Kindle Fire

We're about six-months in with the Amazon Kindle Fire, and we're wondering. We know that Amazon sold a good many Fires, and there's even a nice little support community for the 7-inch tablet. We get it -- it's very solid hardware, had the backing of Amazon, and hit the sweet spot in pricing. That's a lot of checks in the plus column, and we can see why it was a popular seller.

But as mentioned, we're curious about how many of you good folks picked one up, and are still using it. Let us know in tonight's poll!


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garfnodie says:

...and I don't plan on buying one either. I've tried to win one from various contests, but it's not enticing enough for me to drop $200+tax on.

briankurtz79 says:

I hear ya buddy. That tax can be a killer!

LaFlamme says:

I write novels to be read on the Fire but don't have one myself. Irony?

Mr.Froyo says:

Thought about it, not for me. No Google is eh, since I have all my books on Play, never used kindle.Thought about hacking ICS on it, but I'd just rather buy a full featured tablet.

nickmiller71 says:

Same here. Plus, it looks like hacking it to run ICS is a huge pain in the a**...

inyrules says:

I'd rather have a full featured tablet as well. I tried with the first Nook Color and put CM7 on it, but didn't enjoy the experience as much as I thought I would. Waiting to see what Google and Asus have in store of us.

I thought that tonight's late night poll would be about the fm radios in smart phones..

masterxchief says:

I was looking forward to it...who cares about the kindle fire

DrDoppio says:

No, I'm firing a Kindle rock... whatever that means...

Justadye4 says:

Had the option but decided I want my kindle to be a kindle i.e. E-ink/great battery. If I want a tablet, though more expensive, I'm going for one in the 10" category.

Zardos says:

Yes, I picked one up when Amazon had them on sale for $139. I love it to death. Putting ICS on it was a breeze with the guides from XDA.

davidwal83 says:

I do not read books. Ever since I went to college the text books made me stop reading. I have a laptop, a ipod touch, and a bunch of Android phones. It would be a luxury item to own a tablet.

Xopher says:

I had considered getting the Fire, but opted to get a regular tablet. Missing features, like no camera, microphone, microSD slot, Bluetooth, and no native access to apps already purchased from Google were the reasons for passing on the Fire.

imex99 says:

I'm looking to get the kindle fire 2 if still around $199 and better specs.

oddom says:

Galaxy tab 10.1 here...never was into the amazon ecosystem android wannabe thing.

rockin' a rooted nook it...stole it from my son and giving him the ipad.

Gator352 says:

I live in a mobile home and anything with the word "fire" in it is prohibited!

reeper55 says:

No have a HP Touchpad rocking CM9!!!

slayerpsp says:

I got a Acer A100 for 189.99 why would I buy something with less then 6gb of user space and no sd card slot what a waste at least on the Acer I can swap the internal for external memory so my 8gb tablet has over 29gb of user space gps android market ics all the good stuff.

DaEXfactoR says:

I had one and returned it. It was a nice device, but it couldn't steal my interest from the Galaxy Tab 10.1. In fact, I found it kinda limited compared to the Tab 10.1.

namyawon says:

I'm very happy with my Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus.

antmon1 says:

sooo, for about $20 more they could've stuck a microsd slot for up to 32gb cards....

ya, ok, will be getting the Sammy Tab 2 in a couple of weeks when it's released for $250 bucks.

-IRON- says:

I dont touch anything amazon anymore. After being forced with amazon mp3 and kendle app on my phone that constantly promps for an upgrade that i will not do because of permissions they want. I used to be a faithfull amazon shopper. Also who would be stupid enough to order one after knowing they preload your info on it.

Had one, returned it. Not that great.

Subliminal says:

Got one for the wife for $139. Rooted it with KFU and then stuck Hellfire's CM7 on it (while ICS gets it's kinks ironed out (HWA)).

The thing rocks. Great little tablet for $139 shipped. No complaints at all. OC'ed to 1.2, it has very little lag. And with dropbox and other cloud services, the small internal memory isn't an issue.

Plus, with the rooted phone, I just tether the thing, then have access to hulu+, netflix, and spotify wherever I go.

It really isn't all that much more useful than my phone, but the speakers are a little better and the screen a little bigger.

freddyc says:

I have one. I got one for my wife and I as Christmas presents. It's my carry around device. My 10.1 stays home. More than likely I'll be selling it whenever Google announces their 7-inch.

decke003 says:

I bought a fire for $139 during amazon's refurb sale, and, for that price, it is a great media consumption device. I am not buying a "real" tablet until after quad core A15 processors come out... the current selection of devices are just too limited in their capability.

dtreo says:

If, by "rocking," you mean do my kids like to play games on a Kindle? Then yes, I guess I'm rocking two of them. But that's about it.

Ronnie2 says:

I had one for like a day until I bought an Acer A500 for $239 on black Friday. So I gave the kindle to my little brother, hes got it rooted and running an ICS rom.

wpavlik2 says:

I am tempted every now and then to purchase one, but since I have my "Fire Sale" TouchPad, I don't really need one.
(Besides, I have my original Kindle, and my son has a basic Kindle to read ebooks on)

NeuroMan42 says:

NOOK all the way. The Kindle devices are waaay too much like an Apple device. Simple a locked-down or wall-garden. I like having SD upgrade-ability and the freedom to do what I want with the device that I BOUGHT.

sscinokc says:

Was planning to pass on the Fire and get Acer or Galaxy tablet, for many of the reasons already stated here. Memory, Amazon, etc. Then girlfriend bought me the KF for Christmas. It has been the best present ever. I use it daily and love it. And tethered to my phone, I can catch up on so many shows using Hulu or Netflix while on the treadmill. I literally take it with me everywhere!

But, but, what about the FM radio poll? I came looking for it to vote. :-(

VDub2174 says:

I'm actually surprised I don't have one even thought it's definitely not necessary for me to have one. I already have an HP TouchPad (with CM9 installed), Motorola Xoom, and HTC Flyer (rooted). I have this sad addiction to buying things but I'm gonna stay strong and not get a Fire. I use the Kindle app on my TouchPad.

MarkMcCoskey says:

Nook Color & HP Touchpad, both with CM9.

Emurda757 says:

I brought it for my GF she love not enough features for me..I love my XOOM

trekmario says:

I got it for my wife. She loves it. Got tired of her taking my dell streak 7.its easy for her to use she loves it.

DirkBelig says:

I use my Fire primarily for two things: Reading books and playing Bejeweled 2 Action mode. It's the perfect size for Bejeweled - it sucks with a mouse on a PC, my phone is too small (even at 4.5"), my Transformer is too large - and is easy to tote around in my work bag. My fire sale Touchpad is a paperweight - I guess I could put Android on it.

My problem with the Fire as a media consumption device is that since it's wi-fi only AND you can't locally store Prime videos, I have too many better ways to watch stuff. Now that Amazon Instant Video is on the Playstation 3, I'm actually using it to catch up on Better Off Ted, Arrested Development, and Torchwood on my 42" HDTV instead of my 24" computer monitor. Why would I want to watch it on a 7" screen with earphones?

If that Tegra 3-powered 7" ASUS Tablet for $250 that was shown at CES materializes, I'll probably move up, but for now, for my needs, the Fire is quite sufficient.

TxAndroidGuy says:

I bought one last month and love it. Easy to sideload apps onto(and Go Launcher to switch between the 'bookshelf' view), has good battery life, and once you add a decent photo viewer like Quick Pic, the pictures are SHARP when you blow them up(my biggest nit-pick with the stock Gallery app). What's not to like? :)

gsmalleus says:

I have a love-hate relationship with my Fire. I rooted mine and tried to set it up more like a regular Android tablet. It was easy to replace the default launcher, I got the Google Play store installed. I have a majority of the apps I use on a daily basis running well on it. I've had lots of trouble installing replacement keyboards... OTA updates keep killing them.

If I invested enough time, research and energy into the Fire, I could get it working pretty well for a tablet at this price. If I gave one to my Mom, she could probably use it stock, out of the box. But for me, it takes a lot of effort to get it where I want it. Oh look, an OTA update, now I need to set aside a couple hours to reconfigure my tablet back to where all my apps work. I've debated flashing ICS on it, but the available roms just don't look like they are quite stable yet. I'm looking at getting a Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 or possibly the Google tablet if it comes to fruition.

HalizDad says:

I have an HTC Flyer...$50.00 more than the Fire, but it rocks 48GB of storage, and is damn fast. Perfect size for reading books, and has all the pen apps.

Erievon says:

Nope. I have what really belongs in that case...a playbook.

Channan says:

I'd rather pay an extra $50 and get the 7" Galaxy Tab 2.

chinomon says:

when I bought my kindle fire, I hated the limitations. One's I rooted my "bad boy" and installed cyanogenmod 7, It was the best $200 I wasted. Know I'm rocking Cyanogenmod 9 but It's far from complete, One of the big problems is hardware acceleration. Just hope there able to enable the Bluetooth capabilities stored in the kindle fire that where not turned on...I can only dream.