We can't be sure that Google is really going to be selling what amounts to a Nexus line of devices, no matter how reputable the source. It's just too big of an idea to pretend to know all the particulars, and would be too big of a heartbreak should it not pan out, so being a bit skeptical is a wise choice. I'm sure something is going to happen, maybe even something wonderful, but nobody is sure exactly what that is just yet. There's a lot of speculation about this project being GSM only, at least at first. There's a pretty good reason for that, considering the last Nexus debacle.

So let's pretend that this will be the case. That means Verizon and Sprint are going to be on the outside looking in when it comes to using these mythical GSM-only Nexus phones. There's a whole lot of Android users on Verizon and Sprint, and plenty of them will be lusting after any type of pure Google offering.

If this sounds like you, will you switch? Sound off in the poll.


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Late-night poll: If Google releases a Nexus line, will you jump carriers for it?


If rumors are true about the unlimited grandfathered data plans of VZW will be nixed........then itd be a no brainer that im jumping ship to get the new nexus.

but regardless.....i think ill do it anyway since i need to get the next nexus! hahahahah

I agree......VZW is about to screw the pooch. If so then I will be jumping ship. To Hell with big red......on to bigger and better deals.

Agreed. The only thing keeping me tied to Verizon is my unlimited data. In fact, they don't even have LTE in my area yet, whereas AT&T does...

I 100% agree. Verizon's LTE coverage is great! But if they force me off unlimited data. I'm out! I've tolerated they're slowness to top end phones and updates because of the great coverage and unlimited data. But they are slowly losing my loyalty!!

If Verizon pulls this crap about taking my unlimited plan I'm gone. They're way too expensive now to force me into paying more. The Competition isn't THAT much worse but they are that much cheaper.

If I can get a new phone before the grandfathering ends and i'll keep the unlimited then id stay through the end of the contract, but if other carriers have the nexus line and/or better phones, then there's nothign tying me to verizon, especially if sprint offers LTE unlimited.


If Big Red tries to take my unlimited data, I might as well jump ship. That's the main reason I'm paying more. I will miss the LTE though. Hopefully the GSM carriers get their stuff together.

I don't think Google can afford to ignore the CDMA carriers. They're going to want this Nexus line on LTE and Verizon is the obvious choice when it comes to LTE. Verizon will get at least one Nexus because they are the number one carrier with the largest LTE footprint. To think this will be GSM-only is wrong.

You'll NEVER be able to buy a CDMA handset direct from Google... Reason being that the CDMA carriers have inherently more control over the devices on their network. You can't just pop in a SIM and go... you have to CALL to have the damn thing activated on their network. So if VZW or Sprint don't want the device on their network, they don't have to let you activate it. With the myriad bloat and restrictions on their devices, why would they suddenly allow an unrestricted Nexus on their network? Look at the VZW's a NINO (Nexus In Name Only). You want a REAL Nexus...switch to GSM. Hell, you'll actually be helping in the long-term by pushing CDMA carriers to get with the times. Nothing exerts change like hitting their wallets.

I never said anything about buying directly from Google. As far as I'm concerned, my LTE Galaxy Nexus is a Nexus. I can root and ROM it and it has stock ICS, untouched by manus or carriers. All Google has to do is work with Verizon again and release a Nexus on their network. I'll sign another 2-year deal.

The point uansarl1 was making is that the Nexus devices will be sold directly via Google Play so it will be very unlikely that you can purchase CDMA versions of them. The Android team is also known for favoring GSM/HSPA+ technology over CDMA because they don't have to deal with the bullshit of the latter.

Apple does the same thing; you can buy any version of the iPhone on contract, but the contract-free, full retail one is strictly AT&T/global because of the CDMA issues.

Yes, but Google doesn't need to restrict the Nexi to the Play Store. They can still sell them through there but the CDMA/LTE ones can be sold via carriers' stores.

Google doesn't need to, and they likely won't. Sprint's been a good partner with them - Verizon not so much.

I'll disagree with you. While it is stock and you can root it - it is not 'untouched' by the carrier - look at the back of your phone? What does it say? "Verizon". And what about those two apps you have? And what about the delayed push for 4.0.4. That's all Verizon's doing.

Verizon's Galaxy Nexus isn't much more a Nexus than the OG Droid. And as far as I'm concerned it won't be until they day they get their grubby hands off of it. It's a Nexus is name only. Same with Sprint's Nexus S or Galaxy Nexus.

Nexus has to stand for more than stock and unlocked bootloaders, and that difference is absence of carrier control or input which right now only the GSM Galaxy Nexus is.

Have to disagree. Nexus on vzw is stock except for two apps that can be removed. It is also completely unlocked and doesn't require an exploit to root. Frankly I could care less about the updates as I just get a ROM running on the latest version anyways.

There's nothing inherently wrong with CDMA, GSM vs CDMA has nothing to do with "getting with the times"... Heck the one knock against CDMA used to be not being able to do simultaneous voice/data and several recent CDMA phones can now do it.

Just because Europe went largely with GSM doesn't mean it's superior, it just means Europe's governing bodies exerted more control and forced carriers to share more network resources... That certainly has it's advantages, it's lead to more competition and lower prices over there. It also has it's disadvantages, a good chunk of the US will have LTE coverage by more than one carrier before a single EU customer ever sees LTE, because the same drawbacks that come with having four wholly independent national networks also allow those carriers to be more agile.

It's all kinda moot, eventually everyone will move to voice over LTE and we may end up being worse off than we are now since everyone and their mom are using different LTE frequencies.

GSM is superior. It's simple really. If you have a phone you want to migrate, there is nothing stopping you on a GSM network (outside of SIM locking).

CDMA is far more controlled than that.

I'm not sure portability is the defining feature that makes GSM superior. I myself am more concerned with voice quality, reliability, etc. I won't say I'm technically knowledgeable enough to say that one is superior over the other in these areas though. I've always bought my phone on contract which means I don't jump ship that often which is the reason for my concerns not being about portability.

Regardless, it would be nice if the US had a more European style mobile network that gave the user more options and control. With big red killing unlimited data, the portability issue is becoming more relevant for me personally.

Sure there is, there are countless GSM phones that don't have the necessary band support to work with the 3G networks of both GSM US carriers, including every Nexus phone before the current one (hence why we had separate T-mo & AT&T SKUs for the original Nexus).

In Europe it's different, but every GSM phone doesn't instantly work on every 3G network in the world, particularly in the US... Nevermind HSPA+ or LTE.

Believe me most people over here in the UK and then in Europe don't care about LTE atm nor will most even know what it means or it. People have data, get a good speed that is sufficient for a phone (it's not a desktop/laptop requiring huge bandwidth 24/7) and have a huge range of choice of networks and phone models and with the resellers can get their phone unlocked without any hassle being reigned down on them from the carrier software side. I only ever really see moaning and "oh this" "oh that" about CDMA stuff from US sites, but then again I see a lot of moaning about GSM too, is it that American's get tetchy more easily about their networks then Brits? :P

AFAIK Europe doesn't have anywhere near the amount of rural area coverage that the US does either, things like that and LTE are things people overlook when moaning about the state of US carriers/pricing vs EU. I'm not saying either has the prefect system, just that the grass isn't always greener and it really isn't strictly a GSM vs CDMA issue.

Even if VZW had a GSM network there's no guarantee you'd be able to use a GSM phone bought from AT&T on their network, just like the iPhone won't get 3G speeds on T-mo because it doesn't have the proper band support. Networks are built out differently in EU (due to government oversight) and frequencies are divvy'd up differently.

The US doesn't need VZW and Sprint to go CDMA, it needs a much more basic restructuring of the mobile industry thru government influence... That's something a lot of people would oppose tho, but politics are a different subject.

Sprint is the only carrier to support google wallet. The next nexus will be available with cdma/lte. (At least 1 of them)

Funny, I just popped a SIM in my VZW Galaxy Nexus and went. Heck, the same SIM made it's way through 3 of the 4 GN's I've had. Not once did I have to call to activate.

Right, because CDMA is just SO popular worldwide, including the US.... This is a hilarious example of someone saying "I'M IMPORTANT, damnit!" and trying to make others believe it too! CDMA is antiquated tech and should be phased out - just because YOU have it, doesn't mean everyone else does, will, and should have it! Per CDG, there are 626M CDMA subscribers currently, per GSMA, there are over 6 BILLION GSM subscribers as of last year, you tell me who's more important?

PS, AT&T LTE > Verizon LTE... again, just because you have it doesn't mean it's the best, AT&T's is much faster with more density per location LTE is broadcast - when AT&T's coverage comes close to Verizon's, you'll jump ship based on that data speeds alone

I might have to consider a different carrier, but it won't be Sprint. For where I am, their service is not up to par.

the soonest i'll be able to get an upgrade is in mid october, but it'll probably end up to be later (family plan). my droid charge will be on its last legs by then, and i'm gonna be moving out around thanksgiving. so, that, plus VZW discontinuing unlimited data, and 5 new Nexi coming out around thanksgiving? Yeah, i'm switching carriers :P

Until Sprint gets rid of the unlimited data, I'm not going anywhere. I have a Motorola Photon and even EOL, it still blows alot of phones out of the water, including most of Google's.

I can deal with the crappy speeds in some areas, obviously because some a-holes use Sprint as their PRIMARY/HOME internet connections and transfer 30GB+/mo.

That Google phone better be high-end by today's standards to make me shell out a deposit for a new carrier (and I have EXCELLENT credit btw) after shelling out for the phone.

I have a feeling that any Nexus line will have a variety of hardware levels and price points, but that they will cater to different market segments. The unification will only be the fact that they're all running the latest OS, albeit with varying levels of performance.

Well it's not surprising, spec wise it's still a very good phone. No quad-core phones yet anyhow.

And you likely won't need to do a deposit since you'll go on a prepaid plan. Google is more than likely going to sell the phones outright with no contract like they are with the Galaxy Nexus.

I have to agree with sticking with Sprint. Getting the new evo so I kind of doesn't pertain to me by still wouldn't switch. I really have not been blown away by any of the nexi. With that said ill the let the first eave play out and see how it goes. Plus I like what sprint is doing with their plan on lte and lte-a. I have patience on this part. Most here don't.
What do hope is that the people here get some badass hardware from this. Make me want and not just go meh.

Google should be a cell phone provider and have its own service! Wouldn't that be great! I will be saying goodbye to Verizon come September when my contact is up.. Enough is enough.

The only problem for them is that Apple or Microsoft would argue that if they get large enough, they could exert monopolistic type force on the market (force MS out of the smartphone business).

Basically, imagine what would happen if ATT and Verizon told MS to jump off a cliff with WP... it would be dead (in the US).

I would jump carriers if it was Sprint. Mostly because the unlimited data thing is critical for me. Since Verizon obviously doesn't want my business anymore, that leaves Sprint as the only option. Great, no problem EXCEPT...

I want my next device to be LTE. Well, Sprint isn't going to get LTE in the Portland area till 2014 or so. ARG! Verizon you money grubbing dorks!

The only carrier I'd switch to right now is Verizon and unfortunately they're not available in Puerto Rico. AT&T has the worst data plans as far as cost/caps, and the worst policies as far as how to handle throttling, tethering, etc.; plus I had several horrible CS experiences with them thru the 14 years I was with them.

It'd take a lot of change for me to go back to AT&T, despite the fact that they're the only carrier with LTE in Puerto Rico and easily the one with the biggest network footprint. I'm on Sprint right now because of cost, unlimited data, phone selection, and the 23% student discount I get.

If I lived in the continental US I'd consider switching to Verizon simply because they clearly invest the most into their network and altho they're also the most expensive the current double data promos are pretty attractive. I'm hoping T-mobile survives in the long term tho or the US mobile market will go to hell in a hand basket.

Do any of us really trust any of the carriers?
ATT will be joining VZW soon and completely axing unlimited data.
T-Mo is just too far behind. Sprint is suppossed to be investing so much in their network, sont see how they can keep decent pricing AND unlimited data.

We have 6 phones on ATT in our house. Kind of hard switching that many.

I will switch for lousy signal, or lousy customer service, but not a phone. Given that, not having a selection of compelling devices to choose from is poor customer service. This hasn't happened at Verizon yet and probably won't since they like to keep people in contract.

I'm on Sprint, but my contract is up in September, and I was considering switching to T-Mobile anyway for the off-contract pricing, Wi-Fi calling, and the opportunity to have an unlocked Nexus phone. The only things holding me back are the unlimited data and the fact that my area should have LTE by the end of the summer. I'll just wait it out with my OG Evo until Google makes a move. We should know by the end of October what Google's planning if these are being released for Thanksgiving, so I won't have too long to wait.

I have current devices on Sprint and Verizon (10GB tiered data), briefly tried a hotspot with T-Mobile and liked the speeds, haven't even considered ATT due to their horrible CS and pricing policies. If there were more GSM competition or if T-Mobile didn't slow speeds down after 2GB (or is it 5?), I would consider jumping to them, but Sprint's network is atrocious in my area and their LTE network is still a pipe dream, so I'm stuck with VZW for now. Maybe if TMos network is better when my contract is up, but if not then unlikely.

Yeah, I'm really hoping Sprint pulls through with their network upgrade.

In my area, Sprint and T-Mobile have similar coverage according to opensignalmaps, and T-Mobile should be launching LTE next year, so depending on Sprint's network upgrade and T-Mobile's LTE rollout, my decision is pretty 50/50 right now, though I'm leaning toward T-Mobile for off-contract pricing.

AT&T are both out of the question due to horrific pricing and ridiculous data limits. T-Mobile may be throttled, but it's still unlimited.

I'm not sure anyone will have to jump ship..What would make sense is that HTC would take care of The GSM carriers and Motorola or Samsung take care of the CDMA carriers..if this rumor is true this would be why its true

I left Sprint to go to Verizon for the current Galaxy Nexus. That was a MAJOR BUST thanks to Verizon and it's shit for cdma technology network. So yes my next NEXUS will be brought from the GOOGLE PLAY STORE this November. Thank god goodbye Verizon and your overrated network....

considering verizon is taking away my unlimited data, there's really no point in staying so i'll look at other options.

The way things are going, buying a top of the line nexus won't be top of the line in 6 months time. So for me, giving up my unlimited data for a phone that I'm just going to dump in a year or less for a new one is ludicrous. Besides, I have 5 phones on my plan so unlimited is imperitive. So I think I'll stay with sprint and get whatever phone I want, root, flash a pure ics rom and be done with it.

It depends on whether the GSM carriers can get LTE in my neck of the woods. Verizon already has it and I ain't going back!

It depends on whether the GSM carriers can get LTE in my neck of the woods. Verizon already has it and I ain't going back!

Verizon is the devil, but a devil with a great network. I'm amazed at the places I get signal that I didn't with Sprint before. As soon as they enhance their current 4G and expand it to the west side if S. FL (Everglades, lol), I'll have LTE everywhere I go. Yes, they've royally screwed with the Nexus, but I think they can turn it around if they move their asses. I can't count the number of complaints I've read on their own forums, Twitter, etc., about the way they are handling the Nexus. I know they can afford NOT to care, but I can't imagine they can ignore the complaints for long.

In regards to the original question, I won't be jumping ship anytime soon for a Nexus from Google. It's a nice thought, but my ETF is way too high, and I have 2 lines on my plan. My hope is that we go VoLTE soon, so I can just pop in my VZW card in a new Nexus and carry on (I know, wishful thinking).

I currently spend my entire day within an LTE covered area. I am also covered in most of the areas I travel to, although not during the entire trip. I am also grandfathered into an unlimited data plan. If my data is no longer unlimited, and the LTE and HSPA coverage improved to a point that I would not drop signal, I may consider switching to AT&T. Once VZW covers all of the 3G area with LTE, CDMA may become a thing of the past. At that point, none of this matters.

Until there is a truly viable option in pay as you go that covers everything; ala voice, text, & data that can truly be single lump sum pricing (Straight Talk is a good example, they just don't have the coverage I need in my area), I'm stuck with Verizon. Oh & a little gov't consistency to get on the same page & mandate these companies provide coverage everywhere. Not just the big cities & metro areas. There are huge parts of this country that can't get effective internet service. Not even talking about true broadband either. That makes all of this discussion pretty moot until that reality is addressed.

I'm not one of those phone nerds that is going to argue CDMA vs GSM blah blah blah. Verizon will be offering prepaid sim cards once the whole network is converted to LTE. You really think Google will abandon that or the phone vendors won't have handsets that work on Big Red? Wake up folks cause that AIN'T happening.

I think I will begin shopping for pre-paid GSM options. Contracts are over rated these days and give carriers so much control over pricing. I'd rather pay full price for a phone and pay less on a plan. Only problem is not many prepaid services out there offering a large data cap.

I just did it with the Galaxy Nexus when I bought it straight from Google and I would do it again. Sure I paid more up front, but I feel that the device will be worth more to me over time since I will continue to get some updates. Also, being unlocked as it is, I think it will be easier for me to sell it in the future and use that money towards my next Nexus device.

I will, but only if Verizon tries to take away my grandfathered unlimited, even though I don't upgrade through them.

i'm definitely not jumping ship anytime soon. i'm happy with my g-nex which i paid full retail for and i'm still locked into the unlimited data with verizon. even then, i *might* be alright with a tiered plan. i like the piece of mind that i have unlimited data, but i really don't consume *that* much data. plus, all the other carriers have poor coverage/speed in my area (NW Indiana).

I'm a happy Verizon customer with an unlimited data plan. When Big Red got the iPhone and started the tiered data plans, myself and many of my Verizon using friends said that it would only be a matter of time before the unlimited plans would be phased out altogether, so this isn't a surprise to me...and if you think Sprint won't follow suit in the near future, you're sorely mistaken. My service is excellent, my experience with sales and customer service online and in the brick and mortar store in my town has been exemplary and I can't find anything to really complain about...of course I know I pay a little more a month for my service, but no one can touch the network coverage I have been enjoying. So I would have to say no, I wouldn't jump carriers for a Nexus device. That being said, what I am hoping is that with the CDMA footprint being covered with LTE by next year, Verizon won't get left hung out to dry. I upgrade soon, and the Galaxy Nexus is likely my next device, although the Galaxy S III is awfully sexy, I'll just have to wait and see. All I've read in the last 24 hours is about how CDMA is dead and Sprint and Verizon are going to get left behind. LTE is coming and for Verizon customers, if they haven't already started using it, very soon. I don't see how Google could not make compatible devices for the two biggest wireless providers in the US. I'm not gonna say it isn't gonna have to take some work on both sides, especially Verizon, to make it happen but we're a day and a half into what seems to be something great. Let's let the cards play out before we start assuming that Sprint and Verizon won't get any of these devices. At the end of the day, it all boils down to the bottom line...dollars and cents. It isn't about how much money Google would lose dropping Verizon and Sprint because of a "being phased out" CDMA's about how much money Google WOULDN'T make by excluding them. Just my opinion...

I wouldn't change my network for one simple reason, "All you can eat data". On Three UK we really can use as much as we want and I put this to the test last month. I think I tallied up 32GB in a month and it didn't cost anything more than the usual £40pm.

In two months I will be changing to a sim only "all you can eat data" package which costs £15pm.

Maybe. And it all depends on how Verizon is going to handle a couple of things:
1) Are they going to kill off those who have already migrated to unlimited data 4G plans? It sounds likely and inevitable.
2) How pricey are the shared data plans going to be?

The reason I left AT&T in the first place was because I had issues with service with them (dropped calls, missing texts, etc.). It makes me wonder if their service has improved at all over the years.

However, if Verizon kills off my unlimited data and charges a high cost for shared data plans, then the allure of buying an unlocked GSM Nexus straight from Google is too hard to resist. At least with AT&T I can get global capability since I do like to travel internationally.

But I can't deny the reliability of Verizon's network (even with the LTE outages). The most important thing is I still get my calls and texts nearly 99% of the time. AT&T was a frustrating partner to deal with in this regard.

Being a Verizon Nexus burned consumer, I would think twice before another Nexus touted product until proof it was really going to be supported like a Nexus line and not just a name. If anything, the Verizon Nexus buyers should be in a class action suit against big red for selling something that is not really what is seems to be by name.

Give money to AT&T Wireless? Hells no! I'll go back to a land line before I do that. I'll go revive my Dell Axim and use Skype only! F AT&T! And T-mo? Pass.

I wouldn't really be leaving for the Nexus line only, but I'm a Verizon customer and yesterday when they decided to kill my unlimited data they just lost my alligence, and I'd be up for switching to AT&T or AT&T MNVO like straight talk. I'm tired of slow development because of CDMA licensing issues,worse battery life and smaller phone selection because of CDMA, Verizon just threw out their only ace.

And that was only an advantage to current customers. New customers have no reason to go with Verizon unless they have to.

As much as I love the idea of getting a Nexus and choosing my carrier, Verizon is really the only game in town. The other networks are just not as good.

My "maybe" would be a definite YES if Verizon "sunsets" Unlimited Data as recent reports have indicated. I just added a second line with Unlimited Data but, if they go to "shared data" plans I will cancel both lines or let them release me from the contracts, respectively.

No for a couple reasons. First the Nexus phones are usually lacking in features like no FM radio and the cameras are inferior. The graphics in the Galaxy Nexus are another example. They used an old graphic chip. They also don't come with an sd card slot. All of this makes sense since the phones are supposed to be developer phones after all. They don't need the bells and whistles.

Another reason I would say no is because with HTC (and pretty much everyone except Motorola) allowing(or at least not encrypting) unlocked bootloaders and the great developer community I can have an AOSP rom if I want on pretty much any phone I choose so I am not really missing out on stock google. In fact I have a Nexus S now and still run a custom rom since the stock android is lacking in features. So being 100% stock doesn't mean anything to me. Basically I just need to make sure my phone of choice has an unlockable bootloader and I am good to go.

Finally, I am not made of money. I am with Sprint for a reason and that's because they offer unlimited everything for a reasonable price relative to the other carriers. I also get a really nice discount through work. I cannot justify switching carriers just for a phone when it would cost me hundreds of dollars more per year.

Verizon is too expensive and I'm still gun-shy about Sprint and their horrible customer service. I've never had AT&T but I don't hear too much good and their pricing has never been good enough to win me over. So I'd switch but I'm not left with any choices.

The day a GSM carrier can offer me the coverage in rural areas that I need, I'll leave VZ. Until then, even if they take my grandfathered unlimited data account away, I'm stuck with Verizon. It sucks, but there it is. An unlocked bootloader is great, but it can't compare to being able to take and make calls everywhere I need to.

I wouldn't drop sprint's unlimited data unless they stopped supporting androids, altogether. No nexus (as much as I looooove them) can make me start watching my data usage again!! What good is a smartphone with no internet?? I already have 3 of them...the last thing I need is another one, let alone it being a brand new flagship....FORGET ABOUT IT!!!!

My contract ends in June. Until Sprint losses unlimited data, I can't see myself leaving. Plus, I'm planning on getting the new EVO. I'll admit...I was so tempted to get the Galaxy Nexus unlocked from the play store. But decided to skip it. I'm going to stick with Sprint. I've had no problems with them so far. When fall draws near, I will get the new Nexus unlocked. So I'll have two phones. I can do it lol.

No I wouldn't switch for two reasons:
1. Not interested in Nexus devices
2. Verizon is the ONLY carrier where I live that has decent coverage. What good is a phone without a solid network? Carrier coverage > phone

To answer the question: NO

Jumping carriers because one carrier has the nexus line is stupid. So what if they have the Nexus line? I use a Droid Razr, I am already enjoying the "pure" Google experience. experiencing part Google part iOS or WP?

I voted 'no' because I'm already on a GSM carrier with good LTE coverage in my area - AT&T. My problem is that I want AT&T to offer a pure Android 4.x device like the Galaxy Nexus as a subsidized phone. I'm more than willing to sign a 2-yr contract for that.

AT&T, why don't you want my money ? :P

May be my choice coz what kind plan Google bring to market all unlimited with fare monthly payment or no unlimited data like VZW or at&t ?
It depend of their plan .

the only thing holding me to Verizon is unlimited data. If the 4g customers lose it then the shackles are off.

I was on T-Mobile but switched to VZW on a family plan. I pay for my line what I paid for the same thing on TMO (Wife gets us a nice discount). If VZW keeps carrying a Nexus phone (even with their 2 apps etc) I don't see why I'd switch. AT&T was a heck of a lot more expensive with tiered data too.

If the picture changes I reserve the right to reconsider. Right now I'm enjoying my LTE speeds on VZW I typically see around 5-32mb up and 3-16mb down.

sprint and verizon should change their network from CDMA to GSM to make a lot of us happy, competition would be a lot better too.

I am on Tmobile but am tired of their network. I am already planning on switching to AT&T to stay with GSM. My only question is when and for which phone. I don't care about higher prices as long as I have better signal strength and coverage (plus LTE = a win!)

I did switch from cdma to a gsm carrier already because I had been trying to position myself to be more likely to keep up with the latest Nexus devices. I've used AT&T, a Sprint MNVO that is Virgin Mobile USA, as well as Sprint, and now I am on T-Mobile. I am happier with them than I have been with the other two carriers and I wont bother with Verizon because they have even crumbier signal than T-Mo and Virgin/Sprint.

I won't leave Sprint for an unlock Nexus phone because I don't see the value in purchasing a phone off contract and still having to pay the same monthly bill as someone on contract.

rocking an unlocked gnex on at&t, only gsm carrier worth a shit in my area. t-mobile barely has decent EDGE coverage here. no reason to really switch for me. cdma just doesn't give a good customer experience IMO. i can always keep a spare phone with me, if i damage mine, i pull the sim and continue on my way. with sprint or verizon i have to have my spare phone, plus another phone to call and change the esn or a computer to log on and do the swap myself. yeah thats not hard to do but it can certainly get annoying if you like to have multiple devices.

It's all up to Verizon. If after my contract is up they kill my unlimited because they are no longer contractually obligated to offer that plan to me then it's back to T-Mobile and a shiny new Nexus (by that time running Key Lime Pie or Lollipop since my contract just started with my G-Nex).