that are optimized for more than 2 cores. also rumor has it the att S3 will have double the ram over any other phone pushing it up to 2 gigs. throw in some att and you have a win

Over the years following the wireless industry, I've noticed Sprint users to be absolute fanboys. They are rabid, rabid people. It's funny, since Sprint is a sinking ship.

Yes, I agree that every Sprint user is exactly as described. All people are the same, that's just a fact. There is no variation between different Sprint users' satisfaction of their service. They all think its perfect and great and will defend it to no end.

Also, every stereotype ever is 100% true. For everybody.

Oh and every random claim by people on the internet are all 100% true and based on facts.

It depends actually... I have Sprint, and like Sprint because the plans of making service free to any mobile, and less on your bill is sensible to me, as I switch from Verizon 3 years ago... Now that Verizon is about to enslave all of its customers with this new bundle bs they are pulling, I am glad I don't have Verizon anymore... Verizon nickel and dimes people for money and money is something I need to not go into certain things too much... So actually, if Verizon does there new little "promotion" I would say Verizon is a sinking ship, but I'm thinking about going the path of the simcard to save on some money...

I have been on Sprint for nearly 2 years. Recently I barely get coverage in or near my home. Lots of times I get zero coverage, even though as soon as it roams I'm blasted with a full 6 out of 6 bars on my Epic 4G. Where I live, Verizon has the absolute best coverage and I'm switching to them no matter what. I'm just hoping Verizon doesn't nerf up the SIII. I am currently on Sprint with a 4G phone with an unlimited data plan, and have only surpassed 2Gb of data in a month 1 single time.

I disagree. I just think Sprint customers are happy with the price of their service.

I think Vzn fanbois are by far the worse!!! I've been a Vzn customer since March of 2010, and Vzn is way, way overrated, dropped calls do indeed exist in the real world on Vzn, "America's Most Reliable Network".

I'm with Vzn because they were 1st in the U.S. with LTE.

I'm open minded to Sprint.
True consumers are open minded to listening to why another carrier might be better. A hardcore fanboi is close minded.

Well said! When it was just my wife and I with non-smart phones we were on Verizon and happy. When the time came to upgrade to actual smart phones and add our teenage daughter as a third line we switched to Sprint, due to cost concerns (it also helped that I got a discount through my employer). In the city we are in (Omaha, NE) we get pretty good service and the only real dead spots were also dead spots when we were with Verizon.

I'm definitely going to wait and see what sprints LTE and network vision is going to be like before I make a switch. Its worth the wait.

I agree, I get good service with Sprint. I use a Airvana signal booster in my house but it is free from Sprint. Yeah I'm sure Sprints service could be better but they have the best phone selections, unlimited, and great prices. So I will stick with them since my city is the first to launch LTE. As for that launch date, that's to be determined. Sprint knows their downfalls and I have seen them try very hard to correct them. For that reason I am still loyal.

I agree, I get good service with Sprint. I use a Airvana signal booster in my house but it is free from Sprint. Yeah I'm sure Sprints service could be better but they have the best phone selections, unlimited, and great prices. So I will stick with them since my city is the first to launch LTE. As for that launch date, that's to be determined. Sprint knows their downfalls and I have seen them try very hard to correct them. For that reason I am still loyal.

Sprint's 3g has gotten worse and worse over time. It takes forever to do anything with the web. I'm thinking about going to verizon with their lte.

Ditto. I would be drooling for the EVO 4G LTE if I had any hope that LTE were coming soon to my area. Instead, I may have to go for the One X on AT&T, or see if the Galaxy S3 comes out on Verizon any time soon.

Disagree. Been with Sprint over 12 years, just left. Data speeds are complete garbage now. Happy using my note with Hspa+. I can actually show a friend YouTube clips without being embarrassed.

The best carrier with be none. Get the unlocked version or suffer waiting for jelly bean months later.

I think part of why the reason Sprint is so far in the lead in this poll is that they are a national carrier, with the power of a regional one. Basically, they know they can't boss around the OEMs like Verizon and AT&T can, so they (seemingly) cooperate more, like with Google Wallet.

Not me. I'm on Sprint with my EVO 4G and I hate their service. I can't use 3G because it gets so damn bogged down. 4G is a joke. I drive into and from work using two different routes that are miles apart from one anther and 4G drops 2-4 times along the way as I'm streaming Google Music. It drops down to 3G and then I'm sitting there watching the little circle spin as it caches a track....starts playing for 30 seconds...stops....caches....plays 20 seconds...stops...caches...plays...stops...etc At which point I get frustrated and just switch over to CD's.
I bitch about Sprint, and people keep telling me unlimited data and cost of the plan makes it worth it. Umm what's the point of unlimited data if your connection sucks?

I've never heard anyone on sprint defending Sprints service, in fact all I ever hear is them bashing Sprints service. It the Verizon people that never shut up about their network and how great it is.

No... I think we all just know that they'll get the phone last & therefore get the most improved version! Besides, it's not like Verizon doesn't have fanboys! AT&T does, but they're all at iMor.

I also feel that Verizon's recent move to kill unlimited data, locked boot loaders and legendary bloat ware will topple AT&T

Sprint has both the most too lose and the most to gain so I give them the edge. They are in a terrible position in the race, but that also gives them the opportunity to become the hero of the telcos(if there is such a thing)if they just play there cards right and go completely consumer friendly by offering stock Android devices, adding a gig to data plans for current price, and allowing tethering for free.

why do they need to add a gig to data plans? they are unlimited and not throttled at all, their 3G is always slow though

Ha! Exactly - Sprint will once again have the best version - T-Mobile's will be just a hair behind - AT&T will offer an acceptable version and VZW will muck it up somehow ... again.

Seriously, I think Sprint has the hugest upside of all the carriers right now. If their network vision pays off and they continue to do "right" things to their phones (sdcard slot and bigger battery for the evolte4g? Overlooking the Apple FU to HTC on the shipping of the phones they honestly have had the best phone setups out of everything I've seen. I expect to see them gain a lot of market share by this time next year.

I'm sure one way or another they'll ALL eff it up!!! These carriers don't seem to realize that they should leave the smartphone MAKING to the MAKERS of smartphones, and the carriers should concern themselves with getting a signal to the smartphone, nothing more, nothing less!!!

In this order:
Best to worst
1:T-Mobile: will remain closest to standard sIII
2:Sprint: could be a "cool" addition that actually differentiates it from others sIII
3:AT&T: will without doubt have a critical software flaw and some bloat.
4: verizon: will bloat the living day lights out of the phone, will have less in common with the original than any device, and won't be supported very well.

My two cents .

Sprint has the slowest speeds, awful customer service, slowly doing away with rewards for long time users and can't stop losing money-but yeah they'll do the best job. *eyetoll* I want what y'all are smoking.

Sprint's 3G speeds really are a shame. T-Mobile's "Dual Core" "Faux Gee" is a battery killer.

AT&T and Verizon both have acceptable coverage for people who travel (like me), so there isn't really a choice.

Not suprising to get 150-250kbps download speeds here in this T-Mobile "4G" Coverage Area on a 3G/HSPA+ device with 5 bars, Lol. Makes Sprint CDMA feel like LTE. Can't wait to ditch em in a couple months.

you're insane, I regularly see 8 to 12mbps on T-Mobile's HSPA+ 14 and 22 to 25mbps on T-Mobile's HSPA+42. you must be doing something wrong or just lying.

I have a t989 in philadelphia (tmo's 4th largest market) an I never seen over 7mbs and honestly it is faster than wimax in my area but by like 2mbs. Sprint LTE sounds nice right now :-)

He may not lying or insane. Sometimes its just the city you are in. I was in DC and Sprint coverage and data was awesome. Full bars and 7-11 mbps d/l speeds. back in South Jersey Sprint speeds are horrible no more than 3 bars (most of the time 1-2 and d/l speeds are 1mbps and below. So I left and went to AT&T. I have the Galaxy Note w/LTE and d/l speeds are on average 3-6mbps, I have gotten 13 down a bunch of times, but I have also seen it as low as 1.5. It's just the area I'm in.

Yup. I live in DC and I get excellent 3g and 4g and it's the reason I will not upgrade until LTE deploys here.

I regularly get between 10-12 mbps in fort worth,tx on sprint wimax with my epic 4g touch. 3g is a different story though. I just with that they would get rid of 3g and just switch everything to 4g. Offer a free (or cheap) 4g phone for those still on stuck on 3g and sprint wins.

This has nothing to do with which carrier has the best speeds or customer service. Both Galaxy Devices that Sprint has sold have been better than the originals. The Epic 4G getting a keyboard and a flash, while the Epic Touch got a larger screen and bigger battery.

Whoever doesn't try to squeeze their carrier logo between the buttons and the bottom of the screen...


GSM and always has the better Galaxy and a ton of outside Dev support. Will apply unbrickable mod to my captivate to use it as guinea pig to learn theming.

I think this fanboy stuff is lame. I think if the coverage vs speed vs cost ratio to make people happy is going to be different. I have Sprint because the coverage in my area is good, cost is better than Verizon and ATT. The speed of data is slow by my tastes, but is good enough for me. For big downloads WIFI is always near by. Speed got really bad for a few months, but has gotten better. But needs to get much better yet. But for cost I stick with it. If I left I would probaby go to US Cellular before Verizon due to better costs, as good of data speeds and coverage. I've been on all carriers at one time or the other, I go where I get the devices I want, with the services I need for the best cost. As far as who won't screw up the SGS3, uhgg, they probably all will. But I have been entirely happy with Epic Touch 4G from Sprint, so if they can do it as well, I will say Sprint might do the best.

Simply Tmobile will have the BEST GALAXY S3 since it will be quadcore exactly like the international version. Tmobile will also be the first carrier to launch the G3 on July 1st. Secondly Sprint will have the model second closet to the international version. Otherwise SCREW VERIZON and At&t wish they never existed..

You know this what irks me about Android. Why can't Samsung just stand firm and release the S3 as it is on whichever carrier? Why does it have to be changed per carrier to suit their needs? Its annoying to look at the phone in the above pic for months, then when it finally hits a US carrier its a diff phone.

Hmm lets see here, T-Mobile will be the only US carrier to offer the quad core GS3 because it doesnt have LTE.
Sprint's GS3 will be ok if Sprint actually turns on LTE and leaves insanely long names out of the picture lol I dont want to see Sprint's version called the "Samsung Galaxy S III Epic 4G LTE" but it probably will DX.
Verizon's version undoubtably will have so much bloatware on it that it doesnt matter what processor it has or how much RAM it has the stupid thing will perform worse than a Galaxy S II.
AT&T's GS3 will have some bloatware on it and like was previously said will have some kind of software flaw or have some of the features disabled and a locked bootloader.

I believe the official name is going to be "Sprint together with Nextel Samsung Galaxy SIII Epic 4G Touch LTE Super Phone" if I'm not mistaken.

+1 Nev!!!

So many misinterpret having an opinion one way or another as automatically being a "fanboy"!!!

+1 Nev!

Agree that most people throw that out as a way to not respond to people who have opinions they don't like. It's a way to dismiss people without having to actually make intelligent points.

Simply Tmobile will have the BEST GALAXY S3 since it will be quadcore exactly like the international version. Tmobile will also be the first carrier to launch the G3 on July 1st. Secondly Sprint will have the model second closet to the international version. Otherwise SCREW VERIZON and At&t wish they never existed..

Since we are all going to pick our own carriers here, the poll could have been entitled "Who's Your Carrier?". The results would have been the same. :-)

There should have been "unlocked" option. I said "other". Any US carrier will fcuk it up. Americans are deeply screwed with their "carrier" system, and some don't even know it... pathetic...

I used to have At&t many years ago then I switched to Verizon.. But it always seems At&t always had the best phones.. Verizon has better service but At&t had the phones.. If Verizon had the kick ass phones the other carriers had I think they would rule the world.. Or at least three US...

Thats a tough one, ive been with sprint for the 9 years or so, these last couple there diminishing network speeds & customer service has had me ready to look for a new carrier.i was planning on purchasing a gsm galaxy nexus & picking up a prepaid t-mobile plan to save money & give me some options in case something else came out, then I researched the battery life, & t-mobiles throttling for heavier users lol..not sure which direction I want to go in og evo is due for retirement...sprint gets great phones but as of right now in my area there network sucks...tmobile throttles, verizon is a lil more expensive but there service is good, they also eff up there phones with bloatware..att&t might be the grey area between the big 4 ...however nether of them have wooed me enough to sign another 2 year contract..

Also hoping samsung produces a black galaxy s not feeling blue, or white phones right now lol..

For me, ATT. If they screw it up too badly you can get a Canadian LTE model or International model for HSPA+ speeds.

I put it very simple:

*The carrier with the best S III is the carrier that sells the S III as Samsung designed it. No alterations of either hardware or software.

I am convinced that Samsung and other makers designs and produces better devices than any carrier (that should deliver service - NOT design and fiddle with devices).

Are you serious? Sprint's version of the HOX, the Evo 4G LTE in my opinion is a much better rendition of that phone.

Sprint's version has a expandable memory card slot, notification light, and even their unique and useful kickstand. One could even make the argument that the back cover on the Evo has a better feel in the hand than the HOX.

In the end it's all personal preferrence, but I don't think Sprint's variation of the HOX is that bad at all.

No i mean the over all look of the phone you smart ass, i know it has better specs than the one x on at&t and the international one.

Being Sprint customer its always nice to see Sprint ups the bar when devices come across their store shelves... I just hope with their new LTE upgrades and whole Network Vision we can finally get a Sprint network that is as much enjoyable as these phones :)

They all will screw it up..I'm with Att but I think it'll be T-Mobiles version that'll be better..with no Lte they can bring the quad core over..besides I don't think Sprint wants a phone in their lineup that competes to much with their new baby(Evo).

We all know carrier crap will be added to these phones . It's like carriers have a problem with not doing that these days. I'm hoping Sprint's is the the least bloated. I'd root it anyway so all that bloat will be gone :)

My Carrier is Verizon, and I'd like to say they will have the best version, but that's never the case, they screw with their phones too much and rom development is often very slow because of cdma restriction and the lack of international or unlocked versions of the phone, but I don't leave them because they are the only LTE I'll see in the sub suburbs for quite awhile. Sprint's version will have the same problem and T-mobile's will be better but will still be behind the curve in rom development because of the radio's.

I voted for AT&T because it will have LTE on a sizable network and will backup to hspa+ with much better coverage, I use AT&T for my work phone and I currently use a SGS2 and I have to say they have seriously impressive rom development, any feature AT&T disables I can usually get working by switching to a rom based on the international version, because European / International versions of the device often include AT&T frequencies in these days of pentaband hspa+ devices, I've been running an ICS rom based on the international version for a couple months, and for over a month the rom has been so stable you can't detect any bugs, it's so good I don't really care when AT&T releases ICS, I'll probably stick with this rom.
Plus I as well as others have said it before, the S4 chip isn't a bad thing in fact I prefer it, it will have comparable performance due to the fact that's it's based on the much newer A15 and will seriously improve battery life of LTE phones.
Most Android apps are still optimized for one core, at best two the number of apps that benefit from four cores will be very very small, your benchmarks may show it but most apps won't benefit at all from more than two cores.

For people who aren't flash addicts my opinion may not apply, but most of Android Central readers probably are :)

since i dont live in usa, i will get the unlocked global version with the exynos goodness!!!

no bloatware, no delayed updates, no contract!

Bell obviously, to think otherwise would be wrong. When they released the Galaxy S and Galaxy S II, they left it exactly as Samsung had built it. Because they didn't mess with the device Bell was the first carrier to update the Galaxy S and Galaxy S II in North America. That's a track record that speaks for it self.

I think people voting for VZW is just wishful thinking. I have VZW and will (hopefully) be getting this phone with them but they will bloat the crap out of it and be slow with updates. That being said, I choose Sprint over AT&T because recent history makes me wonder if AT&T will lock the boatloader (HTC One XL).

Sprint! look at the past, they've had the best SGSI/II variants, and now the Evo 4G LTE, which is IMHO better than AT&T's One X. so yeah, Sprint...

This is quite an easy one. Sprint always has the best Android phones, period. They make the best variant of a phone (numerous Galaxy's, the new Evo etc) and soon will have LTE with unlimited data.

On the evil scale, AT&T >> Verizon >> Sprint/TMobile

I'm sorry but I don't know why everyone here is trashing and putting ATT at the modem. When it came to the GS2 ATT had the best one which was closest to the european version the only change was the 4 buttons vs center button. Also later they released the skyrocket which arguably the same as sprints and tmobiles version

As far as I go. I'm rocking unlocked HTC One X and if I do decide to get the GS3 I would only consider getting the international version anyway which works perfectly on ATT.

ATT (krait) vs T-Mo (possible re-frequencied international exynos version) will be the only interesting versions. If TMo does get exynos it will be interesting to see if it can use international ROMs with just TMo radios.

Long name Yes. Ugly??? Not sure what you're talking about, Sprint's Epic 4G (Galaxy S) was the only one with a slide out QWERTY and it looked great, better than the Verizon Fascinate for sure. All of the US Galaxy S2's pretty much looked the same with slight curve differences, but again, Sprint's Epic 4G Touch had the best processor (Exynos) and the largest display.